Podcast Episode 29 - How to Expand Your Financial Capacity

I have something super juicy planned. This was a question that I got in my DMs, and it's something that I addressed in a masterclass that I recently ran, Changing the Conditions. The question was how do you break through a financial upper limit or a place where you have been incredibly consistent? You just kind of feel stuck. It may not be a bad thing, and it may not be something that you're greatly, deeply unsatisfied with, but you still want more.  

What I think is really important about what I am explaining here is this energy of not being something that you are very uncomfortable with, and it's not something that you're really judging. When you're in a place of stagnation or stillness, there are a couple of things that can be happening. The stagnation that you're seeing, the financial numbers remaining consistent, and seeing this as you're not growing with the trajectory that you want to grow, you're seeing a physical result. You're seeing something on this physical side, but we also have the internal experience.  

The person who was asking this question explained it as she is currently pretty happy with the amount of money that she's making in her business. She's not mad at it, but she would like it to be a little bit higher. She would like to break through a specific number that she has in her head, and see some sort of growth from the efforts that she's been putting in. What's important about this is that her internal experience is one of satisfaction. It's important to know that the internal energy here is satisfying, and if it's unsatisfying, that's a different story. 

If you are in a place of frustration or are angry about what's going on, you've been putting all your efforts in, that's a different energy than being in a space of almost indifference. Stress, pain, anger, frustration, bitterness, and disappointment, all of that can be very motivating energy. But if you're in a space where you're comfortable, you're not going to be able to rely on stress in order to grow yourself or in order to motivate yourself, because you would have to create some sort of stressful environment. If you're in a space where you're happy and comfortable with the income that you're making, and you genuinely just want to grow it for the sake of growing it and for the sake of growing your impact, if that's where your desire is but you've spent most of your life using stress and your trauma responses as you're motivating factors, there's no way you're going to naturally know how to just motivate yourself without manifesting some sort of stress in your experience. 

I've made a couple of big jumps like this. The first one was $0 to $3k months. I started my Instagram account in December 2016, and I started with just sharing things about school, manifestation, and energetics. I created a digital course around the spiritual guide to college and the practices that I was doing as a college student to get good grades, to get in the right head space, to take tests well, to create healthy habits. I was creating lifestyle content for college students before I knew human design even was. All these things that I was using for myself, I was putting them on the internet for people to purchase if they wanted them to. I was just putting them out there for anyone to find, but I wasn’t actively trying. Then, I put human design content out there.  

For over two years, I was posting, creating courses, and learning how to create PDFs. I was making web pages. I was creating content. I was doing all the same activities that I do now in my business, but I was making $0. The behavior has been there for a while. This has been my work for quite some time. The identity is different. The internal experience is different. The financial aspect is different.  

When I created the jump from there to making money in February of 2019, I think I made $400, and then it went down to $200, and then it went up to $3,000, and then it went up to almost $5,000, and then it stated around $3,000 consistently for over a year, regardless of what I was doing, regardless of what I put out there. It was fun. I was having the time of my life.  

What created the jump was I stopped doing it half-hearted. I committed to it. I decided I'm ready for this to happen. There's always been this concept of if I'm trying to make a change, it feels like there's something in front of me. I get the image of a river. I feel like there's a river in the middle. I'm on one side, and I see everything that I want on the other side. In my experience, I'm able to see where I am now, and where I want to go, and where I wanted to go is actually making money in my business.  

I looked at how I was feeling in that situation. What does that look like? I contemplated. I meditated. I visualized. I played with that reality, and then I trusted that the actions and the behaviors that I take are going to get me there. So, I made the decision. I came to a very conclusive, decisive moment of, "I'm going to make money in this business. I don't know when. I don't know how. I don't know where.” At that point, I had been showing up and making $0 for two and a half years. I was paying for my website. I was paying for hosting. I was paying for an email list. I was paying for all the things that you pay for to run an online business. I was paying those, and I was losing money. 

I was dedicated to it, and I used that identity piece. I saw myself in every single action that I did as someone who was dedicated towards creating financial freedom. I knew that I could make money online, and it was just this thing that I wanted to prove to myself. I can have a side hustle or a side project that is fully me just making money out of nothing. Not on my degree, not on a job that someone gave me, just me making money on nothing. That's what I wanted to create.  

I moved from this energy of maybe one day that's going to happen, I'm trying really hard, but it hasn't happened yet. The frequency and the identity are that it hasn't happened yet, but I really want it to happen. If that was the desire, I can move back and look at what am I putting between here and there. I looked at this desire, and I saw that that version of me was different than who I am now. If I was already making money in my business, I would show up a little bit differently. I looked at how would I be showing up differently?  

The biggest turning point was I decided that I was already working towards it. Because I was so dedicated to it, because that was an identity thing for me, I was able to zoom out and see that I am aligned for that and that is something that I can create. I'm dedicated enough to show up for two and a half years of not making anything. If I can do that, I can continue to show up until it happens. 

Suddenly, that river between where I am and where I want to go, there's a bridge. If I just keep walking, if I just keep going, if I just keep doing exactly what I'm doing, I'm going to get there eventually. My actions stayed the same. I still host on Instagram, write content in Google Docs, use Canva almost daily, write in journals that are almost identical to the ones that I did at that point. I still do pretty much the exact same things that I did at that point. What's different is the content and the energy that I'm in.  

In February when I made this jump, I had decided something is going to change. I'd been experimenting with my human design a little for college related things. When I found human design, I started exploring this new level and this new perspective of self-growth and self-identity. I was recognizing the actions that I'm taking are consistent. I'm doing what I want to do as a business owner, as an online content creator. Now, I just need to play with the energy so that the money can start flowing through.  

The thing for me was I gave myself permission to talk about what I was excited about. What I was excited about was human design. I'd been playing with it for a while, but I had this story in my head that said I couldn’t share about that because I wasn’t an expert on it. I finally came to the conclusion that if that's the story that's holding me back, we can let go of that identity, and we can move forward. 

When I made the jump from $0 to $3K months, it was because I decided that I was going to show up and anyone that I interacted with, I was going to pretend that I already was making money. I was going to pretend that they were my fifth client. Private clients, readings, whatever it was. I had offered free coaching sessions. I had been giving my friends coaching sessions for years. I had been coaching gymnastics for years, which is a lot of mindset work. I was the girl who could talk down anyone if they were having an emotional issue at the gym. I have been coaching forever, and it made sense that that was something that I was going to be good at.  

So, I learned to trust myself. I worked on this identity. I switched from it's not working and I want it really bad to I want it really bad and I know that I'm going to show up until it happens. I know that I'm dedicated enough. I want it bad enough to continue to show up until it happens. It became this inevitable change. Change became inevitable. That desire became inevitable. I was in the energy of it was going to happen  

I believe that there are three stages of belief. You believe that it's possible. When I say possible, I mean for anyone, absolutely anyone, in all of time, this could possibly happen for somebody. So, you believe that it's possible. The second is that you believe that it's happening for you. It's happening. It's happening. The third one is that you believe it's done. That you don't have to do anything, and you are exactly where you want to be. Everything is done.  

When I move through these three stages of belief, if I'm in this energy of I want it to happen, but I know that it's not happening, you're in this energy of you believe that it's possible. If you're trying for something, you believe that it's possible. If you've seen someone else do it, you believe that it's possible. You just have to learn how to trust yourself, and then trust the moment and the situation and that now is the time that it's happening.  

If you know that it's possible to break through this, you know that it's possible. Here's my first example of going from $0 in three years to $3K months consistently for another about a year and a half I had that. That was my average. If I can do that, you can do that. You also know that it's possible for somebody to have a plateau, and then have a major breakthrough during a plateau. You know that it's possible. You know that it's out there. You know that somebody has it in their storyline.  

Now let's talk about it's happening. The energy of it's happening, that's what I was able to do. I was in this energy; I did both of those things with these shifts. It’s happening is this frequency of I have been showing up for it, I have been doing the things that I have been called to make this a reality, and I'm going to keep doing that until it shows up. It's this dedication. It's this energy of consistency. It's this energy of keeping promises to yourself. That's really powerful. It’s you saying it’s happening, and it's happening for me. There's the second step where you choose yourself. You choose that this is something that you can create for yourself. It's not just possible for anyone in the world, but you genuinely see that it's possible for you.  

The third step is it's done. It's done is this frequency of it's going to happen. It is going to happen at some point. It's happening. It's also this energy of soon. For me, it's this energy of it's going to happen soon. It's going to happen soon, or it's happening right now. You see yourself on the journey. You see yourself doing the actions. You see yourself taking the right steps. You see yourself on that path. You've already been doing the things; you've been doing it for a while. You have previous data. Of course you're going to keep showing up until it happens, even if you don't know all of the steps along the way. You can go from not knowing what to do to intuitively following your intuition every step of the way. You can get from where you are to where you want to go.  

Now let's talk about the big jump that I did. I've done a couple of big jumps, but for me, this was the really, really big jump that I made. I went from that consistent $3,000 a month to multiple five figure months consistently. It was June of 2020, so a year and a half after I've been having these around consistent $3,000K months. I had my first $15,000 month. Then $22k, and then $41k right after another, and then I did a couple of months at $36k, then ever since then, it has never dropped below $40k, and it's gone up to like $50k, $60k, $70k, $160ks. It grew really, really quickly. February of 2021 was a $163,000 month. I had eight five figure months before I had a six-figure month. Even then, January was a $70k month, and then it was $162k, so a big, big jump.  

When I made the jump from $3k to five figure months, five figure months had been a goal of mine for a while. It had been something that I'd set my eyes on. There was something about having a six-figure business. I was making $3,000 a month, and I was really, really excited that I had been able to contribute any sort of income to our household at that time. I was so excited about it. I was in this energy of I'm grateful for what I have. It's giving me exactly what I need in this moment. It's something that I'm very appreciative for, and I'm ready to receive more.  

The actions that I was taking did not necessarily change. I was still feeling inspired to create a program and open masterminds. I create things and I help people. I create and I coach. My actions have been consistent since day one that I show up, and I create. I show up, and I coach. That's what I do.  

What changed was the energy. When the energetics changed this time, I was really seeing human design as being a tool that could really, really help people. It was changing the lives of my clients. We were doing incredibly deep work. They were starting businesses of their own. They were starting to create and generate money on their own as well. They were creating their first offers. All these things were starting for them, and they were essentially getting to about where I was at these $3,000 months, and maybe even a little bit beyond. 

I was helping them, and I was still in nursing school, and I was finishing it up. I finished it up in May, so June was the first full month that I was not in school. I had all this time, and it felt like all my energy was free to just be poured into my business. That was the first time that I was able to pour all my energy into my business. I'd been working on deconditioning my relationship to money for a while, and I'd created a masterclass on money blocks, the Shadows of Abundance, which was the deconditioning of your relationship to money.  

I was seeing the possibility for human design to be a tool that allows me to help a lot of people, and it was really exciting. I poured my energy into creating courses and creating a bunch of things. I wanted something that allowed me to put it out there, make money from it, and then move on to the next thing. I was playing with the identity of being a manifesting generator, and what I'm excited about now I will not be excited about forever. I'm going to go through phases, so for me it made sense to capitalize on the phases that I was in. So, talking about a topic when I was excited about it, and then allowing it to be available to serve many, many people throughout its lifetime.  

I created a lot of courses and programs that over their lifetime to date have served hundreds of people, even though I only created them once. That's always been an intention is to create things when I'm in the flow and create things when I'm really in that energy, but not overwhelm myself, not overload myself, and not have to put myself in this box of needing to consistently show up for something over and over again. I wanted the freedom to learn something and talk about it and play with it and put it out there and learn something and talk about it and embody it and put it out there, and that's what I've created now.  

I had this intention I was building towards bigger months. It was around March that I decided I know that it's going to happen. I know that it may not happen right now, it may not be tomorrow, but I'm not going to try really hard to make this my five-figure month. I'm going to just build a business that creates five figure months. I had it really set in my mind that as soon as I hit five-figure months, I'm never going back. I was really determined on that. When I decided that once I do break through that plateau, that it's up and up from there. That was the decision, that was the way that I wanted to create it, and I was taking action from this perspective of creating five-figure months consistently. There is momentum. It is happening, and I'm just taking action along the way to see what happens.  

I was really intentional about creating in a way that supported my energy. I was playing with my design more than I ever had because with the lockdown, I was bored. I was studying this human design content, and I was learning more and more and more, and applying it in a different way. I'd been experimenting with it for a while, but I was just really shifting my perspective around it and applying it to my business.  

I was seeing myself as this manifesting generator who can build things. I wanted to build something that was going to support me in being able to create something, and then step away and never have to touch it again. I was seeing this vision in my head of what an aligned business looked like for an 6/2 emotional manifesting generator. I knew that I had to create something like this first to be an example for other people. I knew that I had to really take this information and apply it to my business, because it just made sense in that moment. 

I followed the intuitive actions. I was reckless with how intuitively I was making decisions. I say reckless because that's the language that I was using in that moment. The affirmations were "I recklessly trust myself. I recklessly trust myself. I operate from a space of radical self-alignment and reckless self-trust.” Those were the affirmations that I was saying because that the energy that I wanted to be in, even though trusting my design was terrifying. I'm a fear motivation, and I was terrified.  

As I was getting ready to make this big jump, I knew that as soon as I made it, I was never going back, and it was going to be up and up and up from there. It came down to I knew that it was possible. It was not just possible for other people, but it was possible for me. I knew that the way that I wanted to do it, the way that I wanted to make it mine, and not just me following the story or trying to fill the void of someone else's experience, I wanted it to be mine. I wanted to create something that was very authentic to me. I was doing it according to my human design because that was what made the most sense to me in that moment. That was the identity that just actually made me feel seen.  

I used that to build the business. I saw the vision for what it could be. I saw the example that this would set in the industry. I saw all these things, and it grew, and it grew, and it grew, and it grew. Then I was told that I should make a certification program because I’ve already had this level of success. I created the certification, and this is where I learned that the identity work is important to do before you take all the action. When I really started playing with my design, I jumped to $15k, $22k, the $41k, $50k by the end of the year, $70k, $160k. What happens when you're taking action from a space of alignment is you create a ton of momentum. 

There's this snowball effect with the sacral center where you respond, and you respond, you respond, you respond. It's like, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes," and you're just building in energy. I see it very much as the gears on a car, and how you gain momentum in first gear, and then you shift into second, and you gain momentum, and then you shift into third, and you gain momentum. Each gear that you go in, you're going at faster and faster speeds. That's how I think of the sacral center. You're not going to be able to jump into the sixth gear from zero; you're going to stall the car. You have to build the momentum; you have to build the speed in order to get there. 

When I made this jump, I was doing the work. I was doing all the physical things, and then so much changed so quickly that I crashed. Suddenly, my identity was no longer aligned with where I was. I was recklessly trusting this design. When I barely studied for the exam, passed it on the minimum number of questions that you can take, and then was told I have to start this new job, but my business is making all of this money and it was so much fun, suddenly I had to make the decision if it was exciting enough for you to leave your brand new nursing job? You signed a two-year contract with them; are you okay breaking that two-year contract? Are you okay paying $5,000 to get out of that two-year contract, only spending six weeks using this degree, allowing your mortgage and your bills and your house payments, and your sense of security to rely on your creativity? 

All these things came up. I quit the job. I was working from home. I felt like I had everything that I wanted, and then suddenly there was this doubt of do I deserved this? How did I get here? How do I manage this? There are people asking me questions that I think when did I become qualified to answer that question? One thing that you need to realize is that when you grow really fast, you're always going to be hitting new levels. 

I got to a point where I hadn't envisioned beyond that. I didn't know what it looked like. My vision was to get to six figures. So to jump from there to a revenue of almost like a 2 million a year churn rate in eight months was ridiculously fast. On top of that, because I had quit my job, I was home, and this trauma starts coming up. My body's like, "You get to face all those shadows that you were avoiding," because I was only able to motivate myself from stress.  

All that being said, it's really important where you're getting your motivation for your actions from. If you are trying to create change, you're trying to grow through this plateau that you're in, you're trying to break through an upper limit, where are you getting that motivation? Is the motivation coming from "I hate where I am, I want to be where I want to go"? The world is unfair. Is it this anger? Is it this frustration? 

Frustration is motivation. I currently use frustration energy to move my body or to move things forward. If I'm frustrated, it's usually a great workout. I can use that energy to create, but if the desire that you have is that you're going to break through this, and you're going to feel different, you also have to be working on how you feel right now if you're going to create what you want to create. 

We're really seeing this theme of your inner world and your outer world. If you want to create, let's say, jump from $3k to five figure months, the jump here is going to be do you like the actions that you're taking? Are you doing the things that feel aligned, the actions that you're taking feeling aligned? Or every time you show up for that action, you feel like you don’t want to be there? Is it that you are actually doing the things that you enjoy doing, and it is coming from a space alignment?  

If the actions are aligned, then you get to look at the energy. On the energetic side, how do you feel right now? What's going on internally right now? What is your internal experience? When I say internal experience, I don't just mean the feelings that you're feeling. I mean the sense of safety and security you have in your environment, the level of comfortability you have there, the thoughts that you are thinking, the things that you are focusing on. Do you like what's going on inside of you? Do you like focusing on the things that you are focusing on? Do they make you happy? Or, are you focusing on how terrible you are, how bad of a job you're doing, how you're not doing enough, how you have to do more of this in order to be good enough, you're terrible because you haven't made the money yet? Are you focusing on things that you want to be focusing on, or no?  

You want to look at the external experience and the internal experience. If the vision that you have is that you're going to be making all of this money, and then all of a sudden, you're going to feel better, that's an expectation, and you can't put expectations on your desires. It makes them heavy. It weighs them down. If you feel like once you make the $10k months, all of a sudden, you're going to be happy, the truth is that you're not. The money cannot change your experience, it's just a number. It's just going to change the availability that you have, but if the internal experience is still guilt and shame and like a weird energy, what's going to happen is you're going to do what I did, where you're going to make the money, and then be like, "Oh, no. Do I deserve this, or do did I want this? Or maybe I don't know how to manage it." The doubt now that you have it is going to just manifest in, you're still doubting yourself.  

If you're doubting that you're going to be able to get there, once you get there, you're still going to be doubting if you can stay there. That's going to be an important one. The energy that you create in also dictates how you're going to feel once it's been created. If you're creating from self-doubt, you're still going to doubt yourself once it's been created. The creation, the money, does not have the power to change your internal experience. There is an external and an internal experience. 

If your internal experience right now is not a match for where you think you're going to be or where you want to be, you have to separate, and you have to recognize that you actually have two desires, and they have nothing to do with each other. You want more money because money equals freedom, and right now you are using money. You're saying, "I am going to earn my freedom through money. I'm going to earn my freedom because I am not good enough. If I work harder, if I do this, if whatever you're saying, I'm going to earn my freedom, I'm going to do more. I'm going to be more. I'm going to have more, and then I'll be free, then I'll feel better."  

You're saying you have to earn your freedom through money. You have to earn the money in order to feel good. You're saying you have to earn the right to feel good, and you're in this frequency of not feeling good. Do you think that once you make the money, you're going to have permission to feel good? No.  

You create the permission to feel good. Money is not the permission to feel good. You create that. That's something that's inside of you. So, give yourself the ability and the permission slip to feel how you want to feel now, to do the things that you want to do, to give yourself the freedom that you're craving now, and continue to take the actions and see yourself as the kind of person who is going to continue to work on their relationship to money, and who's going to continue to work on their financial situation, and who's going to continue to do good work and improve yourself over your lifetime.  

You're already doing it. You're on the path. If you have a desire, it just hasn't happened yet, but it's going to happen because you're still here. You're still dedicated towards working on it, and in the meantime, I give you permission to also work on creating an internal environment and an internal experience that feels good. So, feel better internally. Work on the money. It'll happen. It's inevitable. Your success is inevitable. 

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