Podcast Episode 39 - Generator (and Manifesting Generator) Plateau

I have a really exciting conversation to talk to you about today, and this is probably going to be kind of specific to manifesting generators and generators because I'm talking about sacral energy. We're talking about sacral responses and all things generator energy. But I think that if you're an undefined sacral being, I still think that this would be a fun conversation. Maybe you'll understand your generator people a little bit more or your conditioning a little bit more, and you'll understand what's available to you, but what you don't have to put pressure on yourself to be consistently. I want to talk about something called the Generator Plateau. This is a concept that human design discusses, and I've experienced it, as well as worked with clients who've experienced it. It's been something that I've studied and witnessed and watched in many different variations over the last couple of years, and this is really just fun to discuss and play with. 

Generators will find a plateau where things are not growing, not changing, not evolving, but they're pretty satisfied, or maybe they're mediocrely satisfied. There's not really much new energy to respond to. It feels like things are really stagnant, and generators can get into this when they settle. I see a lot of generators who will start to follow the things that they like, and then because the thing that they like is lighting them up and because it feels good, they will get into a habit and a routine where this is just what I do, and then they plateau because they're not looking to create new things. They're not looking to innovate. They're not looking to change anything about their situation. 

The main reason that I see people fall into a generator plateau is because they assume or they have this underlying belief that because they were given something good, it's not going to get better. Or because they were given something good, they have to be grateful for the opportunity that they have, and they shouldn't be ungrateful or shouldn’t want to innovate it. This has been a big challenge for me as well. I built this business very much based around coaching and human design, and I was grateful for it, but there was also this feeling of I don't really know if I'm excited to be showing up for this anymore. It plateaued, and of course there wasn't room for growth because I didn't have the energy for growth. 

I was in a place where I created this, and I obviously have to keep maintaining it, but is it worth my energy to maintain? Is this genuinely what I want to be doing? It requires you to look a little bit deeper. There can be this guilt that can come up where you’ve created an opportunity that many people have never been able to create. I have built a business that many people have never been able to create. I have received and experienced all of these incredible things that I thought that I would be completely overwhelmed with gratitude for, and I thought that like I'd never want for anything else. 

That's a big misconception: that once we have the thing that we currently desire, that we will never want for more things. We're always going to want more things. That's human nature. That's a feminine trait to have this longing, to want more, to crave more. That's part of being human is having desires that constantly move forward, and you get what you want now, you're going to want something else. We are wanting beings. We are longing beings. Especially the generator aura. The generator aura consumes; it envelops. It takes things in, it mutates it, and then it spits it back out as something different, something that's been generated and energized. It leaves your energetic signature on everything. 

So, you're going to do you. You're going to bring your energy to every situation you're in. You're going to play with it, and when it's time to move on, it's time to move on. That's a very mani gen concept, where sometimes the more you do something, the less exciting it's going to get. That doesn't mean that it was a bad decision in the first place. It means that that's what lit you up in the moment, and now it's time to move on.

I think that the conditioning around consistency with the sacral center is so intense because I see, even in the human design world, in this personal development community, where generators or mani gens will assume that you're supposed to have one thing and that one thing is going to light you up absolutely forever. That once you find your aligned niche or you find your aligned business, that it's going to look like that forever. There is no ultimate answer. There is no ultimate answer to what your niche is, what you want to be doing. Everything is a phase. Literally the only constant that we have is change. That's the only thing that's consistent is that things fucking change. That's the only thing that we can rely on, is the fact that whatever we are currently relying on will probably have to adapt. It will probably have to change in the near future. 

Change is inevitable, and when generators or mani gens get into a space where what they're doing in the moment is really fueling them, it's really satisfying them, it's really feeling good, they can feel like they have to keep it up. They have to maintain that. They can't really ask for more. They're not worthy of more. It's not safe to change it. It's not safe to adapt it. They can start to feel trapped by that satisfaction. It's almost like, "Oh my God, this is better than I could have imagined." Suddenly, you're like, "Holy shit, am I worthy of this? Do I have imposter syndrome? Did I convince everybody that I was somebody that I'm not, just because I was really excited about this?” You can start to doubt that your excitement that got you here was authentic, or it's just shiny object syndrome. I was just chasing the thing that I was passionate about in the moment, but now it's feeling hard and frustrating, and you'll start to doubt. 

The thing about the sacral that I need, I NEED, you to understand, I need everyone with a defined sacral center to understand this, is it only knows what's right right now. It only has momentary clarity. Think of it like a goldfish where it has like a 60 second memory reset. It’s like Dory from Finding Dory or Finding Nemo, where it just forgets everything that's happened in the past. It's going to be lit up by different things. It's going to be drawn to certain things, but it only has like a very short period of time where its answer is applicable. 

It only has this awareness of what's happening right now, and if it's lighting you up right now, in this moment, in this second, in this present reality, then it's lighting you up. It's lighting you up in this place. It's lighting up at this time, which means you can trust it. You can rely on it; you can take that action. If it is not lighting you up right now, it's a no. 

I almost feel like the sacral center has maybes. It has some really strong nos, but I think a lot of us who will get overwhelmed when we have all of these ideas and don't even know where to start because you're lit up by everything and everything feels like a good idea. What you need to know is you can be lit up by something and be really excited about something, but not ready to work on it. Not ready to manifest it. Not ready to take action on it yet. 

Sometimes you can get really amazing ideas that are just not ready to come through, and that's okay if they're not ready to come through. You can be excited about it. You can know something is a good idea, and maybe work on that, but if you’re not getting the full body yes, it's a no. You don't want to say yes to maybe projects. You don't want to say yes to things that are like, "Meh, I could make this work right now," because what if you wait a day? What if you wait four hours? What if you wait 20 minutes, and suddenly, a new idea comes through, and you're like, "Oh my God, I see it. Everything is clear."

If you have already put energy into doing something, and it's difficult, if you get a new idea, how easily are you going to allow yourself to shift? I have worked on this. I have tried really hard to allow myself to shift. This is something that I have taught myself, and it was not easy. I used to be the person who would spend six months on a project and have to finish it. Now things are different. If it's a commitment that I've made, obviously I'm going to commit to that and I will continue to do it, but if it's just a project that I'm working on and the excitement goes away, I will move on. 

I pride myself on having the audacity to just do whatever the fuck I want, to do whatever is lighting me up. That's living a sacral led life. That is the power of living a sacral led life. You have to have the audacity. You absolutely have to have the audacity because what happens when you start saying sacral yeses, when you start really trusting this excitement, this pleasure, this life force energy inside of you, suddenly you realize that every decision you make can be made from a state of pleasure. Every decision can be moving you more towards the things that are really lighting you up, the things that are really turning you on, the things that are so effortless and so easy that you literally don't even have to try. Yes, you show up. Yes, you put in the work, but it's like you are moving on fast forward. It feels like the montage scene of a movie where everything is happening, and you're there, but you're not there. Time is just moving differently when you're in that flow.

Since the sacral only knows what's right for right now, it has this momentary clarity, if it says yes to this, it's a breadcrumb. It's only telling you the next step. It's not saying yes to this forever. It's not saying yes to this as an entirety. It's important to know what you're actually saying yes to when you're saying a sacral yes. We have so much shame around changing our minds, and if you're afraid of changing your mind, you're going to assume that every sacral yes is like a full commitment. That it's an all in thing, and it may not be. It may just be that you need to work on it for a little bit this week. It may be a yes to writing a specific idea down. It may be a yes to exploring if this is something that's right for you, but you don't have to put all of that pressure in the moment to make a decision forever. In the moment, you know what to do, and in the next moment, if the decision that you've previously made no longer aligns with you, you can change your mind. You can choose again, and you will know it's time to choose again because your body says this isn't lighting me up anymore, but this is.

When you surrender to this, when you decide that you can just recklessly trust what lights you up and you can do what you want to do, and you have the audacity to say that me just doing what I want to do is working out, money just comes in, and the ideas come through. It just works. I don't know how it works. I don't care how it works, but I just recklessly trust my creativity, and I know that whatever comes through me is exactly what comes through me right now. When you tap into that, that momentum, that speed, that yes after yes after yes after yes after yes, that state moves you so fucking fast. That is quantum leap energy, and I know because I've done it.

A couple of years ago, I went from consistent $2,000 to $3,000 months, I had maybe a $5k month once for two and a half, maybe three years, to all of a sudden at $15k, $22k, $30k, $40k, and then it's consistently gone up. It went really quickly. I think it was nine months between my first five figure month and my first six figure month. It happened so quickly, and I literally had no idea what was coming next. I had no plan. I had no strategy. I didn’t know how this was going to work, but I knew that was what I had to do. I knew this is what I wanted to do, and I had the audacity to say, "I'm just going to do it, and it's going to work out. I don't know how it's going to work out, but it's going to work." 

It grew really, really quickly, and then I hit the moment where my body or my mind said, "There's no way that it can continue to be this easy and this fast. There's no way that it's safe." My trauma started to come up and tell me that it was not safe to move this fast, because in a matter of months, my life was unrecognizable. All that trauma and all that conditioning around who I am and do I know how to manage the money, and I just got here on a whim trusting myself recklessly, obviously I need to maintain this, I got into that fear of I don’t know what I’m doing, now I am going to doubt myself. 

I created this really successful business, and I created this from pleasure. I was doing it in this reckless ‘I don't know what I'm doing, and I'm just going to throw shit against the wall, take messy action, and see what happens,’ state. That state worked so well, until I got scared. The moment that I got scared, the moment that my trauma came up, suddenly, I couldn't take the fast action anymore. I was doubting the action. I was looking for a plan. I was looking for a strategy. I was looking at what am I going to do over the next six months, the next 12 months? How do I plan this out to have the greatest impact? I lost connection to that sense of I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm just doing it. I'm just throwing shit against the wall. I am just moving forward. I am just pouring energy through me, and if it's messy, it's messy. I will refine when I know what I need to refine. 

When you lose that, what happened for me, there was a physical trauma. It was the same time as my ectopic pregnancy, so there was this physical slowdown, this physical break. It went from all these things happening super, super quickly to I have hurt myself. I have physically ignored my health, and so I got scared. My body started to have this trauma response of me making lots of money is associated with physically getting hurt, physically landing myself in the hospital, physically not taking care of myself.

That's the conditioning. The conditioning said when you make a lot of money, sometimes you can have a fluke. Sometimes you can just play around, and you can make a lot of money. There was this story around you have to be serious. You have to know what you're doing. You have to know how to manage it, and I was making it this big deal of suddenly, I didn't feel worthy of all the things that I had created.

We experience those fears to keep us safe, to keep us in integrity because I would much rather that I have some self-doubt, face it, decide for myself, and choose the reality where I'm confident and where I trust myself than to just blindly trust myself my whole life and have it not be a choice. I would rather choose to trust myself than just exist. I like to know that I choose to trust myself. 

So coming back to this sacral center energy, it only knows what's right for right now. It only knows if your body's saying yes to this right now, or if it's saying no to this right now. If it's an undetermined sound or sensation, it's a no. You will know a yes. You will know when your body is saying yes. It's undeniable excitement. It is undeniable joy. It is an undeniable pleasure. You cannot deny when your body is feeling turned on, happy, excited, ready. 

That's the state that I want to be in when I create, because I have found that the energy that we're in when we are creating, that's the energy that you're working with, and that's going to color the results. That's going to color the experience. When we are in this flow, when we are going bigger, bigger, bigger, respond, respond, respond, it's kind of like a snowball effect. You're starting to respond with small things. 

If you've ever driven a manual car, you can't just jump into fifth gear; you will stall the car. The sacral center is like that. It needs to respond to a little bit and get some momentum before it can really take big action. Thinking about driving a car, if you are at a standstill, if you've not been saying yes, you are not following your sacral yeses, you're not making those decisions in alignment with yourself, you're maybe stuck in your head, or maybe you're just hearing about this and this is going to absolutely change your life, but you first have to put it in gear, and get going. You just have to get going. You just have to get momentum. The hardest part about getting going and actually driving a manual car is going from a cold start. Once you're moving, once you have momentum, it gets easier and easier and easier and easier to shift and to go up higher and to shift gears. 

So, you have to go into first gear. You have to get over that little tricky point. You have to get into first gear, and then rev up a little bit, and then you'll switch into second gear, and then it'll rev up even more, switch into third gear. Your vehicle, your body, is making these responses of I can handle this. Yes, I'm in this gear to handle this. Yes, I am in this space to handle this. It's literally shifting gears to handle the speed at which you are running, handle the speed at which you are going, to generate that energy. That's what the sacral center does. Once you get going, once you start responding to the little things, it gets faster and faster and faster. Suddenly, the moves and the impact and the speed at which you're going is faster and faster and faster. 

Think about the first time you ever drove on the freeway. The first time you ever went 60, 70 miles an hour, and how terrified you were. I was terrified the first time that I drove on the freeway. I was like, "Holy shit, we are going so fast. There are so many lanes. There are all these cars. Someone's mad at me because I'm not going fast enough." All this fear and anxiety showed up because it was a new experience. I could have let all the anxiety and fear get to me, but that's just life. You get a driver's license. You learn how to drive, and then you are driving on the freeway. That's the typical experience for most vehicle drivers. It's just a part of life, and just because it's new doesn't mean that I'm never going to be comfortable at that speed. Chances are I've been on an airplane, which has gone way faster than that. Maybe I've been on a train that's been way faster. I've been in the car with other people who have gone way faster than I was currently driving at that moment. But because I was in control and it was me who was responding, and because it was me who was worried if I was going to be able to respond at the speed that was necessary, that's where the pressure came in. Then it became the story of can I trust myself? Can I trust myself to be a driver? 

I know other people drive on the freeway all day. It is literally some people’s job to drive trucks from one place to another. They spend all of their day on the road. Because of that, I know there can be this self-trust. It just takes practice. It just takes practice once you get going, once you sink into this self-trust. You get to continue to ride that snowball effect. You get to continue to go up in gear. You get to get faster and faster and make bigger and bigger responses. It just means that your level of self-trust has to match the level of decision that you're making. It's going to come back to my sacral in this moment knows what to do. If there's something else in the next moment, my body's going to know what to do. 

With the sacral center, it's designed to move really quickly. Generators and mani gens who get going and who are in that sacral yes, sacral yes, sacral yes energy, they are able to absolutely move mountains, but the thing is, the thing is, that you only are saying yes to the next step. It gets scary when you're saying yes to something really big, but you don't know what's coming after that. You're saying yes to a year long mastermind. You're saying yes to working with a mentor, or you're saying yes to a pivot in your business, and that's the next step, that's the next direction, but you don't know what's coming after that.

The trust comes in when you know and when you give yourself permission to believe that one step is enough. You only need to know the next step. When the stakes get higher, when the business gets bigger, when the decisions get bigger, when there are more people involved, you still don't need to know more than the one step that's in front of you. The one step in front of you is exactly what you need to know. The one step in front of you is exactly what you need to do. You have everything available to you in this moment to respond. You have everything available inside of you that is worthy of trusting yourself. You know how to follow directions. You know how to trust your intuition. You know what you're doing, even if it feels like you don't know what you're going to do next. 

What you're doing is tuning into your sacral. You're tuning into your body every present moment, and you are deciding and feeling into, where is the pleasure? Where is the satisfaction? Where is the option that I secretly wish was available to me? You are not going for mediocre. You are not going for safe. You are going for delicious. You are going for pleasure. You are going for next level fun, because that's the reality that you want. When you are saying yes to big fun, to big success, to big energy, to things that feel out of your league, you're saying yes to you.

You will gain the confidence to say yes to bigger and bigger ideas the more you say yes to the big ideas that you have, and the more you recognize that if you're having an idea, that idea is interested in working with you, and so of course you're worthy of working with it. Of course, you can get that experience. Of course, you can become the version of you who is capable of bringing that to the world in the way that it deserves. If you have the idea, if you have the desire, if you have the audacity, you can do it. You can absolutely do it. So, stop wasting energy on the small things that feel safe. Say yes to the big thing. 

Say yes to the big thing, where all of that sacral excitement is, where all of that joy is, where all of the sparkly energy is, even if it feels out of your league, even if it feels like you don't know what's on the other side of that, even if it feels like a cliff. Sometimes a sacral yes feels like I am jumping off a cliff. Like I am up on the edge of something, and I know that I have to do this. I have to have this difficult conversation. I have to make this decision. I have to inform the people. I have to create this offer. I have to work with this person. I have to send this check. Whatever it is, whatever the big decision is, when I say yes to it, when I trust it, when I just know this is the next step for me, I trust that I build this self-trust as well.

There's something so powerful about the energy that you're in, and what truly makes you able to follow that sacral recklessly is that perspective and belief system. It's letting go of the conditioning that says that, for me, with my undefined G center, it's I have to know who I am. I have to know where I'm going. I have to know the next steps. I have never known the next steps. I have built a multimillion dollar business, and I do not know what's next. Every step of the way, I knew the next thing, and then I had a couple of ideas for maybe this is what's coming afterwards, and I had no idea.

I've never known what I'm doing, and at some points in my journey, I've been able to be in the state of, I don't know what I'm doing next, but I know that I'm going to figure it out. I know that I know how to drive. I know that I know what I need to know, and I know that the resources that I need at every step are going to be available to me. I know that my sacral is going to lead me where I need to go. At other times, not knowing what I'm doing next has been fearful. It has been terrifying. It has caused me to feel afraid of the future and wonder if I actually do what I'm doing. Sometimes I will fall into that non-self, but every time I experience that, I don't judge myself for it. 

I don't feel bad for experiencing that, because our thoughts are not something that we create, they're something we have. They're something we experience. They are not us. They're just a voice in our head that we happen to be listening to, and if I'm hearing a conversation that is filled with doubt and filled with negativity, I literally think of it as I'm just listening to somebody in a coffee shop share their opinions about me, and I don't want to hear their opinions. So, I'm going to leave this building. I'm going to leave this location where these thoughts reside because those aren't the thoughts that I want to be consuming. 

I'll look for the thoughts that I do want to be consuming. The thoughts that I want to be consuming say things like, "I can trust my sacral responses. I can just take action and see where it goes, and it doesn't matter if I have a plan. I've never known what's going to happen. If I still don't know what's going to happen, it doesn't mean that I have failed and that I have just fluked my way to my experience. It means that I get to accept that I don't have to. I don't have to figure out what's happening next. I don't have to figure out a whole five step plan. I don't have to figure out 10 steps down the road. I just get to be present. I just get to be here. I just get to be in this moment and receive all of the pleasure and satisfaction that's available to me right now, and when I need to do something else, when there's an action that needs to be taken, I will be informed." 

So the generator plateau, it happens a couple of different ways. It'll happen when you have said yes to things, and you reach this capacity of it can't get better than this and you don't deserve more. You will stop going after the big ideas. You will start to just maintain that. You can feel really stuck in this is who I have to be, this is who I get to be. This is all that I deserve. There's no more growth here. So, it can be this doubt of not believing that you are worthy of growing more. That can be one of the first reasons why we enter the generator plateau. 

The second is when you start to doubt your reckless self-trust. You start to feel like it's too frivolous, you're not taking it seriously enough. That you're being childish; you're being immature. When you start to think that the reality that you've created is somehow more serious than the methods that you've used to get where you are, there's self-doubt. You are doubting that you are good enough for the reality that you want, or for having more, whatever that is. When you start to doubt that you taking action without having a whole plan is not good enough anymore, it's another form of self-doubt, and that's what's going to keep you stuck. 

It can feel like what got me here can't get me to where I want to go next. Who says? Who says that what got you here can't get you where you want to go next? It's a compound effect. It is time, energy, and action. It's action repeated consistently over time. If you continue to just trust yourself and trust the methods that have gotten you here, it might not be very different. The version of you in a couple of years, the version of you who has the things, who's on the other side of what you want right now, is probably not that different from you. It's probably not that different from you. 

I always thought that as a millionaire in my business, I would have more structure. I thought that I would probably not be spending time in Google Docs. I would use some sort of software instead of building my own content calendars in a spreadsheet, and I would have everything in a file and everything in a folder. It's messy. It's so messy behind the scenes, I thought that I would've fixed that. I thought that I would've been able to be more organized behind the scenes. I thought that it would make more sense to other people. I thought I'd be a different person, and then all of a sudden, I'm here, and I wake up, and I'm experiencing my life. I am still the same person. Nothing has really changed about me. Nothing has changed in my energy. The money didn't change me. The success didn't change me. The decisions didn't change me. I didn't wake up super, super selfish and have the desire to take advantage of a bunch of people and just make a ton of money without helping them. I still care about people. I still trust myself. I still experience moments where I don't know what I'm doing next, but I've decided that that's okay. 

I've decided that me without a five step plan is perfect. Me without a five step plan, me with just the confidence and the audacity to say, this is what I want, this is what I'm going to do, and the audacity to believe that that's enough. When you just know that that's enough, you show up, and you just throw things out there. You show up, you take this messy action, and there's just something about it. When you trust yourself, you set the groundwork for other people to trust you. When you trust in your business, when you trust in your actions, you take them more confidently. You take it as a statement, not a question. 

Take more actions as a statement and not as a question. Just take action. Say, “This is what I did. This is what I'm doing, and this is the direction I'm headed right now.” Who knows? Maybe you’ll completely 180 in a week. Maybe you'll completely change your mind in a couple of days. Whatever it is, you get to have the freedom to just do it. You don't have to overthink it. 

Your inner child is your highest self, so play the game of business. Play the game of life. Imagine it. As a child, when you're playing a game, are you worried about knowing every single step? No. That would be boring. That's not how kids play. They say, "I'm going to do this now," and then someone else says, "Ooh, and I'm going to do this now," and you just go back and forth. You don't know where it's going. You don't know where you're going to head up, but you're just excited to play along the way and see what happens.

That's how business should feel. It should feel playful. It should feel fun. It should feel like it's exciting you. That's how generator energy should feel. If a generator is deliciously excited about the work that they do, everyone wants to be around them. Everyone around them benefits from your satisfaction. When you create something in the energy of satisfaction, everyone who interacts with it feels it. Everyone who comes into contact with it, feels it. Everyone who gets the privilege of consuming even just a tiny bit of your satisfaction energy benefits. All because of the state that you were in when you created what you created. All because you set the tone for trusting yourself. 

When you trust you, you set the tone for everyone else to trust you. You lead the way. You trust yourself in a way. You might not know what you’re doing next, but this is the action for right now. This is what you’re doing right now, and you put your foot down. You firmly say yes to that. You firmly move from where you are into the next step without having to see five steps ahead. As you take that step, the light, the clarity, the awareness of what's to come, also moves forward. It's like headlights. You can't see a hundred miles down the road, but you can see exactly what you need to to stay safely on the road. You know you have enough light and visibility to avoid something if it comes out of nowhere. You have enough time to react to something, to respond to something. You have lights that show you exactly what you need to see, even if you can't see the entire journey. Even if you can't see the whole road, you can see what you need to. 

As you move forward, as you take this next step, the clarity for what's to come after will also come. As you step forward, you create the vision for the next thing. You allow yourself to open up for that next step, but it doesn't happen until you take the action, until you respond to what's exactly in front of you, until you do the thing, or explore, or say no to or close the door, until you do the thing that your energy is saying that it has to do right now, you're not going to know what's next. Waiting around until you figure out what's next is just going to keep you stuck. 

That's the generator plateau. Where you allow yourself to try and figure out the next couple of steps. If you are stuck in this mental world or this analysis paralysis, you are literally blocked off from knowing the answers for the next step. Completely blocked off. You can't get those answers until you take the action that you need to do right now. It's like leveling up in a game. You have everything that you need in this moment. All of the resources, lessons, tools, skills, everything is available to you to succeed at this level. If you're looking at the preview of the next level, but you're sitting there waiting to get through the final puzzle, but you're worried about once you win this level, how are you going to win the next level, you're trying to figure out how you win the next level without actually being able to get into the level. 

Without being able to be in that world, without being able to be in the space where the resources are available for you, because you are not unlocking the door. You are not unlocking the level. You're not allowing yourself to step into that world where that is the goal, because you're trying to get ahead. You have to focus on the level that you are in right now. Next level will come. It always comes. Every day is a new level. Every year is a new level. It will come, and you will figure it out when you get there. But you will have more resources, you'll have more time, you'll have more awareness, you'll have more clarity, you'll have more options, if you finish the thing that's in front of you, and then allow yourself to move on. So say yes. Say no. Do the thing that your sacral is saying that you need to do in this moment, and don't worry about trying to figure the whole thing out. 

That is the energetics of the sacral plateau, and I hope that you were able to really feel the fire and the excitement in this, because this was very sacrally driven. Sacral energy's been huge in my life lately, and I can just really feel it in my body from having this conversation. I know, based on the conversation that we had, I know that you are going to feel the satisfaction. It's going to impact you, and I hope that this catalyzes you and empowers you into taking some sort of massive action. You don't need to know the whole thing. You don't need to know the whole story. You have enough information available to you, and you have the skills to figure it out every step of the way.


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