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✓ Create a launch plan and strategy that support your long term success

✓ Find your voice and aligned language

✓ Utilize your inner authority during a launch process

✓ Understand the energetics of alignment

→ Your Energy is unique to you - shouldn't your launch be, too?!

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Hi! I’m Eden Carpenter!

A leading expert in Human Design for Business, Manifestation, and Abundance.

And I’m here to  help you ditch the launch overwhelm and step into your most aligned launch yet. 

There are a lot of coaches who teach the energetics of launching, but they are teaching you THEIR energetics for launching. 

Your energy is unique — which means your launching process is too. You don’t need someone to share THEIR strategy. You need someone to help you tap into yours

In this free training, I’m teaching you all my energetic tricks for launching successfully. Without a plan. Without a strategy. And fully based on energetic alignment.

It’s time to launch YOUR way. 

Let's do this!