Podcast Episode 20 - Defined Gates in Undefined Centers

Today, we have a very highly requested topic, and this is a question that I get asked on a regular basis. Anytime I talk about defined gates, anytime I talk about gene keys, anytime I talk about undefined centers, I get the question how do you work with defined gates in undefined centers? This comes up a lot when I talk about specific gate placements. My conscious sun being in gate 34, people are curious, what does it mean if your conscious sun is in a defined gate, but it's in an undefined center, and how is that going to show up?

So, today we are going to dive very, very deep into my experience and my understanding of the undefined head center. I have an undefined head center, and so we're going to discuss this because I have two gates defined in this undefined head center, 64 and 61, and these are gates that I have worked with a good amount because they're in this undefined center. Around 70% of the population has this undefined head center or an open head center. The difference between open and undefined, undefined you will have gates defined in that undefined center, and then open is there's no definition within that center at all.

I often reference this one framework of understanding when it comes to the centers, the gates, and the channels. I like to think of the centers as rooms. So, there are nine rooms in this mansion. This big, big mansion has nine separate rooms, and every single one of the gates is going to be a key. We all have our little ring with all these keys on it. When you have a defined gate in an undefined center, it means that you have keys on your key chain that sometimes you're like, "Where does this go? I'm not really quite sure what to do with this particular gate." However, anytime that you are accessing the energy of that room, so in this analogy or this example since we're looking at the head center, anytime you're experiencing inspiration, anytime you're dealing with those themes, while it may not be consistent, you do have access to those keys when you are in that room.

You’re going to experience the energy of an undefined center. When you're working with that undefined center, you get to access, you get to use, and you get to reference, you're going to gain a little bit of control and gain a little bit of almost certainty within those defined gates. This is where I really love to play with the gene keys, because the gene keys show you what you're moving, and shows you the shadow to the gift to the siddhi. It shows you these different frequencies of expression for these individual gates, without necessarily needing to have the full channel.

I'm going to just share a little bit about my experience with my undefined head center, and I think a great place to start here is just discussing like the themes of the undefined head center and how that's going to show up for anybody. When we have undefined centers, it's something that we perceive. It's something that we notice. It's something that we watch, and we witness in other people very often and very consistently but generating it for ourselves can sometimes be inconsistent. It's something that you might have access to it, but you're not creating it yourself all the time, and so there is this inconsistency.

When we're looking at the head center to the ajna to the throat and really all the different circuits and the sub circuits, we're looking at streams of awareness. We're looking at streams of consciousness. We're looking at a specific path that that idea or that energy wants to flow through. Looking at the head center, we have three separate ways where we feel inspired. Inspiration, this connection to ideas that are bigger than us, this connection to concepts and realms and urges and insights and questions, we tend to question things and we tend to feel motivated to understand something and find that mental awareness. We're looking at a pressure center, that's pushing energy through the ajna to create mental awareness, understand something, create mental certainty, and then be expressed into the world, manifested through that throat center.

There are three separate ways that we question things. One, I'm confused; 64-47 is "I'm confused, there's a lot of moving pieces. I see all these moving pieces, but I don't know what to do with the moving pieces." 64, you're going to get this pressure, and it's going to feel like, "Ooh, that's a lot of information. That's a lot of information in my head. That's a lot of questions that I have. I don't even know where to start." It is a confusion energy. In the shadow, you can have this energy of, "I don't know where to start, so what's the point? I'm just confused. I'm never going to understand this. There's way too much going on here. Nope. I'm not having it. I am not having it. I am not having it."

Because I have 64 defined in an undefined head center, when I feel those questions and when I feel that inspiration from other people, it's easy for me to get confused. If I hear multiple people saying things in different ways, confusion is something that I am very familiar with, because that's a frequency that I consistently generate. Anytime I'm reflecting and anytime I'm experiencing even questions that aren't mine or inspiration that's not mine, I still find myself in that energy of confusion and searching for 47, which is breakthroughs and epiphanies and these aha moments. A big theme of my searching for inspiration and searching for answers and looking outside of myself for these answers has been "I'm confused," because I can see how certain topics are explained from an energetic standpoint, from a spiritual standpoint, but also from a scientific standpoint, and there's different ways for this information to be understood essentially. I can see the multiple perspectives, and I'm confused of like, what's the right one?

For me, that shadow is going to be more of experiencing that confusion. I'm going to experience this I don't really know what to do, and I can search for a right or wrong answer worrying about I don't know. I'm waiting for that light bulb moment very often. However, I don't always have control over that light bulb moment, and not everything that I get confused about is going to result in an epiphany, and it's not always going to result in a breakthrough. It's not always going to result in that "Ooh, everything has clicked, and I now understand exactly what's going on in front of me." That doesn't always happen. I get to recognize that I'm going to experience that confusion, and I'm going to experience that awareness of "I don't really know all of the pieces that are going on."

When we're working with an undefined center, there has to be this level of trust, because you are working with energy that you don't have control over. You're working with energy, and you're learning through observation from the people around you. You're learning their processes, you're learning their methods for inspiration, their methods for questioning. I see people getting inspired. There are certain people that I've been following in business for like five, six years, and I can see where they were inspired from. I know where they had their initial, "Ooh, I'm going to do this." I know who inspired them. I can see what different influences and what coaches are influencing these people and what coaches might be inspiring these people. I can see that consistently in other people.

For me, I don't always have a consistent sense of inspiration. I don't always have this consistent open channel to new ideas, to thinking about things in a new way. Where my inspiration comes from most consistently, and one of the ways that I do come back to and anchor in, is gate 64. With gate 64, I'm able to recognize the confusion and say, "Okay, there's a lot happening right now. I don't really know what's going on," and because I'm no longer searching for that epiphany and I'm no longer putting pressure on myself to have that breakthrough and to understand absolutely everything, I'm able to find peace with it.

I can recognize that I might feel that energy of confusion, and the gift in this gate is imagination. I decide that instead of being confused, I'm being given an opportunity to be imaginative. Along with that, I can also diffuse some of the mental pressure that I feel and experience by recognizing that it's not mine. If I'm designed and if it's correct for me to have a breakthrough, to have an insight, it's something that's going to happen naturally, but it's not something that I have to search for. It's not something that I have to pressure myself into solving, because a lot of times I'm going to get confused about something, and it may be a question or it may be a piece of inspiration that's not necessarily meant for me, and I'm just witnessing from the energy around myself. I'm just witnessing it in somebody else.

A good example of this would be clients. Clients may be asking questions and may be expressing confusion in a certain way. They may be talking about something, and I'll be like, "Wow, I'm kind of confused around maybe your method is better than mine, and maybe I don't know what I'm talking about in this particular area." There can be this "I'm confused. What's the right answer, or what's the correct way of seeing things?" If I'm in that confusion, I can let it go, and oftentimes if I let it go, it will return to sender essentially. I like to play with that with ideas if this is something that's really confusing me, I'm going to play with my imagination.

I'm going to see this as an opportunity to create something new, because for me, really tapping into that energy of imagination is realizing that there is no right way to understand things. There is no perfect way of understanding things. Everything is subjective. The way that I describe things is through the lens that I have been given and through the way that I have been able to understand things thus far, and that may change in the future for me. But also, you have experienced different things. You have different insights. You have different experiences that are going to influence the way that you understand things. Everyone is going to understand things a little bit differently, and so it's okay if you're confused. It's okay if I'm confused when somebody else explains something. I'm able to come up with my own understanding of it, but there isn't a right answer all the time.

Gate 64 is part of the abstract circuitry, and so it's sensing and it's confusing sometimes. This is the start of that whole stream of consciousness in the abstract or the sensing collective circuitry. We have this 64, we've got confusion, and when I'm working with this energy, I've also realized that it's okay if I'm confused sometimes. It's perfectly okay for me to be confused. I don't have to understand everything that's happening.

One of the places where you notice this shows up is family trips. Very often, I just don't overhear all the conversations, or certain people will talk about something, and certain people will talk about something else, and there's conversations that are happening and I'm not a part of all of them. It would be easy for me to say, "Oh no. That's going to confuse me. I need to make sure that everyone's on the same page," and I can get into this fearful energy around confusion is bad, and it's not okay to be confused. Or I can recognize that if I'm confused, I can ask anybody. I can find that information if it's pertinent to me and if it's really something that I need to know. I'm also perfectly okay with, if other people are making plans and other people are figuring out what the agenda is, I don't have to search for those answers. I can trust that those questions are being asked. Like, what are we doing for dinner today? What are we planning for this event, or who's going on this excursion? I can trust that there are people who are figuring out those answers, and they don't always need my input, because sometimes I have great opinions and sometimes, I have great insights, but with my 17-62, I need to be invited into a conversation, or I need to be invited into that planning situation for me to be showing up in alignment.

If I'm in the shadow of confusion or I'm in the shadow of my head center searching for answers, I'm going to want to give unsolicited advice and unsolicited opinions that may just confuse everyone else, that may not be beneficial. Because sometimes two people coming together, talking through something is easier than having six or seven people come together and try and figure something out. At that point, you have many different voices. At that point, you're moving away from a connection chart, and you're stepping more into a Penta or even a wa energy, and that's a completely different situation. In there, you don't have access to awareness centers. It’s better for me to recognize that if I'm needed, I will be invited into that situation. I will be given something to respond to. I will have a nudge. I will have an urge. I will know.

Having the energy of "Oh my gosh, I am confused. Everyone is confused. I need to search for an answer. If I understand this, then I'll be able to share and make sure everyone else understands this," is a very fearful energy. On the flip side, we have the repressive energy, which is just being confused and thinking, "I'm never going to understand anything." There's this almost complacency. There's like an apathy of "I'm confused, and nothing that I do is ever going to change that." You can get into the shadow of confusion where "I'm confused, and no matter what I do, no matter how many questions I ask, I'm never going to understand this." That can be the other shadow. The gift, if anything, is always going to be right in between the reactive and the repressive energy of that shadow.

In confusion, we have imitation and confused as the two shadows. The repressive shadow is going to be imitating, and then the reactive energy is going to be confused. If you're reactive, you're confused. You get inspired by something, and you say, "I don't know what I'm doing. I'm confused. This isn't working," and then no matter what you do, you can be searching for answers. People can be telling you what's going on, and you're still in this it just doesn't make sense. It just doesn't make sense. It just doesn't make sense. If you're in that reactive shadow, it does not matter if somebody breaks down the topic and explains it to you like you're a three-year-old, you will still be in that energy of confusion.

The repressive side is recognizing that if you're confused, there must be a right way, and if there's a right way, someone else is probably doing it. You’ll get into this energy of imitation, and you will copy other people instead of playing with your imagination and coming up with a new way. This is really in that thinking of there is a right answer and there's a wrong answer, and so if I'm confused, I'm just going to follow somebody else.

In my experience, I've wanted to imitate a lot of people. I've wanted to do things the same way that they have. I've looked at people's Instagram strategies, or I've purchased templates for email launches and things like that, just because I'm like, "I don't know what to do, and I'm confused." That confusion, especially because it's an undefined center for me, it's going to be a trigger for me.

If I'm searching for the answers, if I'm confused, if I'm in that repressive energy, oftentimes I'll jump to the opposite shadow, and I'll want to get into that energy of imitating other people or searching for answers outside of me. Saying, "I'm confused. I'm never going to fully understand this, and therefore I'm going to reach to somebody else and say that they have all of the answers, and I'm going to imitate everything that they do because they must know what they're talking about."

If I’m in this reactive energy of confusion or the energy of imitation, neither of those allows me to tap into the energy of imagination. That imagination, while it is triggered by things that I see, in that undefined head center of ‘should I be searching for this answer? Is this a question that I need to know the answer to? Is this inspiring? Am I inspired? Am I imitating other people?’ Those are all things that are going to go on in that mental center, that head center, where you're searching for answers, and you're feeling that pressure to answer questions and to solve problems and to come to a space of mental awareness. It's easy for me to get confused, and it's easy for me to want to imitate people, because I'm searching for that epiphany, and I'm searching for that breakthrough.

For me, while I'm always going to be navigating this, I don't really know if these are my questions. I don't really know if this is my inspiration. I can trust that if it comes up again, it's going to be for me, and if it's something that kind of fizzles out, if I don't put energy into, if I say, "Okay, the epiphany will come," and that's really where you're working with the gate that's undefined, that you're reaching towards. 64 reaches towards 47, and so 64 is this "I'm confused. I'm feeling this pressure of confusion. I'm feeling this mental fog," and so you're wanting for that fog to clear up. You're wanting for that inspiration to hit. You're wanting to be able to take a step back and be like, "Whoa, everything makes sense. I see how it all works together. I understand." You're searching for that inspiration, or you're searching for that insight, that download. You’re searching for that transmutation energy, essentially. This is the gate of realizations. You're searching for a realization.

That doesn't always happen, though. I don't always get the realization. I don't always understand the things that I am confused about, and that's frustrating sometimes. But I recognize that it's okay for me to experience the confusion without the breakthrough, and that means that I was just experiencing the energy of somebody else's question or somebody else's inspiration. It's perfectly okay for me to witness that inspiration from someone else and not feel pressured to release or solve that pressure through finding the answer or finding a conclusion.

When you have defined gates in undefined centers, recognize that you're probably going to experience that energy of that particular gate, or that shadow and that gift, a little bit more. In the context of how you're cultivating that gift, you are working with undefined energy, and you're working with observation and perception. I have to observe the thoughts that I have. I have to observe the inspiration that I experienced, and then I'm naturally going to feel confused more than I feel let's say doubtful, which is the gate that is that full channel undefined, the 63-4 channel.

I have that fully undefined, and so I experience doubt and this energy of, "Okay, I doubt that this is real. I'm going to research it and find the answers and find the conclusion." I experience that much less than me getting into a situation and feeling like I am in over my head, and like, "Whoa, there's a lot of moving pieces here that I maybe don't understand. People are using terms and language in this conversation that I thought I was ready for, but I am still confused."

For me, instead of feeling like I doubt this is real, I'm going to do some research, I'm going to find the exact facts, I'm going to find the exact answers. I am more often going to experience that energy of confusion. That's going to be more consistent for me. I very often, very, very often am going to experience this energy of, "I don't know what I'm doing, and I'm figuring it out," and I get to recognize that I'm going to cultivate that gift of imagination through seeing other people's insights, through seeing other people's inspirations, through hearing questions and seeing questions and wondering if it's for me or not.

I get to recognize that I'm going to be confused a lot of the times, and I get to trust and I get to cultivate that energy of imagination through trusting that sometimes the insights and sometimes that realization, that breakthrough moment, is going to happen, and if it doesn't happen, I might be confused on that topic forever, but it means that it wasn't my question in the first place. I will learn how to understand what's me versus what's not me in this head center working with that gate of confusion. I'm going to consistently have that confusion, but the questions that I am working with are is this mine or not? There's this differentiation that's going to happen, and it's going to occur in the context of me learning and cultivating this gift of imagination.

Now I'm going to use a second example, and we're going to talk about the 61-24, and hopefully this is going to solidify. I'm going to go through all three of them, and talk about my experience with them, and then we'll play a little bit more with this. So, 61 is this gate of mystery. We have the shadow of psychosis, and psychosis can either be fanatical or disenchanted. We have individual circuitry. We have knowing circuitry. For me, this gate of mystery, it's this energy of I just know. I just know. I just know, I just know. That's the energy that I get with 61. We have disenchanted in the repressive shadow, and then we have fanatical in the hyperactive or reactive shadow. Of course, inspiration is going to be right between those.

The disenchanted is going to be exposing yourself to fantasy, exposing yourself to mystery, exposing yourself to this unknown, this intuition; spiritual, higher self vibes is what I get. Disenchanted is where you're like, "Okay, cool. I'm psychic." Or it's this like disenchantment of "That's probably just me talking to myself. That's just my imagination. That's not actually me tuning into awareness, or me tuning into divinity, or me being psychic in any specific way."

This disenchanted is where you're going to downplay your connection to the mystery and your ability to tap into inspiration. Fanatical reaches to this shadow, and the shadow is addiction. Anxiety will work interestingly with this fanatical, but we have psychosis and addiction in this particular channel. If you think about substance abuse, a lot of people might find themselves using drugs or using alcohol or using substances to try and solve mysteries, and trying to understand life, and trying to understand a bigger picture. Or they're in this energy where they're using a substance to numb their connection to this world.

Instead of thinking I’m crazy and feeling like a crazy person and wondering if you're in this psychosis and just spiraling in this, "I'm seeing things, but no one else sees this. I understand things a specific way, but no one else understands it a specific way. Am I crazy for thinking things different than what other people are thinking." We're looking at individual ideas and questions, and so you might find yourself, with 61, questioning the questions that you have, and questioning the inspiration, and questioning the source.

I find myself very often questioning is this me intuitively channeling something? Is this me genuinely understanding something in a new way that no one else has experienced before, or am I just making things up? There's this wondering and this questioning, since that head center is undefined, sometimes I'm going to experience. Here's a great example of an undefined center. Sometimes you're going to experience your ideas, your inspiration, your intuitive knowing, and sometimes you're going to get an idea, get a piece of inspiration that isn't necessarily yours because you're watching other people get inspired.

You're watching other people ask questions, and you're going to learn the different ways of being inspired, and the different ways to ask questions, and the different ways to experience this "Ooh, that is getting me going. That is giving me some pressure. That is moving me and motivating me to want to understand something differently." You're going to experience that in many ways with an undefined center. Those defined gates are going to be this little anchor point and this very specific gift that you are going to cultivate, when you're in that whole context of asking questions, gaining inspiration, gaining insights.

So, with 61, the 61-24 channel, we're dealing with individual knowing circuitry. This individual knowing circuitry, it's very empowering, and so essentially, it's this idea that you have a connection to an inner knowing before anyone else knows it. It's this intuitive, "I just know this is right. I just know this is correct." With only 61 being defined, sometimes I will question that. With 24, we have anxious and frozen, and so I'll notice that sometimes I'll have this intuitive knowing, and I'll wonder if I'm crazy. Like, "Okay, am I crazy here? Do I actually know what I'm talking about?" That inspiration for me, it can either freeze me, and it can pressure me to not want to act at all. I'll get into this, "Ahh, I know this thing. I saw this insight. I have this random piece of awareness, and I'm not going to do anything with it." It's easy for me to freeze, and say, "Okay, cool. I don't trust that idea. I do not trust that inspiration. I don't trust me as the vessel to bring this concept through. I'm just not going to do anything about it."

We have disenchanted and frozen is that repressive shadow here. Disenchanted in 61, and frozen in 24. I want to talk about both of those together before moving on to the other ones. Disenchanted is this "I'm not recognizing it. I'm not giving credit for the inspiration that's there. I'm saying this is just my mind making things up. It's a cool idea, and I probably want to be more psychic, or I want to have this intuitive connection. I want to be somebody who channels ideas and just knows things, but I'm probably making it up." This disenchanted is going to discredit my inspiration. It's going to discredit the source. It's going to discredit me. It's going to say, "I don't just know that I'm making that up, and I know nothing."

That's going to be the disenchanted, and that's going to work with that frozen energy. It's going to encourage me to not take any action on that inspiration. I'll feel this pressure of, "Ooh, cool, new, amazing insight and idea, very inspiring," and in that repressive shadow will have me in this energy of, "Okay, but who are you to have psychic abilities, and who are you to have crazy insights, and who are you to know things that nobody else knows yet?" I'm going to disenchant myself. I'm going to take the magic away from the situation saying, "No, that's not real. You're a regular person. That's not going to happen to you. That's unlikely." I'm going to doubt, and take away the magic, and really doubt that I'm the person who has that magic essentially. With that, I can freeze, and I'll freeze. I'm like, "I'm not going to explore that idea anymore. I'm not going to pursue it. I'm not going to see if the world is ready to hear this," and so you can disenchant it, and you can freeze yourself, and you won't take any action.

Let's talk about those reactive shadows in the 61-24 channel, which are going to be fanatical in 61 and anxious in 24. We talked about how you can doubt that experience, and you can kind of close it down, and say, "No, this isn't magical. No, this isn't real. No, this is not some divine inspiration," and freeze yourself and not take action. The reactive shadow, we have fanatical, and we have anxious. This fanatical energy, I see it as going back to your tarot deck over and over and over and over again, searching for more answers, because you're anxious that the ones that you got aren't real. It's almost like looking for clarity and looking for clarity. I can see people, I've also done this myself, where I experience that fanatical energy of the cards have the answers, the cards have the answers. It's not me, it's the cards, and so I can feel anxious around am I working with this correctly? Am I doing it right?

There's this anxiety that I'll feel, and I will want to go back, and I will want more clarity. It's easy for me to get into a shadow as well of ask the universe for a sign, and then you see a sign, you're like, "Well, I walk by that mailbox every single day, so I know that it says 777, but it doesn't count because it's always there, and I've seen it before, so I need another sign." Then you'll get another sign, and you'll say, "Okay, well I knew that it was like 3:32, and I looked at the clock again pretty recently, and so I probably was just looking for that. That's not actually a sign." That fanatical energy will be essentially just like looking for more signs, looking for more confirmation, because that anxiety is saying it's not enough, it's not enough, it's not enough. You're looking for this proof before you're willing to share something because you're still doubting that you are the person who is correct for this, and you're still unsure if you are the right person to figure this out, or if this is the correct idea, or if you're interpreting it correctly.

That's going to be that shadow. Psychosis and addiction are going to be the two main shadows there, but then we have the gift of inspiration and invention; this is the gift of this 61-24 channel. It's where you allow the magic, and it's going to be right between those reactive and the repressive shadow. Always. The gift is always right in between those, and it's balancing this energy of disenchantment with this energy of fanatical. How can you find balance between those? To find balance between those, you're going to cultivate this gift of inspiration by recognizing that every idea is sacred, every idea is beautiful. Every piece of inspiration, every thought crosses your mind is beautiful and sacred and has potency and has presence of its own. Everything is magic, and because everything is magic, you can recognize that you don't have to hold onto the magic, and you don't have to get fanatical about it. There's this fine line of respecting an idea and seeing it as its essence and seeing it as a savior.

There's this beautiful energy where you become inspired by the ideas that you're working with, and you become inventive because you're working with ideas that are new and ahead of their time. You’re allowing yourself to think differently. You're allowing yourself to be inventive with the ideas that you're bringing through. For me, with the defined gate 61, I feel inspired by a lot of things. Not every idea that I have is ready to come through me. Not every idea that I have is going to allow me to be inventive, and I can see very often that this would allow invention, and this would allow evolution to happen in certain fields or in certain topics, but I know that I'm not the right person for it.

I will recognize that I will consistently get the inspiration. I will consistently see the knowing, and I would say about a third of the ideas that I experience and about a third of the inspirational things that I have end up being my invention and my creation. They might be for someone else, and I'm going to recognize and learn how to discern what's inspiration for me, and what's inspiration for something else. That's part of recognizing that my head center is undefined. I'm going to experience inspiration, and that's going to be a topic that I'm going to be probably confused about a lot, and I'm always going to feel like I'm solving a mystery.

I'm going to deal with this undefined energy through tapping into the energy of imagination and inspiration. I can be inspired. I can be imaginative. I can allow these ideas to inspire me, and I can allow the confusion, or this feeling craziness, get me thinking and get me cultivating that gift. On the other side of that channel, there's always going to be this energy of surrender. This energy of I can feel the inspiration, I can acknowledge the idea, and I can recognize that not every idea is made for me to invent. Not every idea is for me to build. Not every idea needs to be moved through me. I may not see the invention that happens from that inspiration every single time, but I don't have to search for it. It's about learning how to do your part and learning how to watch and let go and surrender in that undefined energy.

I want to talk about the 63-4 channel, because this is a channel that I have fully undefined, and I think that it'll be good to explain and explore the transpersonal channels versus the conditioning receptors. A conditioning receptor will be a defined gate in an undefined center. My undefined head center has gate 64 and gate 61, but the 63-4 channel is fully undefined for me. What this means is that on my own, I very rarely doubt something and want to research it. The 63 is the gate of doubt, and doubt is this energy of, "I don't think that's real. I don't think that's true, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it." This is logical collective circuitry. It wants to share its ideas with the rest of the world, and it's going to do it in a very logical manner.

If you think about things like the scientific method, we are questioning things. We're saying does this work that way? Is this correlated to this? There is this healthy level of doubt because you don't want to be jumping to conclusions with the scientific method. It's very much “This is what I think. This is my hypothesis, and I'm going to test it. I'm not just going to trust this idea. I'm going to test it because I doubt I'm right.” That's the scientific method. It's searching for answers by assuming this might be right but figuring it out without the benefit of a doubt. You want to figure out that truth, and you're searching for that truth.

The reactive shadow is going to be suspicion, and then the repressive shadow is self-doubt. If you're in the energy of self-doubt, you're doubting yourself. "I don't know what I'm talking about. If everyone says that this is correct, then I'm probably wrong for thinking that it's different. I'm going to doubt myself for even having this idea, because no one else is questioning it, which means maybe it shouldn't be questioned." The self-doubt is going to show up in "I'm confused about this. I don't believe that this is real, but no one else is doubting it, so therefore I'm just going to conform to the group."

I remember being in psychology classes. There was this one experiment where they had a couple of people in a room, and they were only testing 2-3 people. It was a simple math equation that they all had to do, and the first several people that were a part of the study team, or they were there on purpose, they would say the wrong answer. Maybe it was like 2+2, and three people in a row will say 2+2=5 very confidently. This theory on human behavior, it was asking will people conform and say what everyone else is saying, or will they stick to what they know is true, even though this is something that they feel like everyone else should know? We all know two plus two equals four, and so if I was in a room where that's the question, I might start doubting myself and saying, "Okay, I'm getting four. I was pretty certain that this is four."

I love this experiment. I think it's a great analogy and a great kind of anchor point for this topic. There's two ways that we can experience that doubt. You can either doubt yourself, and you can conform and say, "Yeah, the answer's five," because everyone else is saying that answer. You’re thinking that you don't want to be different, so you’re not going to speak your truth or the answer that you know is correct. You’re going to say what everyone else is saying, because then at least you're all wrong together.

The other side is going to be suspicion. Suspicion is going to be thinking everyone is crazy. In that situation, I would see the test subject saying, "I don't know what you're all doing, but you're all probably part of this experiment. The answer is not five. I don't know if any of you went to preschool because we know that like two plus two is four. The answer is four." Then you would start to question like, "What am I actually being tested on here? What's the real experiment here, because obviously if everyone is answering the wrong answer. It's very obviously the wrong answer. Something else is happening, and this is probably the experiment," and then you're going to get into the suspicious energy of, "Am I the only test subject? Am I the only one here," and you're going to get into a weird doubt spiral there.

The gift of inquiry that we get from this is going to be between self-doubt and suspicion. That's where you're going to have a healthy level of "I'm going to inquire about this. I'm going to research this, instead of just trusting this sensation, feeling, or inspiration that I have that says this is wrong, and I doubt that this is real. I'm going to inquire about it. I'm going to search. I'm going to look for some answers. I'm going to look for some conclusions and see what comes up." It's a healthy level of suspicion of, "I suspect that I am probably correct, but I also recognize that I don't have all of the facts yet, so I'm going to get all of the facts so that I can build that trust in myself and my answers logically." You're going to get that logic. You're going to get that information to back up the answers that you're searching for, the inquiries that you have.

Very rarely do I have this feeling of, "I doubt this. I'm going to inquire, and I'm going to search for the facts, and come to a conclusion on it." That's something that doesn't happen nearly as often as me feeling like I am confused and psychotic. I'm thinking about things that don't matter.  I'm trying to answer questions that don't matter to me. I am searching for inspiration. I'm wondering what's the next program launch. What's the next idea? What's the next business venture? What's the next area of support? What's the next topic that I want to dive into? I can get into this energy of I feel confused, and I feel crazy.

For me with that undefined head center, I'm going to recognize in this whole topic, I'm going to learn that I feel confused a lot, and that confusion is a gift for me to learn how to be imaginative. I'm going to tap into this energy of imagination. I'm going to learn how to use my imagination more, but there is this energy of surrender, and there is this energy of sometimes I just need to journal about all the crazy things that I'm feeling and the inspirations that I'm having, and say, "Okay, I'm getting all of these ideas. I'm getting all this inspiration. I don't know what to do with it," and just getting it out and just recognizing that I'm having that doubt or I'm having that confusion. I'm having that psychosis energy; I can let it be inspiration. I can let it be imagination. I can let it be fuel for me to play with that energy, instead of putting pressure on myself to solve something, have a breakthrough, conclude on something.

Let's just kind of recap a little bit of the things that we discussed today. When you have an undefined center, I see it as a window. This is something that you are going to watch other people have. You're going to watch other people experience. You're going to watch other people do, and you're going to learn from them. For me, when I have people who have the 64-47, they have breakthrough, after breakthrough, after breakthrough, after breakthrough. I've had clients who have that channel, and they literally have this energy of, "Oh, my gosh. I'm so confused. I don't know what's going on." They get into that energy of confusion, and then almost always, they have a breakthrough, they have a breakthrough, they have a breakthrough.

For me, I have to express that confusion. “I don't really know what's happening. This is happening. This is happening. This is happening." We had a launch recently that was kind of confusing, and I didn't really know what was happening, and I couldn't figure out what was going right or what was going wrong. I had some breakthroughs, and I had some realizations, and some big insights, and some aha moments, but there are still some questions that I was asking that I don't have full clarity on. I get to recognize that I'm not here to create that certainty, but I don't need to find that certainty to move forward. I don't have to have aha moments and breakthrough moments on every single piece of confusion that I have.

On the flip side, I can be really inspired, and I see ideas all over the place. I see ways that human design can fit into real life. I get inspired a lot, a lot, a lot. I see other people be inspired, and I see that, and I witness that in them, and that also makes me inspired. I can feel that "Ooh;" that hit of inspiration. Not every hit of inspiration that I have turns into something, and it's okay to only experience the inspiration. It's okay to only recognize that I'm feeling really excited about this amazing idea that's coming through, and then I get to trust that sometimes I'm going to have the insights on how to be inventive and how to be innovative and how to bring this new piece of inspiration through and bring this new perspective through to other people. Sometimes I'm just going to be inspired. I'm going to have a glimpse of that idea, and then I will hear somebody else say it, and "Oh, that's what I was getting at. That's what I was tuning into." Then I can use their language and their innovation and their energy instead of blaming myself or feeling bad about me not having that energy, or whatever my undefined energy makes me do.

I'm going to consistently experience that confusion, but I know that I'm always imaginative enough to figure it out somehow, if it is something that I need. When you're cultivating gifts, and this is just my perspective, especially if you're working with a defined gate that is surrounded by a lot of undefined energy, it’s like an anchor point, and you're going to be able to teach other people how to create that gift, regardless of what's going on around you.

I'm going to learn how to be imaginative and be inspired, regardless of what's going on outside of me. I can turn any piece of inspiration or any question into inspiration. I can turn any piece of confusion into imagination. I trust myself to be imaginative enough to figure things out, because a lot of the other things in my head are undefined and can be confusing and can be inconsistent. The inconsistency of questions and inspiration and mental pressure, I've learned how to navigate that by being inspired by other people, by letting other people be my inspiration, and by being imaginative.

I don't search for answers. I don't search for inspiration. I know that the inspiration's going to come to me, and I know that if I'm confused, I'm always imaginative enough to figure it out. I almost see confusion as Legos. Dump out a bag of Legos on a desk, or on a table, or on a surface. It's easy to say, "Oh my gosh, I'm confused. How the heck are all these pieces supposed to fit together?" Or, you can play with this and say, "Okay, cool. I have all these pieces. What do I want to make with them?" There is not a right way for all of these to fit together. When you're playing in your imagination, you're not confused because you're not looking for a right answer. You're just playing. You're just tapping into that inspiration, and you're just tapping into this imagination, playful energy. Thinking of Legos, when I'm confused, I will literally see it as all these pieces of inspiration, all these ideas that I'm having, all these questions I may have, these bits of information, I don't have to find a perfect way for all of them to fit together. I get to play with my imagination and see what I want to build with this. There is no right or wrong way. If I leave some Legos on the table, if I leave some ideas on the table and maybe work with them in a future idea, that's perfectly okay.

For me, they're not always going to fit perfectly together, because that's not how life works. You're going to have ideas, you're going to have inspiration, and you get to play with that. You get to play with that imagination. You don't have to figure everything out. If it's a hit of inspiration, it's okay to have a hit of inspiration and not follow through on it, and not turn it into something, and not have it be your next big idea, your next big program. It's okay to have ideas and not do anything with them. Obviously, you're doing that so that when you do have an idea that is really something that is correct for you and will not leave you alone, you have the energy, and you have the space, and you have the capacity to bring that forward and to bring that into life.

Anytime you're navigating the undefined energy and anytime you're navigating the chaos that can be the undefined, you have this anchor point, and that is going to be the gift that you are cultivating over and over and over again. It's the essence of I don't know how to ask questions. I don't know how to be inspired all the time. I don't know how to deal with mental pressure consistently daily, because I don't deal with it consistently, and it changes all of the time. However, I'm cultivating the gift of inspiration and imagination, so that I can deal with that, and I can manage that, and I can process that, and I can let go of the pressure. I can diffuse the pressure instead of trying to force myself to process it, but also through witnessing other people and through learning how other people ask questions, gain insights, deal with inspiration. I will learn their methods for diffusion as well.

With an undefined center, there are two ways that you can do it. You can either process it, and you're going to process it through probably using somebody else's methods or using their frameworks of understanding, and if I was going to do that with somebody who has the 63-4, I would see how they question things, and I would see how they doubt things, and I would learn about how that doubt brings them to inquiring about certain things, and how that doubt eventually turns into the truth. How does it turn into the answers? I can watch that, witness that, and I can learn that from somebody else, but it may not be the way that I process the energy of undefined head center or just head center energy. That's not going to be how I process it every single time, because it's undefined.

With the undefined centers, there is not a right answer for how to process that energy every single time, you get to recognize is this me, is this somebody else? You get to learn this discernment, and you're actually going to be so much more aware and so much more wisdom around that topic, because instead of learning, "Oh, I feel inspired. I'm going to do exactly this." If somebody is, if they have these 64-47 channel, they may feel confusion every time, but they recognize, and they get to learn to trust their process, which will be, "Oh, I'm confused. This is going to turn into a realization, and I can turn into a realization." They will learn how to use and master that process of turning confusion into inspiration consistently, and I'm going to build that skill.

When you have something undefined, there is not a correct answer. There is not one process that you're doing over and over and over again you are really mastering. You're not tied down to processing inspiration one way every single time, you're open to seeing how other people process it. You're open to seeing also this energy of like you can experience head center pressure, and let it go, and not have to process it at all and say, "This is not mine. This is not something that I want to deal with. This is not energy that I want to move through me," and you can let it go.

The undefined centers, when you have these specific gates, recognize that those are going to be consistent anchor points that you will come back to. Every single time that I am dealing with this undefined head center, and I am experiencing, and I'm witnessing, and I am observing questions and inspiration and mental pressure from people around me, I have the capacity, or I have the genetic predisposition to be confused and feel like I'm crazy. Instead of feeling like I am crazy, and instead of feeling like I'm always confused, I can recognize that I'm imaginative, and I'm going to see all these bits of inspiration. I'm going to be very inspired by the people around me. I'm going to be very inspired all the time, and I can do things with that inspiration, or I can choose that right now is not the right time for me to be doing something with that inspiration. How you learn and how you make those decisions of is this for me, or is this not for me, is going to be your inner authority. This is where your defined energy, or the tools that you are working with and the processes that you were coming back to consistently to deal with and to manage the experiences that you have in that undefined energy.

I believe that that is all that I wanted to say on the defined gates in undefined centers. I hope that the head center example made it clearer for you!


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