Podcast Episode 43 - The Energetics of Viral Content

I feel like a lot of my content is really focused on education, application, giving you examples. I want people to learn from me. I want people to walk away changed and feeling like they know something that they didn't know before, and I tend to shy away from just telling stories. It's not my preferred communication method, but I have a story for you today. So, buckle up. I hope you're ready. I’m going to tell you everything that happened this past week when my husband and dog went viral on TikTok.

I'm going to share with you the behind the scenes and the perspective shift that I had. I feel like I get asked so often for practical applications of human design, and I think that when people are asking for that, they're asking the wrong questions. They want it to be technical. They want it to be because you're a mani gen, you did exactly these actions, and therefore, that was responding. But the whole point of human design is that it’s an awareness tool. It helps you see yourself better. It helps you get into a state where your mind isn't making the decisions, your conditioning isn't making the decisions, your body is. You're following your intuition, and when your intuition is guiding, yes, there's the strategy of responding and there's the strategy of informing, but the actions that you take, like making a video or recording a podcast episode or sending a message, that's not limited by type. Any type can make a video; regardless of what your human design says, you can go viral on TikTok. You can be successful on any different platform. You could be a writer. You could be a speaker. You could be a digital artist. You could do literally anything that you want, and your design does not limit that. I will shout this from the rooftops if I have to in order to get this to really, really ingrain in your brain. 

To say, “as a projector, this is specifically the kind of things that will work for you,” or “this is the business structure that will work for you,” or “you have to have funnels because you're this kind of person,” I will never do that because that's not what human design is. It is not a rulebook for what's going to work for you and what's not going to work for you. It gives you information about your energy, so that you can follow your intuition and find out where to focus in any given moment. It's about learning what's valuable for you right now, and what's not valuable for you right now. How do you navigate uncertainty while still feeling confident? How do you find your intuition when there is a lot of external information being thrown your way? It's that. It is not because your chart says this and because this happens here. Human design is an awareness system. We're getting back into our body, and we're learning to trust our intuition without making that whole mental plan. 

About a week ago, I committed to posting on TikTok. I've been thinking about it. It has been in my emotional sphere for a while. I've been on TikTok consuming content for a while now, I think since the pandemic, so it's been a couple of years since I've just been scrolling through TikTok and learning about the different subcultures and being there as a silent observer, which is so, so me. It's so gate 40, gate of aloneness. It is such a passive environment to want to just be a watcher and a witness before that desire really kicks in. 

I was waiting for the right time. I kept thinking that it would be really fun to be on book talk or sharing all of my book reviews, sharing my book list. It'd be fun to share funny videos about my family and my lifestyle. There's been this nudge, but because I didn’t have a plan, it was making me hesitant. I keep hearing things about if you're going to start posting on TikTok, you need to have a strategy. You need to know who you're talking to so you can grow in your niche specifically, attract the right people. I've heard that it needs to be pretty strategic, and so I've been in this confused, unable to take action state because I have this desire, but then my conditioning, especially in my undefined G Center, is saying that I don’t know who I have to be in order to be successful on TikTok.

So, I've been playing with this nudge for so long, and it's been coming up outside of me as well. I had a conversation with one of my favorite ego manifesters. We're really good friends. She's a 4/6, and she was telling me that I have to be on TikTok, because TikTok is really good for an undefined G center. This got me thinking about the algorithms and the differences between Instagram and TikTok, and what I have noticed with personal branding. 

There is a lot of power in building a personal brand. Instagram is really looking for consistency. It's really about people who come to your page, you are an established expert on X, Y, or Z. You do something very specific. You clearly have a content strategy. What I've noticed is on Instagram, you are primarily getting content from people that you follow, and so you want to build this relationship. But you're also creating content first and foremost for the people who are currently already in your audience. 

Versus on TikTok, most of the content that you consume is not necessarily from people you follow. It's on your For You page, which is just content that the algorithm thinks you would like, that would possibly be entertaining to you. You're consuming a lot of stranger generated content. I think that for the undefined G Center, that's actually really empowering. 

On TikTok, you're not necessarily establishing an expertise. I know you can, but the way that I've been looking at it is the content that you're creating is going out to anybody and everybody. If it meets the criteria, if it's a video that I would be consuming, it's a video that's going to pop up on my for you page, even if it's not from somebody that I'm following, even if I've never interacted with that person before. 

A lot of the content that I've been inspired to create on TikTok is really just something I would send to my sisters that’s funny or to share more lifestyle related content but it hasn't felt right to share it on Instagram. As an emotional authority, it has to feel right. With a defined ego, I have to commit to it, and then once I commit to something, I start to take action on it. 

So, last week I was like, "Okay, I'm done trying to figure this out. I'm done trying to plan this." My word for 2023 has been reckless. Reckless self-trust; reckless abandon; reckless action. Throw it against the wall, see what happens. Do not care about what anyone else thinks or anyone else feels. I've been playing with this, and thinking that I obviously want to create something on TikTok. I don't know what I want to create. I don't have a strategy for it. I'm going to stop planning, so I decided to let go of the plan. I realized that the universe was giving me the next step, and the next step was to just start posting on TikTok. It was an identity switch. It was just a decision: I am posting on TikTok now.

I informed. As a manifesting generator, informing is a really big deal for me, especially with my defined ego. There's something about I have felt it through, and now I'm declaring it to the world, and that's a big moment. I informed my Big Sacral Energy group that I'm just going to be posting on TikTok. I don't know what I'm going to be creating. I don't have a strategy. I don't have a plan for it. I have no idea, but it's been present. The signs have been here. The people around me have been telling me to go for it. It's going to be so much fun, and so I did it. 

I have 200 followers. I have posted a few videos about books and a couple of other things. I'm just having fun. It's not for anyone else. I am talking to anyone and everyone in that moment. I'm not trying to make it relate to human design, or make it be super valuable, or make it be anything because content creation has had a lot of pressure lately because I'm creating it for a business. I'm creating content on Instagram that is for a specific audience. People are tuning into my business world because they are expecting some sort of value from me, and I take that seriously. If people are going to come to me, it is my goal to over-deliver. 

I was thinking about this the other day, if you think my free content is jam-packed with value, you have no idea what's inside my paid content. I like to pack it with value. I want it to be as comprehensive and as complete as I possibly can. It's so strategic, and it's so intentional. It's like, "Ooh, I get to teach this thing," and that's a very specific kind of content creation, but there's a lot of criteria that content has to meet in order for it to actually get published on my Instagram page. That’s me probably setting way too many rules around what my content does and does not have to be, but as I have found my flow with my human design related content, it has fallen into a very set pattern. 

TikTok is very unrelated to that. My goal is to revert back to is this something that I would share with my sisters in our girls’ night conversations? Would I share this with my sisters? Would it be funny? Would they laugh about it? That's the vibe that I've been going for with my TikTok content. 

Now onto the story of my viral video - My husband has recently been working from home. This is his first month officially fully working from home. We moved to Florida. He was going to school for vet tech nursing, which I had a feeling was a should for him of if he was going to leave the military, he needed to have a solid backup plan. He's always wanted to work with animals. He is phenomenal with animals. He volunteered for years at the animal shelter near us. He went into vet tech nursing because that's what he should do. But something about being in the military for several years and then jumping into a school setting, it just wasn't working for him. I could tell it's just that sacral satisfaction. He wasn't happy. He was miserable. He wasn't actually working with animals. He was interacting with people who are teaching this stuff, but they're teaching you the basics. If you've been in the school system, you could understand there's a certain amount of frustration that it takes, but if it's for you, then it's worth it. The frustration, the nitty gritty; you just get through it, and eventually it gets better. But when your sacral energy is so against it, it's a no. If it's a no, you're going to have a really hard time forcing yourself to do that thing that's not for you.

This is his first month fully working from home. He is finally finding his rhythm. We're finding our flow as a work from home couple because it's always been I run my business, and he's got his thing. This has been a big transition.

My husband is literally book-boyfriend material. He is an inspiration for a man written by a woman. He is what we want our male love interests to be. He is everything. He is just the most caring and tender and observant person in the entire world. He's so amazing, and I could rave about him forever. He adores our dogs, and so he got an agility training kit for them on Amazon. 

Day one, one of our dogs won't go near it. Teddy, the other one, he's obsessed. He will do anything for treats, and he is wicked smart. I captured this video, and it's just so, so personal, and it's so him. He's literally in his genius. He's at home. He's not stressed anymore because of school. He is working with animals. He's taking care of somebody, and that's so very much his conscious sun, that gate 19 of caring and supporting other people, and, of course, animals, as it’s the gate of the animal whisperer.

I posted it the day before the sun entered into gate 19 in transit. This is a couple of days before his birthday. After I recorded, I shared this video that I took with him. I did a funny little voiceover, and I actually tried re-recording the voiceover a couple of times, and every time I re-recorded it, it would revert back to the original recording. I asked permission to post, because “just my 200 followers are going to see it.” As of this morning, it has over 4 million views, so I lied.

I did not expect that video to go as viral as it did. It just kept going and going and going and going. I did my job. I got into alignment, and then everything flowed into place. It's not that because I'm a manifesting generator and my response time is quick. When people are asking how do you go viral? How do you create good content? How do you live in alignment? A lot of it comes down to I don't know what I'm doing, but I know how to do it. That is the best mentality you can approach life with is, I don't know what I'm doing, but I know how to do it. 

Essentially it's this energy of I don't know, I'm just posting on TikTok. Who knows what this is going to turn into? Who knows what's going to happen here? You're not attached to the outcome. You're just in the moment, you're in the present, and you're just following the energy. 

Me declaring to my Big Sacral Energy group that I was going to just follow the energy led to my first viral video. I don't know what else I'm going to post. Of course, I'll probably share a few more things about my dogs, since they are internet famous now, and I'll continue to share things about my husband. But this is just the universe continuing to let me know that that is where it wants me to be right now. There's been a lot of excitement. There's been a lot of fun. There's been a lot of play. I've just been having fun creating content, and that was really the goal. 

When we’re thinking about viral content, we're thinking about success. The things that you want. Manifesting success, manifesting growth. We can't control the actions of other people, but damn would we like to. When we're thinking about that, a lot of people in my world look to human design to figure it out and to give us answers. We'll recognize the patterns, but if I had said, "Oh, the sun is getting close to gate 19, which means that my husband is very magnetic right now," and I was following him around with a camera saying, "Do something funny. You have to do something for me to make this go viral," and then I was worrying about trending audios and trending sounds and what's going to work, if I was super in my head and strategic about it, I probably wouldn't have posted it. Knowing me and my patterns, I would've over criticized it, thought it was terrible, been like no one wants to see this, no one cares about my dogs, whatever. But I put it out there with no intention. The whole point is that I am in alignment right now because I am just having fun. I am not creating from a strategy, and that's what works really, really well for me.

I feel like the video went viral because it was great content. It was hilarious from my perspective, and the reason why it was hilarious is because it was such a raw, real, personal moment of alignment for both of us. I was doing my thing. I was observing. I was sharing my commentary. I was witnessing him in his alignment. I was enjoying the ripple effect of the fact that we are able to be at home on a random Thursday, in our backyard, playing with our dogs for a couple of hours. I was also just really grateful for that. I think my motivation for capturing the video was like, "Oh my God, my husband is so happy.”

When you're in alignment, when you are trusting your design, you are open to inspiration. You're open to the opportunities. You're open to the guidance that's going to bring you to where you want to go. I declared; I said yes to the thing that the universe gave me to respond, which was this urge, this idea to shake things up and start creating a different kind of content on a different platform. I informed my audience. I spoke it into existence. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I was going to be doing this. I wanted to continue to show up for them and continue to show my Big Sacral Energy group that I'm dedicated to this. The thing is that I can't plan this.

I don't want to plan out my whole life. I don't want to have to strategize it. I don't want to have to figure out five months in advance how I'm going to get from point A to point B, and then go through all the steps. I want to be surprised. I want to be delighted. I want to experience things like this, where I'm pretty sure that 200 people are going to maybe watch this video, I end up being able to reach 4 million people. 

The ripple effect has been amazing. I've had the company that created the actual product that my husband bought, reach out to me. They're super grateful. They're a small, couple owned business that just loves their dogs, and they create the fun equipment so people can connect with their pets more, and I was able to highlight their awesome product. I was able to connect people with them. I was able to inspire them to get on TikTok, and that feels really good. I've inspired a bunch of people to start playing with their dogs a little bit more and maybe start a new hobby.

There's been so much fun and so much joy that's happened because of this, and I feel like just spreading that sacral energy is really the vibe. We're just sharing the excitement that we're having, we're sharing the moments that we're experiencing, and it's connecting and resonating with people, and I think that's the power of viral content. It's the feeling. It's really just when we are in alignment and our energy feels good, we might capture something from a specific perspective that's really magnetic, and then that is going to connect with the right people. 

I feel like the universe is telling me that my story and my lifestyle, even though it's not necessarily what everybody wants, is something that is inspiring to a lot of people. We both work from home. We have a lot of freedom. We are pet parents, and we love our animals. We'll probably do a lot more traveling this year, and we'll get to share that. But I think that the double income, working from home lifestyle is something that I've always craved. I love the idea of having freedom. I've always loved the idea of working from home, since I'm a homebody. I feel like there's maybe a new audience that's ready to connect with me on TikTok, and they're finding me for dog content, and maybe they'll stick around for whatever else I want to share over there.

This viral video has been very fun. For anyone who's asking, my husband is a little bit unsure of how to respond to this. He's a little bit uncomfortable. He has gate 33 as his conscious earth, so he’s a little bit uncomfortable with everyone invading his privacy and giving him unsolicited advice. He is more internet famous than I am now, officially, even though his name's not attached to anything!

I feel like when you're in alignment, you just make the right decisions, follow your design, and you're led to actions and to doing things that create really amazing results. I think that is the magic of human design. It's not a map that you follow. It's not “as a projector, I did this very specific thing, and this strategy worked for me.” It's “look at what happened when I was just being myself.” Look how much fun I am. Look at what amazing things can happen when I just be myself. Look how easy it is. Look how flowy it gets to be. Look how good it gets to feel. Look how many people I get to connect with when I'm just sharing what I want to share. Look at the ripple effect that happens when you are in alignment. 

So, that is my main message. I genuinely believe that this is me just responding. I am in alignment. My energy's really aligned. My energy's really magnetic, and anything that I create in this moment is going to be saturated with that frequency of joy, satisfaction, connection, alignment, and that's what matters. I genuinely believe it's the frequency, not the structure that makes something magical. It's not the tools that you use that make something sacred, it's the experience that you're having. When we're in alignment with our human design, we are open to sacred experiences, because we're not over strategizing it. We're not taking action from our conditioning. 

Our conditioning says we have to do it a certain way. Our conditioning says there are rules. Our conditioning says A plus B equals C, but our truth says it doesn't always have to be. There are always exceptions. There are a million different ways to get from point A to point B. Our truth is so much freer and so much bigger than if you want to get A, you have to do B and C. It's not a map; it's not a strategy. It's not step A, step B, step C. It is to trust yourself, and see where you're led. Trust your intuition, and see what happens. Play with life, play with energy, play with content, play with whatever you want to play with, and see where your imagination leads you. 

The life that wants to flow through you is ten times more magnificent and more amazing and more abundant than the life that you can mentally comprehend. If you can get out of your head and into your body, you'll find yourself in experiences that are probably way more intense and way more fun and way more exciting than you can currently comprehend in your mind. So, trust yourself. If you're getting a nudge, follow that nudge. Just recklessly trust yourself, and see what happens.


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