You crave the details

If you are considering going through MY human design certification program you don't want the fluff.


My free and paid content is specific, detailed, and talks about aspects of human design that most other people aren't talking about.


If you are on this page it means there is something specific about the way I talk about, understand, view, and teach human design that resonates with you.


You want to go deeper than most people. You want to play with the specifics.


Well, my love, I spent 2.5 years and countless hours creating over 400 trainings so that you can play with all the details you want!


  • You can jump right to the details you are curious about 
  • you can quickly specialize in specific kind of readings
  • You can learn what is most applicable to your current situation
  • You can learn at your own pace and go in whatever order feels best 
  • You can refresh your memory before readings or sessions 
  • You can ALWAYS come back and find something to respond to inside of this library



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 A few years ago I was mindlessly drifting towards a nursing career when I stumbled into the world of personal development and spirituality. I found myself looking to the stars for answers about who I was and what I was meant to be doing.

Nursing was an easy path for me to follow. I got good grades, worked hard, and never had any reason to leave.


I didn’t know how the heck I was going to turn the vision in my mind into my reality.


I craved freedom but felt trapped in my current trajectory.

And my greatest fear of all was losing my credibility if I started talked about star charts on the internet. (can you imagine that coming up in a job interview!)


I did it anyways.


I rode my emotional wave, waited to respond, checked all my non-self themes... and did it anyway.


I blocked everyone I knew in real life and started talking about manifestation, spirituality, and human design while I was still in nursing school.


I recorded readings late at night after turning in my assignments.


I would respond to coaching clients between classes.


And I started created courses on holiday breaks and long weekends.




I lived this double life as both a nursing student, and a human design coach helping people find their life's purpose for a little over two years.


Then my business went BOOM. I went from a handful of readings and private clients that brought in consistently $3k / month to $15k, $22k, $42k months and growing.


I kept following my design and ended up quitting my nursing job a few weeks after orientation.


Two years later, I have continued to follow my design and I have built a million dollar business, retired my husband, moved somewhere sunny, helped tens-of thousands of people apply HD to their lives, and created the most satisfying experience I could possibly imagine for myself.


The life you want wants you too.


I built my dream life by following my inner authority, responding to life, and deconditioning anything that came up along the way.


There is so much FREEDOM possible when people align with your design, and you can be the one to unlock that freedom in others.



You can be the one to communicate with them at a soul level 

You can be the one who helps them let go of the narrative that is no longer serving them

You can be the one who changes the trajectory of their life 

You can be the one who gifts them back their passion, their creativity, and their joy


You can help your clients identify the life they want, see how perfect they are for it, and start following their unique process to get back into alignment with their soul.



Be that person!

 Mindblowing, expansive, supportive and exciting are words that come to mind.

I've loved every minute of it and even though I already knew quite a lot about Human Design and had been in my experiment for 2+ years, I learned so so so many things that I'd never heard before!

Eden has a way of making this system easy to understand as well as to apply. She also has a unique view on it all that really resonated with me and goes way beyond where others stop and stay stuck in the 'box' of human design.

This was hands down the best investment I've ever made in my business AND in myself!

I'm recommending SSCC to anyone who's looking for a certification program or even just a space to learn more about themselves.

✓ In technical terms:

  •  How to get the most out of this epically large content library by identifying your learning style
  • What is human design and where did it come from, because you have to start at the beginning!
  • Neutrinos theory (a.k.a the chemistry and physics of how stardust affects our personality)
  • How to help your clients understand their aura type, recognize their signature and non-self themes, and learn how to take action according to their Strategy
  • How to coach someone out of their mind and into their body so they can make decisions according to their inner authority (which is never the mind!)
  • How to coach someone through  decondition the patterns of each of the 9 centers (defined and undefined)
  • Supporting others in learning, integrating, and growing more efficiently through the human design profiles
  • What each of the planetary symbols means and when I work with what planets
  • Identifying life purpose and major themes with Incarnation Crosses
  • How to unlock someone's Energetic Genius through the Gene Keys Activation Sequence
  • How to identify core wounding and relationship patterns with the Gene Keys Venus Sequence
  • Help your clients tap into profound prosperity through the Gene Keys Pearl Sequence 
  • Understand the underlying themes of circuitry and how it influences the channels
  • Work with the red and black definition to address conscious vs unconscious patterns
  • My interpretations of every single one of the 36 channels
  • My interpretations of every single one of the 64 gates / gene keys 
  • a Q&A Library of 150+ previously asked questions




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SSCC has been such an incredible journey of both in-depth education and actual practice. Not only have I learned the systems of Human Design and Gene Keys at a level I couldn't even fathom when I first started, learning them also very quickly transformed my life and my business.
This program has been paying for itself since the first month through readings and new offers that I've been able to create with my knowledge of Human Design, and it's also been incredibly fun at the same time!

Overall, SSCC has been a magically fantastic program that has profoundly transformed my understanding and experience of myself, my business, and the world.

We each have our own unique relationship with money, may have a different currency than the USD, and in truth, $1,000 to one person may feel like $10,000 to another. Thus, I’ve introduced a sliding scale option so that this transformational program is accessible to all who are being called to it! 


In other words, you decide what this program is worth to you.


I've been told by many that I should be charging well over $8k for this, but here is what I am doing instead.


You can choose to invest 100%, 75% or 50% of the full price ($4,444).

Each level of investment can be paid in full or is offered with 6-12 month payment plans to further help make this step in your evolution financially possible (and exciting!) for you.


I invite you to choose the investment that stretches you but doesn’t stress you.



 This includes around 400 trainings!


By the end of this self-paced program you will be certified in the Sacred Success Coaching Method and you will have the skills to read, interpret, and coach using a human design chart.