28-day Sacral Experiment

 After 6+ years of studying human design, I decided to go back to the basics and focus on sacral energy.


Sacral energy is the foundational element that separates generators + manifesting generators from the reflectors, projectors, and manifestors of the world.

The sacral is what makes generators, GENERATORS.


I dedicated a month to my own personal experiment and contemplation.


Then I dedicated another month to leading a group of sacral being through some sacral experiments.


This program contains 28 podcast episodes to help you understand sacral energy and how it shows up in real life.


For EVERY podcast episode, there is a practical experiment and a daily reflection.


This gets you learning, practicing, and reflecting!




I have too many ideas and I don’t know what to do next 

I have no energy to do the things I need to do, let alone WANT to do 

I need to be focusing on making money, making sales, and making progress

Why is it so hard for me to motivate myself and just be consistent?

I am working myself to exhaustion and am not making any progress at all. In fact, I think I’m actually backsliding 

Maybe tiktok is right and I actually do have ADHD

Why do I have endless energy for things that don't matter but I can't focus on what is important

  • Daily podcast episodes about 28 different sacral-related topics (lifetime access)
  • Daily Experiments to give you a new way to play with and connect with your sacral energy in many different contexts
  • Daily reflections to stay accountable and help you start making progress with what you are learning



Some of the topics we cover:

  • creating motivation with sacral energy 
  • what does it actually feel like to be lit up 
  • sex and the sacral center 
  • all the sacral center gates / channels 
  • generators vs manifesting generators 
  • business as a sacral being 
  • emotional regulation and deconditioning 
  • how each of the other 9 centers impact the sacral center 
  • the profiles and their impact on the sacral center 
  • creating momentum through movement 
  • getting yourself to do the things you don't want to do (like the dishes)
  • reckless self trust and radical self confidence  
Pay in Full - $555.00 USD
2 Monthly Payments - $277.50
4 Monthly Payments - $138.75 USD