Podcast Episode 6 - How I Use Business and Program Charts

I'm going to be bringing you through how and why I use human design charts for my business and for my programs. This is a concept that not a lot of people do, not a lot of people talk about, but something I learned from Paige Michelle, which is one of my favorite mentors, currently a business partner of mine, an amazing human in general, someone I adore. It is that I am not my business.  

The concept and learning that I am not my business was very, very helpful, because people interact with my business, people interact with my content, people interact with my company, without me being there. My presence has a certain energy, and my presence is there when I am there. Your business is separate than you, but when we're only using our own charts in business, there's a lot of identification with the business. This could be my undefined G center talking, but when I was thinking about my alignment is going to create my business's alignment, I was putting all this pressure on me. If something didn't go well, if someone had a weird interaction with my business, or they had a complaint, I was blaming myself, and it was all this self-blame. 

The concept and the idea of being able to separate myself from my business was extremely freeing. There's a lot of ways that you can go about choosing the day and the time for your business, but really it's born when you feel like it's born. This is going to be kind of intuitive on your part. You can use the day and time that you made your website go live, or you made your first Instagram post, or you got your first payment, or you purchased the domain name, or you decided to start a business, whatever it is for you, but whatever moment your business feels real. For me, I learned about this concept after I'd already had a company for a little while, and so I scrolled back through my PayPal app to figure out the moment and the day that I received my first payment, and that's the day and time that I used to run the chart for my company, Intuition Lifestyle.  

Intuition Lifestyle is the overarching company that I have, and this company is a 3/5 sacral generator, with six gates active in the sacral center and five active in the root center, with two channels in the root center. The root center connects to the sacral center and the root center connects it to the splenic center. That's all that's going on there. Everything else is undefined or open.  

I'm going to talk a little more about why. It really helped me to not be identifying with my business. I stopped putting so much pressure on myself to show up in a certain way, and I was able to see that people interact with my business and they're able to interact with my content and my company and that energy, and it's not me. They can have a different interaction with the company than me, but it's really giving a personality, giving a purpose to the energetic entity or the container in which all this business is happening.  

So, I ran a chart for Intuition Lifestyle, and I've been working with that for a while. It's been an amazing chart to work with and working closely with that energy because there's six gates active in the sacral center, it connects the split for me. There are three compromise channels. Essentially what working with this business chart did for me was it gave me a lot more energy. I felt like when I was around my business or when I was working in my business, I was focused. I had a burning desire to get things done, and I was able to move really quickly and work with ideas very quickly, and I was able to work a lot.  

Working with this business chart very intensely was when I went from the $0 to $3K months to multiple five figure months in such a short period of time. I also created my certification program. In my certification program, there's three textbooks, quizzes, Quizlet decks, probably close to 300 trainings at this point; there's just so much content. All those trainings have slides, the slides have outlines and workbooks. I created all that content in about eight months, and so there was just so much energy being poured into that container. I really credit working with this business chart and being in the energy of this very focused sacral generator with all of that sacral center activity. That was a really big reason why I was able to just create at the speed and at the rate that I was creating, when I was solely focusing on this.  

Me and this Intuition Lifestyle business chart worked our way up to where we were. We'd done over seven figures in sales in a short amount of time. The year that I was really intensely working with this particular chart, I created a lot, and I did seven figures in sales within that year period. It grew very, very quickly. I was very non-emotional. I was able to make decisions quickly. I was able to show up a lot. I actually felt burnt out after working with this chart so closely and so intensely for that amount of time, because all I was doing was working. 

Once I quit my job, all I was doing was working. Even before that, all I was doing was working. I was in nursing school for the first little bit, and then we were home for the quarantine where I was still finishing school, but I didn't really have anything else to work on. I was just working, and it's been years of spending almost every single day doing something for and working in or on my business in some way, shape, or form. A lot of that has been not just one or two things, but hours and hours and hours spent creating things that half of it never comes to light because it's just not there yet or whatever it is. But I was working with this business chart, and the energy was very creative. 

The Intuition Lifestyle chart, I was working with that very intensely for about a year. My business felt very different when it was me, myself, and I, and I was doing everything on my own and maybe letting people help here and there, but I was still the primary creative. I was still doing most of the work in the business. Going from that to creating a team where I could not do this without them, felt like an energy shift.  

When I changed my name, between the two, I also had my ruptured ectopic pregnancy, I was experiencing burnout, and I really think that some of that burnout was coming from me not having very strong boundaries with my business, and me working so much, and being in an energetic container where there was so much sacral activity that wasn't mine, but I was under the influence of. That's what it felt like. While it was very energizing because I didn't have those boundaries, and because I was letting myself get sucked into the "I'm just going to keep working. I have this endless energy; my business is amplifying my creative process," because that's the partnership that I was in. I definitely think that contributed to the burnout that I experienced, and it led to a lot of emotional regulation and nervous system regulation work, so I'm grateful that it happened. But it felt like a new business, it felt like a fresh start, and I wanted to be working with a different energy.  

When I changed my Instagram handle from @intuitionlifestyle to @iamedencarpenter, I ran another chart. It's really interesting that it's also a 3/5; I have this habit of attracting 3/5 programs, business charts, and people in general; my husband's a 3/5. I love my 3/5s. This new chart is a 3/5 emotional manifester. It's really interesting that the charts, the only commonality is that they both are 3/5s, and they both have an undefined G center. Other than that, they're literally the exact opposite. While my Intuition Lifestyle had the root center, sacral center, and splenic center defined, this I Am Eden Carpenter brand has the head, ajna, throat center, emotional center, and ego center defined. Other than that G center, literally the exact opposite center combination, which I think is so, so, so, so fascinating. 

Those are the charts that I'm working with. Why I work with them is, because my business is not me, and so having a chart for my business helps me to use my gifts well to help create and help this idea or this business fulfill its purpose. I'm really good at seeing what the purpose is in things, and it's really difficult for me to turn that back in on myself and figure out, "Who am I; what do I do? What's my business? What's my purpose?" Those are questions that I still feel like I circle and spin around, and I'm confused around. Even though I know the answers, I don't feel like I know the answers all the time. 

Having a chart for my business helps me to see it as something outside of myself, and having it be something outside of myself helps me to separate myself from it, but also see what it wants to be, and recognize that this business is a part of me fulfilling my purpose, but this business is not my sole purpose in life. I'm not putting the pressure on my business to fulfill my Dharma and to make sure that I am untangling the karma that I'm here to untangle; it has nothing to do with me. I get to work with this business, and help this business fulfill its purpose, but I can recognize what that is. I love working with this chart.  

I'll go through a couple of the things that I look at when it comes to working with this business. First, I look at the centers. I look at the throat center specifically, and what does this business want to speak about? Intuition Lifestyle, wanted to tell stories. It had 56 and 8 defined, but it had an undefined throat center. So, it wanted to amplify voices, and it amplified the voice of human design. I had this really big, intuitive hit that was like, "It's not about you, it's about the content." Intuition Lifestyle has a fully open G center, and so it wasn't about me. It wasn't about the identity; it was about creating. It was about breaking through limitations. It was about just going, going, going, going, going, and doing the thing. 

The I Am Eden Carpenter brand has the 12-22, the 35-36, and the 40-37 channels. It has three emotional waves and two full manifested channels from the emotional center to the throat center. Going from sacral energy of "Let's just do things, let's just create things, let's just get it done," to this emotional manifestor chart with a defined head and ajna, has been very interesting. The purpose of this chart is it wants to be emotional. It wants to talk about desires.  

Next, I look at the gene keys. I look at the actual purpose of this program. I look at the vocations. The vocation is in 8.4, so it's here to contribute, and it's in a line four energy. The emotional manifestor wants to get things started but needs to ride emotional waves. Essentially to work with this idea, and in order to fulfill this idea, I needed to learn more about emotionality. I needed to get more comfortable sharing my emotions, speaking my voice, letting myself be the vessel for this idea and this business. 

As the creative, as the person that this idea and this business is coming through, the person who is working with this business, I needed to learn more about emotionality. Being in the energy of this business has brought up so much of my own shadows around being heard, being seen, talking about things emotionally, letting myself be emotionally charged. My emotional process is I will think about it, I will shut my mouth, I will journal about it, and I will secretly work through all my feelings, and that's not what this business does. This business wants to be talking about them. It wants to be evoking change with these emotions. It wants to be getting things started with these emotions. For me to be going from a business that really just wants to be creating, doesn't want to talk that much, just wants to put your head down and go, go, go, to a company that has big ideas, has the 61 to 24 channels, so it has these insights that it's here rationalized, and all of this emotionality that's supposed to come through, was a big difference. 

It took a lot for me to work through the emotional work. I had to work through my own conditioning that I didn't realize I had in my throat center. There was some imprint conditioning that I had to work through. A lot of fear around being seen, around just talking, and letting things come through. Working with being in a business or working with a company that has that defined head and ajna, it sees things a specific way, and that mental pressure has been something that I've been able to work with and learn from as well.  

So, when I work with these business charts, I look at it as any time I am working, I am sitting next to this person. I visualize it as this person is here. It's almost like a body double, a person that is there with me, and someone whose energy I can borrow. When we're thinking about how our auras interact and how we interact with other people, just being in the presence of someone else, you're borrowing their energy. You're running on their circuitry; you are interacting with their field. If you think about when you're in a coffee shop, you're in the wah; you're in the energy of all of those people, and there's so much available to you. As a triple split definition, that's one of the best places for me to work. That's one of the best places for me to study and learn, because it connects all my energy, and if I can tune everyone out with headphones, and it's really a great space for me to be. Versus someone who, maybe if you're a single definition, that might not be a great place for you to be in.  

When I work with my business charts, like I said, I like to think of them as just like sitting in the corner, sitting next to me, and I am borrowing this energy, and I'm working with them. I will also look at specific placements, specific planets, to figure out a little bit more around what is this trying to communicate? What is the message here? I will look at the vocation. I will look at the Mercury gates. What's the messaging?  

The messaging for the I Am Eden Carpenter brand is in 12.3. There's so many three lines; it's insane. Gate 12 deals with contribution; it's the gate of caution, and it's in the throat center. In order to get the message across, blocking the message of this business, is the shadow of vanity. That can turn into the gift of discrimination, and so discrimination can be a bad thing if it's being done to people, but being able to discriminate, and being able to discern really the difference between what is helpful and what is not helpful. I have gate 12 defined in my chart, but it's not one that I've worked with a lot, so this was a gate that I got to learn a little bit more about.  

I love to see that my business has a specific purpose. It has a specific message that it's here to communicate. It wants to do things a specific way, and I can help make sure that any programs that we create, any posts that we create, any people that we bring onto the team, they understand this vision, they understand the purpose of this company, and they know that me working in this company is part of me living in my vocation, me living in my purpose, but there's no pressure on me to be living in my purpose in order for the business to be successful. I'm also not trying to make my team be me or fulfill my purpose. It gives us a little bit of a collective purpose.  

I love personifying everything. I love personifying my business and having this chart has been such a great anchor point. I will run the connection charts to see how I energetically interact with it, how it impacts me, maybe I'm amplifying the energy of the chart, things like that. It's been really amazing. I do have this tendency of attracting 3/5s where we have everything defined except for the G center. That's literally the combination of my chart and the I Am Eden Carpenter brand. Everything is defined with a single definition except for the G center; that's the same combination, the same setup as my marriage. So, it's a space that I'm pretty comfortable in.  

When I create new programs, I run charts for them. What I do is I will get ideas and I will get snippets of things that I want to talk about, and I'll get a general framework, and I'll bring all of these scattered, confusing bits of information together, and eventually, I will get a pretty like 'snap' download of the title or the name of the program. When that happens, that's the moment that I choose for that's when the idea is born, that's when I commit to it, that's when I say, "Yes, let's do this." That is the moment that I will use for running program charts is when I've decided that it's born now, I'm doing this, I'm working with this, we're running with it. 

Having a program chart helps me so much, because it gives me a guide for how to help people. What I do is I take whatever problem, whatever concept it is that I am trying to teach, and I use the charts. The primary pain points that we're going to be working through are probably going to be the undefined centers of that chart. One of the ones that I'm working with right now has a fully open ego center and splenic center, and so I want to focus on how the themes of the undefined ego center and the themes of the undefined splenic center affect the topic that we're going to be talking about in that particular program. 

Then we talk about all the things that are defined. The things that are defined, that's going to be the energy that you're going to feel and the impact that you're going to get in that particular container. That container and that program and that idea also has a purpose. It has a profile. It has an energetic signature. It has branding. It has a vocation. It has all the gene keys. I love being able to see with the culture: who are the people that are going to be really aligned with this particular program, how can I attract the right people for this particular program? It gives me a guidance system for the gates that I can look at, the information that I can gather from the chart to market. 

I also create the course content based off the chart, and it's really helpful. I know that if I'm introducing someone to a program, we're going to go through the sequences in their chart. What I do is the conscious sun, that's going to be the branding. That is the biggest, brightest energy; that's the big life purpose of this particular program. Everything I do for that offer is going to be centered around the conscious sun, because the conscious sun is the branding. The conscious sun is the Life's Work; it's the biggest part of the energetic signature for this program. I want the program to represent that sensation. I want the program to feel like that energy. I want you to be able to see that in the program, and so this, again, it's me creating something, and it's me using a human design chart as a map for creating content and for creating a conversation. It's been extremely helpful for me.  

One of the reasons why I do this with programs and with ideas is because ideas are not me either. This is a concept that I really learned from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's one of my all time favorite books, and I've probably read it eight times all the way through. I own it on Kindle, I know I have it on audible, and I have the physical copy, which I do not have very many physical books, but it's one of the few physical books that I do have. 

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about being a creative and living a creative life. She brought this concept to me, which is 'You are not your ideas. You are not a genius; you have a genius'. She talked about how oftentimes ideas can come to us, and it's like a different entity; it's something that you can get into partnership with. It can come to you, but it could also come to someone else. It could come to multiple people at the same time, because really an idea is just trying to become physical. It's just trying to be manifested onto the physical planet: a physical program, an offer, a product, a piece of artwork, a piece of music, a meal, a dish, a new recipe. Whatever it is, it just wants to be materialized.  

As someone who has the ability to both hear ideas, receive ideas, and turn them into something, I'm attractive to ideas, and I get lots and lots and lots of ideas coming to me and wanting to work with me. So, I will personify it, and figure out what's the personality of this idea, because for me, it feels like a partnership. I am not creating programs just to create programs; I'm not creating them just from myself. I am my own person and using the human design charts for the programs has been helpful to give me a map for what I'm creating and also give me a map for what's the idea. It's been amazing for me. It helps me to figure out the messaging, helps me figure out the marketing; it helps me figure out who this program is, what its purpose is, all these things.  

There are a couple of key components of what I'm looking at in a chart. First, I'll run the connection chart to see how do I interact with this business. I'm very intentional about when I'm working, I know I'm in this energy, and then something that I've had to work on, especially after feeling that sacral burnout, which was just my own boundaries. This is helping with those boundaries as well, but I like to have almost an in the office, out of the office. 

When I'm in my office, I am in business energy. When I am out of my office, I am not in my business energy. I like to close down my computer at the end of the day, or close all of my tabs, or push my chair against the desk, anything like that; I feel like I am getting away from the energy of my business. It's good for me to empty out after being in partnership with this business, so that I'm in my own space; I'm in my own energy again, centered again. I love working with my business ideas and my program charts. They're incredible. They've been helpful, and very guiding to me.  

I look at the undefined centers to see what could possibly pull this business out of alignment. What could possibly pull this idea out of center? I look at it essentially like a client, or like a person; what's going to pull it out of alignment? How does it express itself? Let's see, what am I working with now? Shocker, I'm working with another 3/5 chart. 

One of the big ideas that I'm working with right now is a 3/5 emotional mani gen, with everything defined except for the ego center, and the ego center is fully open. To me, when I'm creating programs with this particular chart, I recognize that that 'I have to prove myself,' all of the shadows of the undefined ego are going to be a primary focus for this particular business. One of the other things I love is that its sun is in gate 55, and that's the gate of freedom. Really freedom is that higher frequency, so I know that its big purpose is to go from the shadow of victimization to the gift of freedom. This is a program where the main goal is to help people feel personal freedom. It's in a third line profile; it's a 55.3, and it's really here to create that freedom. I know that what's going to ground that concept in and what's going to help people really connect to that sense of freedom is going to be the conscious earth, and that's going to be 59.  

People are going to be able to move from the shadow of victimhood to freedom, through being intimate with themselves and being honest with themselves, so that's going to be a lot of the work. This program we're looking at how do you free yourself? There's a lot of that energy, and we're going to be looking at being intimate with yourself. That tells me that in order to get this program across, I know that the big incentive and what we're trying to create, is going to be freedom. We're looking at freedom in a specific area related to a specific topic, and I know that with 59 being its conscious earth, there's going to need to be resources that help people get intimate with themselves and help people get honest with themselves. 

Now I'm looking at how can I create a container that really focuses and fosters a space where people can be intimate with themselves. They can be honest with themselves, and they can look at how they are holding themselves in victimhood, how they are holding themselves back, so that they are able to claim the freedom that they want, and they are able to claim the freedom that they desire, and they're able to step into that. I will bring people through the whole incarnation cross; that's the conscious sun and the conscious earth. That's going to be really helpful.  

The messaging for this particular program is in 54.5. 54 is in the root center. It goes from the shadow of greed to the gift of aspiration. That's Mars for both the conscious and unconscious gates, and so the messaging is 'you aspire for more, you aspire for more, you aspire for more'. I'm going to be referencing language around gate 54, and I'm going to make sure to share stories around how people who are going to be attracted to this program are aspiring for more, because the energy of this program and the messaging of this program is it's okay to ascend, it's okay to grow. On tribal circuitry, it's okay to grow, and when you grow, people around you grow as well. When you grow, it's not just for you, it's not selfish, it's growth through your group; it's growth for your tribe. That's going to be a big part of the messaging.  

The vocation is in gate 1.6, and I know that the main purpose and really the work that this particular program is here to do, that gate one, it's about freshness. It's going from the shadow of entropy to the gift of freshness. It's to be dealing with a fresh new perspective. This program, it's really funny that it's a fresh new perspective, because I am taking things that I've done previously and I'm completely changing them. I'm completely refreshing them, and it really makes sense. I know that this program really needs to be a fresh take on things that maybe I've done before or have been done before, but that freshness and that fresh perspective is going to be major for this program. I'm really focusing on having a fresh perspective and bringing in a fresh perspective with this program. 

I will then look at the culture. Specifically, what's going to bring the right people to this program is gate 30. Gate 30.1 is going to be the culture. This program as a line one does really well solo; it doesn't need a lot extra. It has so much to give on its own, but that gate 30 is the gate of desires. In order to attract the people that this program is supposed to be working with, it needs to be moving from the energy of desire to lightness. I'm going to make sure that the marketing content, and the way that I talk about things is very light, and it's not heavy; it doesn't feel super serious. It feels light; it feels playful. That's a keyway that this program is going to attract people.  

It's so funny that this is a line one culture, because the line one culture also deals with independence, and this is the first program of many, but I have decided, at least moving forward, at least right now, I want all my courses to be self-paced. I think it's super funny that the culture of this is in a line one, because that independence that's related to the line one, you get to go through it on your own. You get to go through it by yourself. That's going to be in a lighthearted way, and it's easy for you to go through, but that line one culture, it really connects to and really resonates with the fact that this is a self-paced course. It's you and yourself, that you have the tools that you need in order to be intimate with yourself, you have the tools you need to free yourself. There's a fresh new perspective that's going to help you, this line one, gate 30. It's really beautiful.  

The Pearl, which I also love to look at, is in gate 63. If we're going to boil everything down, we're moving from the shadow of doubt to the gift of inquiry. I'm going to make sure that there is a lot of talking about and giving people tools on how to move from self-doubt into inquiry. If you're doubting yourself, how can you start to ask new questions? How can you inquire about things? How can you uncover the truth?  

How I teach programs is I'm essentially teaching the gates, but I'm doing it in such an applied way that you have no idea that there's even this layer of intentionality behind everything. This helps me to see what the program wants to be, and it gives me a sense of direction. As someone with an undefined G center, but with three awareness centers defined, I have very fixed perspectives, but this lack of sense of direction, having these charts is absolutely so, so, so helpful. I absolutely love working with these program charts. I think that they are delightful, and I really hope that you learned something.  


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