Sacred Success Coaching Method

Recognize, detangle, and rewire your behavior and identification patterns.

Get certified to coach and self-guide using the Sacred Success Coaching Method (™) 

If you are…

  • Confused around what you are good at and what you can get paid for 
  • So uncertain in yourself that you just overthink until the opportunity passes you by
  • Worried that you aren’t qualified or educated enough to do what you secretly want to be doing
  • Afraid of the confrontation and discomfort that might come with going after your dreams
  • Wanting to help people while being afraid of being responsible for anyone else’s problems 
  • Worried that if you don't have someone telling you what to do you wont get anything done

Then you should keep reading!

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 A few years ago I was mindlessly drifting towards a nursing career when I stumbled into the world of personal development and spirituality. I found myself looking to the stars for answers about who I was and what I was meant to be doing.

Nursing was an easy path for me to follow. I got good grades, worked hard, and never had any reason to leave.

I didn’t trust myself enough to follow my intuition and try to create the life I wanted.

I craved freedom but felt trapped in my current trajectory.

And my greatest fear of all was losing the support system that I had created by opening up about the crazy unrealistic goals and dreams I had.

After having an emotional breakthrough and dramatically quitting my first job as a registered nurse (while still technically in the orientation program) I had to tell everyone I care about that I was throwing away my safe career to run my online business.

In 18 months of going full time in my business I have created over 20 part time job opportunities, I employ three family members, and my husband is leaving his military career to pursue his own passion.

The greatest thing about me selfishly going after what my heart was calling me to do is the ripple affect it has had on the people closest to me.

The confidence is contagious.

The courage becomes tangible.

The results are inspiring.

And the spark is amplified.

Following your intuition and purpose is not always easy and the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of self trust.

You alone have the ability to change your experience.

And while we desire to help those around us we can’t change their lives without their permission.

The greatest gift we can give others is permission to be their own hero.

When you choose alignment for yourself you bring that kind of opportunity one step closer to everyone who comes into contact with you.

If you are ready to give yourself the gift of self trust so that you can confidently lead yourself every step of the way towards your purpose then this program is for you.

You will learn who you are, how you work, and how you can help others do this exact same thing.



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 Mindblowing, expansive, supportive and exciting are words that come to mind.

I've loved every minute of it and even though I already knew quite a lot about Human Design and had been in my experiment for 2+ years, I learned so so so many things that I'd never heard before!

Eden has a way of making this system easy to understand as well as to apply. She also has a unique view on it all that really resonated with me and goes way beyond where others stop and stay stuck in the 'box' of human design.

This was hands down the best investment I've ever made in my business AND in myself!

I'm recommending SSCC to anyone who's looking for a certification program or even just a space to learn more about themselves.

The Sacred Success Coaching method is a coaching framework that will help you to navigate mental, emotional, energetic, behavioral, and identity related issues.

✓ In technical terms:

  • History of human design, gene keys, astrology, manifestation, and psychology 
  • The chemistry and physics of how stardust affects our personality 
  • Aura types and themes 
  • Decision making, inner, and outer authority 
    • How do you determine when to share your intuition with others 
  • Centers
  • Profiles 
  • Lines 
  • Expansion on the astrology sectionDefinition 
  • Conscious vs unconscious 
  • Channels 
  • Gates 
  • Gene Keys
  • Chart reading basics
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SSCC has been such an incredible journey of both in-depth education and actual practice. Not only have I learned the systems of Human Design and Gene Keys at a level I couldn't even fathom when I first started, learning them also very quickly transformed my life and my business.
This program has been paying for itself since the first month through readings and new offers that I've been able to create with my knowledge of Human Design, and it's also been incredibly fun at the same time!

Overall, SSCC has been a magically fantastic program that has profoundly transformed my understanding and experience of myself, my business, and the world.

We each have our own unique relationship with money, may have a different currency than the USD, and in truth, $1000 to one person may feel like $10,000 to another. Thus, I’ve introduced a sliding scale option so that this transformational program is accessible to all who are being called to it! 

In other words, you decide what this program is worth to you.

You can choose to invest 100%, 75% or 50% of the full amount. Each level of investment can be paid in full or is offered with 6-12 month payment plans to further help make this step in your evolution financially possible (and exciting!) for you.

I invite you to choose the investment that stretches you but doesn’t stress you.

I invite you to choose the investment that puts enough ‘skin in the game’ for you to have a full commitment to the transformation that’s in store for you.

Are you ready bet on yourself?

Get instant access to the Sacred Success Coaching Certification and get a Bonus from the Aura Market.

This includes around 150 trainings with more coming 

By the end of this self-paced program you will be certified in the Sacred Success Coaching Method and you will have the skills to read, interpret, and coach using a human design chart.