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Who is the energetic resume for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about who they are and what they are good at 
  • Anyone needing a sense of direction in life or business 
  • Anyone wanting to better describe their skills in more eloquent and potent language
  • Anyone wanting one of the most in-depth human design reports currently available  

Chances are, you have untapped potential that you can FEEL but you don’t know how to describe it, leverage it, or bring your full magic to your work.

This report will show you what your human design says about your potential skill set in terms and language that applies to the modern day workplace.

We look at every single detail that could possibly apply to your work and give you a comprehensive report on who you are and what you are good at.

This blends esoteric insights around the trajectory of your life path with specific details around the skills you will find yourself using in your day-to-day experience.

Move away from mediocrity and step into your excellence

What's included in the 35+ page Personalized PDF guide:

  • What your special skills are and how to leverage them more in your job 
  • The kind of environment and team dynamics that would support you
  • What skills will shine through and how your role will change when you are in small groups vs alone
  • How to identify your intuition and follow it’s guidance when making decisions 
  • What things to focus on when communicating to ensure your voice is heard
  • What your Life’s Purpose is and how you will most likely end up serving the world regardless of the position you choose

Whether you are looking to spice up your job applications and want a list of keywords or you are trying to get a sense of direction as an entrepreneur you will get something out of this report!

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Pay In Full

Pay In Full!
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Pay in Parts!

 It is time to understand how you impact others.

Knowing your impact can allow you to communicate your impact.

Knowing your impact can allow you to feel your impact.

Knowing your impact can allow you to direct your impact.

Knowing your impact allows you to stay centered in who you are, so that you can allow your authenticity to show up in every decision you make and the action you take.

Hiring based solely on previous job experience is limiting and frustrating.

It is exhausting trying to edit your resume to make your skills and experience fit the job description as best as possible.

It is exhausting to try and fit yourself into a rigid box with a limited scope of responsibilities and little opportunity to develop the skills you have an aptitude for.

The people who currently get the good jobs and promotions are the people who can prove that they have the most experience doing the EXACT things that the job requires.

It can be difficult to professionally describe that you are good at learning new things quickly but also lose interest.

Or that your greatest skill is being able to mess around until you figure something out even though you have no idea what you are doing or why it works.

Or that your extremely intuitive and have a unique perspective on a situation because of your aura.

Human design makes you feel SEEN. But translating that language to real life can sometimes make you feel like a crazy person.

So I interpreted it for you and am giving you my language.

Get My Personalized Report

For my Human Design and Gene Key nerds…. Here is the chart content we go over

  • Interaction Style, Cognition, environment, motivation, sense, and view from  your variables 
  • Definition and how it affects your decision making process as well as collaboration abilities 
  • Culture in your gene keys 
  • A break down of the roles you play in a penta or small work focused team 
  • An overview of all of your gates in each subcircuit and how these translate to the workplace 
  • How you impact others according to your defined centers 
  • How you perceive others according to your undefined centers 
  • An overview of ALL the lines in your entire chart and how to showcase these strengths
  • A full page interpreting each and every channel in your bodygraph and how to best leverage these 
  • Your communication style according to the gates defined in your throat (and extra special info on leveraging a fully open throat)
  • Interpretations of your incarnation cross and gene keys genius sequence with some special info about astrological houses thrown into the mix
  • The roles gates which includes six pages on your profile looking at the context of expressing your individuality, supporting those closest to you, and how you share yourself with the collective 
  • Information about embodying, contemplating, and integrating alllllll the juicy info you get in this report!
Get My Personalized Report

I feel like reflectors are too often given LESS information and told to sample everything. So instead, we are giving you MORE information and including all the things you sample on a consistent basis.

In addition to all the things listed above, you will also get:

  • A personalized lunar calendar for the next calendar month to show you what authority types you will have access to on what days 
  • A page on every channel that you have a hanging gate in (since you sample these channels every single month)
  • Information on all of the inner authorities so that you can sample the different strategies for decision making and reference this when these are active each month