Even though the coaching industry likes to say otherwise, there is only your way, based on your energetic blueprint. Human design and gene keys is one of my favorite tools to uncover the most aligned way to build, run, and scale your business. 

This isn't a general overview guide of "proven" strategies that has worked for others. This is a tailored to you guide that looks at all of the different areas of your business and guides you to find alignment an ease based on your human design.

You'll learn how to leverage all parts of your human design in business and discover how you are blocking your own success based on conditioning. It's time to leverage your energy, your unique gifts to...

Create compelling and magnetic content based on your unique talents.

Uncover the best way to show up on social media in a way that supports YOU.

Use your gifts to create the offers you were meant to birth.

Identify your unique manifestation abundance process. 

Leverage your undefined and defined centers. 

Apply your energetic signature to your branding, marketing, niche, and much more. 

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  • Launch by design
  • Copywriting + social media by design
  • Aligned offer creation by design
  • Leveraging your centers in business
  • How to unblock your abundance blocks.
  • How to use your profile and type in business.
  • Your most aligned branding based on your gene keys.
  • Uncover your unique gifts and talents
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Get your customized PDF blueprint on how to run your coaching business based on your human design.

+ PLUS a 45 minute live session with one of our certified readers to go deeper and ask specific questions. This follow up session is meant for deeper integration, clarity, and quantum leaps.

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Get your customized PDF blueprint on how to run your coaching business based on your human design.

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Dayka R

“I LOVED my Coaching Blueprint! It was such a thoughtfully created, THOROUGH DEEP DIVE into my chart that really helped me understand my gifts & how I can uniquely use them to create even more impact in my business. It's been 4 months since I received it & I still refer back to it often! Definitely one of my best investments in 2020.”


As soon as I read the first pages of the blueprint, I felt instant relief in feeling so deeply understood when it came to my business. It was a clear guide and so applicable! The way to leverage my centers has helped me SO much! I also really appreciate the insights on the manifesting abundance.


Eden Carpenter's Coaching Blueprint was a brilliant and super actionable resource that really helped me feel supported, confident, and hopeful as I redesigned my coaching practice. The blueprint is beautiful, relevant, and offers a variety of information (prompts, questions, examples, insights, etc.). The chart was very detailed, and the sections included spoke all the major areas I was considered when relaunching my business. This is a unique offer I've seen nothing like before, and I'm so glad I purchased it."