Podcast Episode 26 - Energetic Maintenance and Living by Design

We are going to discuss energetic maintenance and how to live by design. We're going to go through my chart, and I'm going to tell you all the things that I am currently doing and the ways that I am intentionally living according to my design. I think that it would be really helpful for you to see how this shows up outside of business, because the routines that I've put into place outside of business and in my everyday life are actually what support me in showing up in my genius and showing up in my best energy in business as well. While my business is also extremely designed to support me and my energy, my life is as well. I want to show you how it shows up in my actual life.  

Energetic maintenance is a fancy term that I like to use that really describes intentionally being yourself. How much does your life support you in being even more you? When I'm thinking about my design, I want to create routines. I want to create habits. I want to be a person who takes care of themselves. I want to be someone who nurtures themselves. One of the ways that I can love myself and nurture myself and take care of myself is through my design. 

We're going to start at the top. We're going to start with the aura. How do I nurture my aura? I am a manifesting generator in my whole aura, and in my conscious design, I have the 34-20 channel. I'm a sacral mani in my mind. I'm a triple split emotional projector in my physical body or with that unconscious side. 

When I'm nurturing my aura, I am taking into consideration essentially three different beings. I know that when I come together and when I'm fully in alignment, I am this emotional manifesting generator, but I know that my mind is a sacral mani gen that just wants to respond, just wants to jump into things. Consciously, the shadows of the undefined centers and that sensation of "maybe I don't have this, maybe I lack this" can be present. This is where I have to really trust my body and lean into my body a little bit more. Then when I've been nurturing my body, I've been taking care of it in a way that is more supportive of what we typically think of as projector advice.  

I used to be somebody that would spend hours lifting. Heavy, heavy lifting at the gym. I would find a workout partner, and we would go for hours. I have spent 3, 4 hours a day at the gym lifting weights, stretching, running, just really getting into all that physicality. I used to study at the gym as well. I would bring written material, so my notes or my outlines or study guides or anything that I made, and I would walk on the treadmill, on the StairMaster, or ride a bike for a little bit at just like a low intensity speed to get my body moving while I was learning information. 

Now how I've been nurturing my body a little bit more is not overexerting myself. I still challenge myself, but I don't like to do high intensity exercise for more than 20, 30 minutes a day. I was somebody who worked out for extensive periods of time, really high intensity, and of course, along with that, I was also very aware of what I was eating. That wasn't working for me anymore, so I've lessened the amount of activity that I actually have. I've been more active in my daily life, and that's been really nurturing to my energy, to have a routine that is consistent, have a routine that supports me in feeling good, without making myself feel physically drained every single day. 

With the mani gen aura, I am always involved in many, many things that light me up. For me, it's extremely important to have a lot of free time on my schedule, so that I can set my to-do list, I can set my to manifest list, at the beginning of the week, and I can look at all of the things that I have ridden my emotional wave on, and I have decided need to be done at that time. Or, if I'm feeling that root center pressure, and I'm feeling like now is the time to push on these particular projects, I'll put them on my list at the beginning of the week, but I have so much free time in my schedule that I can jump in, and I can get lost in projects most days of the week. 

For example, in the month of September, I do have a little bit of travel, but there are less than 10 calls per month that I am actively working with clients, and so that's 10-12 hours every single month that I am responsible for being somewhere specific. All the other time, I have the freedom to jump into whatever projects I want to. Today, I'm getting lost in some recording. A couple days ago I got lost in some writing. I wrote a bunch of emails that day. I'll choose what I'm feeling, and I'll just jump back and forth.  

Sometimes that means that I have a very specific post that I want to make, and so I will start with the graphics. I will do the layering and the fun textures in the background. I'll do the design. I'll figure out what information I want to bring into it. I'll do a little bit of research if I need to refer to some notes to individualize that content more. I'll go into it as far as I need to, but I can get lost in that project without having to worry about time. 

This is really important for the manifesting generator, but specifically because I have the 34-20 channel. The 34-20 channel is this essence of just getting lost in projects. It's not you working, it is work flowing through you. I need long stretches of time where there is no deadline, where I can genuinely get lost in a project and essentially lose all awareness of what I'm doing. I know it's been a good day at work, or if I'm working on a specific project, where I've been in it, I've been taking care of myself that day. I've gotten lost in it, and I just don't even pay attention to what time it is. Then suddenly, the sun is setting. I'm finishing up. I'm like, "Wow, I just spent five hours on this one thing, and it feels really, really good to have it done."  

That free time is not just consumed with work, and very often it's actually not consumed with work. It's important for me to have areas outside of my business that are also areas of growth, areas of challenge, and areas of joy and pleasure and satisfaction. So, I have house plants all over the place. I have pets that I absolutely adore that bring me a lot of joy, that really give me life to play with, and to hang out with, and to nurture and take care of.  

I have a lot of hobbies outside of my business that also support me in my energetic maintenance. What I love about all these hobbies is that it goes in phases. Right now, I'm really curious about food. I'm interested in cooking more. I've gone through baking phases. I've gone through phases where I taught myself how to draw. I've gone through graphic design phases. I've gone through color by number phases as just an outlet for creativity and something that I'm really enjoying playing with. I recently got a motorcycle that's been really interesting to play with. I'm challenging myself to come back to my gymnastics roots, and I'm working on press handstand. I'm working on some fun tricks that I used to do, building strength. Playing outside of my business is also very supportive and very nurturing for my energy. That's something that I do very often, so that is nurturing specifically for the aura.  

Now I want to go into the body graph, and I actually want to bring you through how I view moving energy through the body graph. So, we have two pressure centers. We have the head and root center, which are both pressure centers. They're pushing energy to be expressed through the throat center. These are essentially places where you intake energy, and the way that you express it, the way that it moves through the circuitry, is it's looking to be expressed into the physical world. You have this map of how energy is coming into you and how it's moving out of you through these streams of awareness and through the circuitry that we're seeing in the human design body graph, but everything is aimed at the throat center. Everything is reaching towards the throat center because the throat center is this portal between the inner world and the outer world.  

When I look at the channels, I can see where the energy is starting, what it wants to be transformed into, and where it's going. I see the journey of where it's starting and where it's going, and so with all the channels in my body graph, because I'm a triple split, it feels very much like it's me in each individual part of my process, I'm working with the individual channels when I'm in that center, when I'm in that area. Not everything is on the same cohesive page.  

When I am looking at, let's say my defined root center, I know that that energy can go anyway. It can turn into feeling really emotional, and it can pressure me to feel things more deeply. It can pressure me to move from fantasy into anticipation and desire and lightness and all those amazing things. It can go into the emotional center. It might reach up to my sacral center and really pressure me to take action right now, and to immediately respond to this pressure and create something new with my sacral energy. But most often, because I have a channel that connects it to my splenic center, I'm looking to make corrections, and I'm looking to make corrections over a period of time. 

For me when I'm processing stress, I go through phases where I'm going to push, make a lot of improvements, do a lot of things, and then I'll have a phase where I'm not interested in pushing, but I'm evaluating, learning, and analyzing what I can improve next time. For an example of how this works, I am moving into a new house still. We are unpacking still. It's been a couple of months. We're still waiting for some furniture that we purchased months ago, and we are still just decorating. I'm still figuring out what I want to do with all these rooms and all this space, and how I want to make it my own. I am going through phases. I'm going through a push phase and a non-push phase.  

We had the initial push, which was we needed to get things out of boxes so that we could live comfortably. I had the system for when we needed to be doing it, what boxes needed to go where. I was pretty organized in how I was bringing in the initial unpacking. We weren't unpacking everything; we were unpacking what we needed at the time. Then we unpacked some more, and then we had to clear out some space in the garage and got new furniture.  

It's been phases of pushing, phases of doing, and phases of sitting back and looking at all these rooms and looking at these empty walls and playing in my imagination and looking at what do I want to do with this. The next time I feel that urge to go to the store, spend an afternoon redoing a wall, or adding wallpaper, or something like that, I want to be ready for it. I need to ride my emotional wave on things that I can do in order to get ready for that next push of house project type things. 

I process that stress through this channel of corrections. It's always looking for how could I get the most out of the situation? How can I create a plan that will support me in making improvements? Or how can I deconstruct this entire system and put it back together in a way that makes more sense? I'm always trying to perfect things. I noticed this even with decorating my house, and specifically decorating our room right now. I'm recognizing that a lot of the furniture, with wood furniture, natural textures, adding in some green, now I don't know if I like the black bed frame. I don't know if it works there, and that might be a correction that I have to make. It was a decision that I made initially, but it might be a correction that I have to make in order to create the perfect room that I want. 

There's also this knowing that it's not actually going to be perfect, and my house does not have to look like a magazine. It can look lived in. For me, I'm also reaching for this perfect balance of everything is not going to be absolutely perfect. It's not going to look like a magazine, but it's going to be functional. Functionality and ease in my daily life is much more important to me and in my environment than it just looking pretty.  

I've had to move out of the shadow of superficiality many, many, many times in my life, but with the channel of judgment, specifically with that root center pressure of, "I want to make things better. I want to improve things. I want to correct it," it creates health for me. It supports me in feeling physically healthy, and it's something that if I'm interacting with stress, I'm probably interacting with stress and pressure on a physical level. It's not necessarily that I feel pressure to process emotions, or I feel pressure to take action, I feel pressure to create safety. I feel pressure to move out of fear. I feel this essence of if I make this move now, is it possibly dangerous? Rearranging furniture in my house and deciding maybe I want a different bed frame can sometimes put this pressure on, "Okay, well are you sure about that? Is that necessary? Is that a safe decision to be making?" Then I get to work with my splenic center a little bit in that decision making process and in that moment. 

I have this channel of perfection, which means I know that the things in my life are always in progress. Everything in my life is in progress. My business is in progress. My months are in progress. My dogs are in progress. My fitness routine is in progress. My nutrition and my relationship to food is in progress. My house is in progress. Everything is in progress, and there is not an end destination. Perfection is not an end destination, but I have all these journeys, all these relationships, and all these areas of life that I'm interacting with. It gets to be progress, and I know that I'm going to make corrections over time, but I'm also giving myself the time to ride my own pressure, to ride that sacral timing, and allow myself to make the improvements and make the corrections and move forward in each of these journeys when the time is right. 

I trust my timing very deeply, and I'm also recognizing that I'm always on a journey. Everything is in progress, but it's also perfect exactly the way it is. It can be simultaneously perfect for right now, and there can be room for improvement in the future. So that's a perspective that I hold, and I give myself many different areas of life to challenge myself, to use that pressure, and to use that energy. That's the root center pressure.  

I have the emotional center connected to the ego center. This means that I need space. Part of my energetic maintenance is giving myself time and space to ride my emotional waves. I do not make decisions in my business unless I've ridden my emotional wave. Even if that means I have to come back to somebody a couple of days later, push a deadline, or extend a launch, I will do that if I need to if I do not have emotional clarity. This is something that I do outside of my business as well.  

When I went to buy a motorcycle, my husband, who set everything up, who knows so much about me because of my human design but has no idea what human design is, he set up the perfect scenario for me making a decision outside of my business. I think this is a great example. He saw the inspiration. He saw that I was excited because he got a motorcycle, and I realized that that might be really fun to learn how to ride and challenge myself in a new way. I was looking at maybe I wanted one. I was starting to feel through that decision, so he gave me things to respond to. He looked at different body styles. He gave me different brands. He gave me different sizes. He put one together, and he's like, "I think this would be really perfect for you." He gave me all these options that I could respond to, so that he could gauge my, "Yeah, that's really exciting," or "Uh, that's definitely a no for me," and that was me riding my emotional wave, but also tuning into that sacral center. He's a sacral authority, so he's looking for those yeses and nos. He's looking for me to respond to him. I can respond to him easily when he gives me things to respond to. I can respond yes and no, and that helps me to ride that emotional wave.  

He then found a place that had one of the bikes that we really liked. We went there, and he was very intentional about there is no pressure. “There is absolutely no pressure. We're just going there for you to sit on it. You don't have to say yes today. If you need a couple more days to feel it through, you can take as long as you need, and we can go back at any point in the future.” He took the pressure off. He knows me so well. He knows that I cannot make, especially big decisions like a motorcycle, in the moment. I don't always have access to that intuitive right now. Sometimes I need a minute. Sometimes I need to feel something through. Sometimes it takes me time.  

He's able to support me in that decision making process, even outside of my business. I definitely did just get the motorcycle while we were there, because I'd been riding the emotional wave on it for a couple of days at that point with all of the anticipation, and then when we got there, it was a very clear yes. I had ridden through this wave. Being there, I was able to say, "Yes, this is the one that I want. I really enjoy it." It then turned into a journey because now I have to get into classes to learn how to ride a motorcycle, but before I could do that, I needed to get contacts because I primarily wear glasses. I had to make an eye doctor's appointment, and it was a whole journey to getting me to that motorcycle, but it was by design every step of the way.  

Moving on to some of the other centers, I want to talk about my undefined centers. I have my undefined head and G center. I'm going to talk about the head center first. I have the undefined head center, and this means that I look to my environment for inspiration. I look to my environment for questions and mental pressure. I don't always have like original ideas and downloads come to me, and the way that I get inspired is very inconsistent. I don't always know what's going to happen. Sometimes I get amazing ideas when I'm in the shower. Sometimes I get amazing ideas while I'm on a walk. Sometimes I get incredible ideas when I'm talking to somebody. Sometimes no matter what I do, I don't feel like I'm able to connect to inspiration, and that's because that head center is undefined. That's going to be an inconsistent journey for me.  

I was sitting down and thinking about all of these ideas that I have for podcast episodes, and which one did I want to focus on? I walked around my house. I did some things outside of my office for a little while, and what I eventually did was I talked to my brother. He is currently staying with us for a little while. I said, "I don't know what to record my podcast episode on," and he said, "Well, you could talk about why you are designed to enjoy things like that book and highlighting it and taking notes on it and studying, and how somehow that's exciting because I'm sure that's in your chart somewhere." I was like, "Yeah, it is. Thank you very much for pointing that out." 

I got a book in the mail today that I was not expecting to get, because I don't remember ordering it. If you are familiar with Sarah J. Maas and her entire incredible multiple series of incredible fantasy romance, recently in her latest series, she's dropped some incredible hints that make me want to go back and reread everything. With more books coming out, there are hidden patterns and hints. With my 17-62 channel, this is my ajna being defined, connected to my throat center, I love organizing information. I love picking up on details. I love connecting patterns. I love seeing if I can figure out the problem before it's actually expressed.  

When I watch TV shows with my husband, it's a game now for both of us where we see something, and if I know that that's foreshadowing something in the future, I'll say it. He started to pick up on it as well, so we'll see something you're like, "Oh, they're dating. No one knows yet, but they're dating," or "They're the murderer. I know it because of this."  

This is something that I really enjoy. It's been over a year now since I've been getting back into reading fantasy novels and reading for fun and enjoyment instead of personal growth. Very sacral energy, very fun. It's a good phase for me to go through, and I like reading because I can go through phases within reading. As a hobby, I can go through very action heavy phases, or I can go through really relationship focused books, or plot driven books. I can go through all these different genres and all these different areas that fuel that sacral excitement. Because my sacral is connected to my throat and my ajna is connected to my throat center, there's something about organizing information that's also really exciting to me.  

I have read all the books in the Sarah J. Maas universe, and I am planning to start rereading them all. I've actually reread a couple of them, but I want to read them in physical form, not on my Kindle, so that I can highlight, annotate, and take notes, and I can figure out what I think is going to happen in these next books. Very few people would find that much enjoyment and that much satisfaction from reading something again.  

Very mani gen - going through something again a second time is very natural to me. That's something that I do all the time. I usually rush through it the first time, and then I go back through another time to fix things and perfect things and make it better over time. So, of course I'm going to go back through, and I'm going to see things from an entirely different perspective.  

That's one of my favorite things to do is to do something again from an entirely different perspective. It's the most satisfying thing in the world. I'm going to go back through these books, and I'm going to enjoy. I'm going to have so much fun organizing that information. It's stimulating to my brain. It allows me to use my 17-62 channel to process mental energy. I'm using the book as a source of inspiration. I get to take it all in. I get to see it. I get to process it, and I get to express what my ideas and my opinions would be based on that. I'm going to take my notes, and I'm probably going to start making a TikTok series on it because I think that would be really fun, and I'm pretty sure only one person in the entire world is going to understand the full context of a conversation. Jessica, thank you. I love you; and she's not even on TikTok.  

It's something that I would make entirely for me because I want to express that information, because I'm excited about it, and it's a phase that I'm in. That does not have to be valuable to anyone else. Me talking about the books that I'm enjoying and the plot connections that I am seeing would be a conversation that very few people in my audience would understand, or very few people in my audience would be interested in understanding, but that's still something that I am probably going to do because it's exciting to me. That's something that supports my energetic maintenance, and therefore it's enough. It doesn't need to be valuable to other people. It doesn't need to be something specific; it can just be good for me. It can just be satisfying for me, and if it helps other people in the process, that's amazing. But when you're focusing on energetic maintenance, you're recognizing that you're getting what you need out of that process, regardless of the results. 

So, me going through these books, it doesn't matter if I figure out the answers. It doesn't matter if I'm right. It doesn't matter if I'm able to predict everything that she is planning for her next books in the series, but I'm going to express my opinions because that's what I'm thinking, and that's fun for me. It does not matter what the end result is, it matters that I'm showing up for this project, and I'm spending my time doing something that's enjoyable. That is ultimately what energetic maintenance is about. It is making sure that you're doing things in your life that support you in your energetic maintenance. 

I have this channel of organization, of the organizational being with the 17-62, and that one with my 18-58, since they're both on that logical circuitry, they play with each other a lot. When I'm thinking about my house, I'm also thinking about how I'm going to organize everything better. Every single day of my life, I look at my house in some way, shape, or form, and think I could organize that better. I could improve that. I could do it better. Organizing things is very fun to me. I enjoy putting things in boxes. I enjoy deciding if it would look better in color coordinated order or in alphabetical order. My spices are by alphabetical order and my closets by color. Putting things in that order, every single time I put things away, is very satisfying to me. That's something that I spend my time doing, and that's an ongoing project is organizing my house deeper and deeper and deeper and, in more detail and more detail. But also holding that perspective of it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be functional, and however I decide to do it right now is the next iteration of it, and I can always improve it again in the future.  

I play with my channels a lot. We were talking about the undefined head center. I do want to bring us back to the undefined G center. The undefined G center means that my sense of direction, who I am, and my magnetism is very related to the world around me and to the environment that I'm in. Undefined G centers are called geomagnetic, which means where you are and what environment you are in is extremely important for how you show up and how you feel.  

I'm very particular about my environment. I like being home. I like having rooms in my house that feel like a retreat. I'm a mountains environment person, so my office is a separate room. It's a space that's dedicated just to my work. I come in here specifically for this, but I get to retreat. I get to be alone. I get to be in my space here. It's bright, so I have the views. I can see what I need to see. It's a microenvironment that really supports me.  

We've been turning the garage into a very physical retreat. We've been adding exercise furniture. We put mats down. I can go out there. I can step away. I can get into a different environment. I can breathe. I can retreat a little bit to get into my body, to stretch a little bit, to do some work on my yoga mat if I need to. We’ve been making the patio out back into a great space where it feels like a retreat. I've supported myself in my alignment by creating an environment that makes me feel really good. My environment's very important.  

Something else that I've been playing with is kind of seasonal decorating but doing it in my own way. So right now, I have SSCC brand colors all over my living room, because why not? I got new candles, and I chose the ones that are SSCC brand colors. I have a whiteboard in the middle of my living room that has Sacred Success Live written on the top of it, and every single time somebody new enrolls, I write their name down on the board. My environment is a physical reminder of where I am going, and the direction that I'm heading, and the current vibration, or the current project, that I am focusing on. It helps to be my anchor. I put it outside of me to be this reminder and to be this anchor point for me tapping into that energy, connecting with that project, and embodying whatever it is that I need to embody for that goal. 

Every single time I see that whiteboard, that triggers my visualization. I visualize it full. I visualize all the names. I visualize writing all the names on this board and being overjoyed by all of the people that are enrolling in this. I get to see, "Wow, I'm changing the lives of all of these people." It's a visual reminder, and then I can look around the rest of the room and see that I am such an embodiment of this work. That, of course I'm energetically aligned. Of course, the right people are showing up. Of course, this is a no brainer opportunity for people because I am the embodiment of everything that I teach in that program. It's taught from so much integrity. It is taught from a space of true joy and true satisfaction, so it's very aligned. I can see that alignment, and I remind myself of that alignment through the physical objects that are in my house and in my living space. That's the undefined G center.  

Now let's talk about the ego center. The ego center, or the heart center, for me, is connected to emotionality. A lot of what this channel is about for me, it's about keeping promises to myself. I am the queen of exhausting myself to do things for other people and to follow through on something that I said I would do, just because I said I would do it, even if it is not actually aligned for me. I can't tell you how many times I have overextended myself, because somebody asked me to and I did not know how to say no. I will access a deeper level of willpower than anything to get something done and to prove myself to somebody else, but for me, it usually isn't the same. 

I recognized that I was having difficulty keeping the promises to myself, and what I was teaching myself was that as soon as somebody else needed something, I would jump in to support them, and I would let go of my promises to myself. Let's say that I have intentions of doing a workout or spending the next hour getting in touch with my body, stepping away from work. I get a client message. They need me to do something, or I get a message from my team asking me for something. Me not keeping my promises to myself would be me jumping back into work, even if I'm about to work out. It would be me jumping in to do something for someone else, even if it's not what I promised myself.  

What happens, for me, is that I will jump back into work really quickly, and then I'll find myself working for a couple more hours, and by that time, my motivation to work out is completely gone. I'll say, "Oh, it's too late for today. I'll work out tomorrow," but in that moment, I am saying that my promises to myself, of I'm going to work out this many days a week, or I'm going to move my body, I'm going to dedicate this hour of my day to getting in tune with my body, I'm saying that that promise to me, doesn't matter. I'm saying that I can't be trusted to follow through on the promises that I'm making for me. I'm saying that I matter less than other people, and that's very unaligned for me.  

When I make promises to me, I want it to be important. I want it to feel like a contract. I want to feel like I'm committing to something. I've decided that my yes is a really important yes. My yes is an all-in yes. In order for me to go all in for something, see it as a yes, to fully honor and make my commitments, I want to make sure that I am only saying yes to the things that are genuinely a yes. I am also prioritizing and keeping those promises to myself. Every single time that I keep a promise to myself, I write it down. I remind myself and I show myself that I am trustworthy. I am doing exactly what I said I was going to do. I can trust me. I am following through on what I said I would do.  

I'm building that relationship and building that trust with myself. One of the ways that I've been able to do this is with challenging myself. The ego center loves challenge. It loves competition, and healthy competition is born when you are in competition with yourself. It's about self-improvement, and not necessarily improvement or domination or winning over other people. It's about being better than who I was yesterday.  

So, I challenge myself. I am currently challenging myself with gymnastic skills. I'm challenging myself with how many weeks in a row can I keep up these workout routines. I'm challenging myself to eat earlier in the day. I'm challenging myself to drink a certain amount of water. I have very specific goals for the minimum of what it takes to take care of me. I have decided that I am somebody who takes care of themselves and nourishes themselves very deeply, and in order to do that, I have a minimum for different areas of my life, so that at the end of every single day I can look through and I can see, did I take care of myself at the bare minimum today? Am I keeping my promise to me? 

As a focused view perspective, or specific manifestor if that's the language that you are familiar with, it's important for me to be able to see the details and for me to label the value of something. It's also kind of my defined ego here. If I'm making a promise to myself, in order to know if I'm keeping that promise to myself, it needs to be trackable. I have to be able to make it very obvious because with my 34-20, there's this lack of self-awareness sometimes. With my two line, there's a lack of self-awareness sometimes, so I don't always see myself. If I make it very obvious and very clear what I'm committing to doing every single day, it's obvious if it's a yes or a no. 

I have my bare minimum skincare routine, and I have my all-out skincare routines. I have a range. I have moving my body, that's something I do every day. I have a routine for the bare minimum of moving my body is 15 minutes of stretching. I don't have to do anything else, but I can stretch for 15 minutes, or I can walk my dogs for 15 minutes, but it's 15 minutes of movement is my bare minimum for every single day. With water. I think water is a really important one. I have struggled with hydration pretty much my entire life, and so I have a specific water bottle, and drinking three of them is my minimum every single day. This is a promise that I'm committing to right now and getting better at. When I'm committing to my promises and looking at these at the end of the day, I can bring these things to my awareness of you are not fueling yourself in this specific way, so I can keep that promise better to myself. That's an area for improvement. I'm not aiming to be perfect. I'm aiming to commit to my yeses, to honor my yeses, and to do my absolute best. By doing this tracking and observing my behaviors, I'm able to support myself and make those improvements. 

But when I'm trying to create a habit, my goal is the bare minimum. You can't create a habit and hold yourself to extremely high expectations. If my goal is to, stay more hydrated, I need a goal if it's a bare minimum. The first step for me, was getting a water bottle and carrying it with me absolutely everywhere. I may not be drinking the water all the time, but I was bringing it with me everywhere. I had access to hydration. One of the rules that I have is that I must finish my water bottle before I can drink coffee in the morning. If I want coffee, if I want tea, I have to drink water first. 

That's supportive of my design. That's a challenge for me. That is a rule that supports me. It's structure that supports me in doing what I need to do, which is just take care of myself and nurture myself. But when I'm creating a new habit or a new routine, like when I wanted to start working out more regularly, I was really intentional about the bare minimum. I was going to do the bare minimum every single day. That was my commitment. If I wanted to do more, I could, but I started with something small, so that I knew that I was at least checking off my bare minimum every single day. 

It's incredibly supportive for me to have clear standards and clear expectations around my bare minimum. What is my commitment? What am I committing to doing? I can then do what I need to do, and I can see the why behind it. I don't get caught up in the expectation of what is this going to cause. What is this going to create? What is this going to bring me? It's focused on what am I doing, and what's my intention for doing it?  

A lot of the intentions that I have for doing the things that I do is energetic maintenance is to feel good, process energy, and be myself in a little bit more of an intentional way. When I am wanting to shop at different grocery stores, or I am creating different things in my business, any new thing, I'm able to look at it through this lens of this supports me in being more of myself. This supports me in being more aligned and more authentic. That's the goal in every single moment for me, is to be more of myself.  

Just to recap, energetic maintenance is intentionally creating space to be yourself and to live your life in a way that is authentic to you. In every single moment, there's an opportunity to be even more you, to be even more aligned, and to be more connected with your highest self. So, I challenge you to do so.  


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