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People work with me when they are ready to Innovate and Implement their Ideas, Now

Innovation happens when things feel messy but you still turn it into a masterpiece.

Innovation happens when the pressure feels high but you still do the impossible.

Innovation happens when you can get grounded enough to look for creative solutions even when it feels chaotic and limited. 


I've been named the Reframe Queen by multiple clients because my mental gymnastics is elite.

Where others might see stress I see ambition and activate motivation.

Where others might see fear I see excitement and heightened intuition.

Where others might see confusion I see an abundance of inspiration and opportunity to imagine new things.

 My creative thinking and ability to hold Duality is why I can continue to come up with creative and innovative ideas, that get turned into reality FAST.

 Pressure and stress can be the recipe for innovation, but after time, they exhaust the nervous system.

In my world, we don't ride the roller-coaster of stress.

We acknowledge the very real responsibilities, promises, and deadlines that exist, and we use the gifts we have to make it happen.

In my world there is no competition or comparison.

We acknowledge our authenticity and innovative ability that allows us to produce masterpiece after masterpiece that are so saturated in our unique genius that even if someone tried to copy every detail they would never be able to recreate it.


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The Codes to your success are written in your DNA

The purpose of this mastermind is to help you not only understand your genetic talents, but feel grounded as you embody them in a practical and effective manner.

You will not only become more aligned, you will also deepen your integrity, leadership, and impact.

Because success is so much sweeter when you are proud of the actions you take along the way.

The purpose of this mastermind is to discover a better way of doing things with more pleasure, more fun, and more delight.

This is a container for radical transformation with a twist of playfulness that is necessary when it comes to doing this kind of work.

You will learn how to identify and leverage your zone of genius skills and focus your energy to create more potent work.

This is a space where you will embody next level success, abundance, service, leadership, and integrity.

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Previous Clients have --

  • Gone from having an occasional sale to consecutive 4 and 5 figure months
  • Found their true calling and learned to trust themselves
  • Had their first multiple five figure launches¬†
  • Dealt with massive money triggers with power and grace
  • Gone from $20k months to $40k months¬†
  • Taken days, weeks, and months off at a time (without seeing a dip in their income)
  • Sold out retreats in a single day
  • Made in $30k sales in an HOUR
  • Had $140k+ launches
  • Sold out their 1:1 coaching programs
  • Started entirely new business from scratch and scaled to multiple 6-figures in full alignment with their purpose¬†
  • Gracefully navigate massive niche changes without dropping income¬†
  • Discover their TRUE CALLING
  • Hired, fired, and managed large teams according to their human designs¬†


The best part is that they are all doing these things according to their own unique designs.

AFTER working with me, they have the knowledge and the tools to find the answers within themselves.

They know their design. They can work through triggers. And they can maintain their alignment and success.

My favorite thing to hear from clients is "I feel like I know and trust myself so much, that I'm ready to self-lead".

When my clients no longer feel like they need me, I have done my job of reminding them of the resources and power that THEY HAVE ALWAYS HAD within them.

You don't NEED to join a mastermind or hire a coach in order to create a business that feels blissful instead of dissatisfying.

Your success is inevitable, and if you are reading this far into this page, you already KNOW that you are on this planet to do great things.

Your success is already inevitable. It will occur with or without the coach, the mastermind, or the course.

If you decide to join my mastermind, I need you to know that you are doing so because you WANT TO, not because you need to.

I only want you to jump inside this mastermind if your soul is saying "this will be the most fun way to my inevitable success."

If there is any "if I join this and do everything perfectly, then I might be able to finally become successful...," check in with your intuition, go regulate your nervous system, and come back when you are centered in your power.

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This mastermind will be an ongoing container where you have the freedom to customize your commitment.

Not everyone is designed the same! And forcing you into even as 3-month minimum contract just isn't aligned for everyone.


The Support looks like:

✨A telegram group chat, where you can ask questions during the week and connect with the other Witches working in their purpose (I usually don't check in on weekends, but do pop in on occasion).

‚ú®A group call every 2 weeks (recording will be available and time and days will be determined once we get the group started in April 2024)

 ✨Up to one 1:1 Call with Eden per month

✨And any additional resources I feel would support you! This could include new programs I am creating, reports, e-books, programs in my currently library, or Vault of retired offers.


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3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator

"My experience working with Eden was PHENOMENAL! Eden is full of knowledge and personal understanding as well as the feedback from her clients regarding their experiences. She is such an insightful guide and teacher and I have loved every second of learning from her!"


If you are thinking about working with Eden....

"DO IT! If you're feeling the nudge to work with her, or called or pulled, if you have this nagging that you can't get out of your head - take the leap. She is one of the most supportive coaches I've ever worked with. She really takes the time to get to know her clients, and she supports them in their businesses and ideas. She is also SUPER masterful at lending her energy to her clients where they need it without getting caught in telling them what to do or how to do it. Beautiful mirror for a coaching container."

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3/5 Splenic Projector

"I’ve learned and grown more than I could have ever imagined working with Eden. She comes across super knowledgeable on Insta but once you get into one of her programs it will blow your mind how much she knows. After every single call I literally walk away wondering how I lived my life before that moment. The alignment I feel in my business after this mastermind is something I didn’t even know was possible."


If you are thinking of working with Eden... 

"If you’re thinking about working with Eden, FOLLOW THAT FEELING. She has changed my business and life drastically. One of the biggest factors in my first 6-figure launch was implementing the things I learned from her. She’s a total badass and always intuitively knows exactly what I need to hear to shift even further into alignment."

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2/4 Sacral Generator

Being in BOTH the certification and mastermind - "It’s a no brainer, the direct voxer access to you alone is worth it. Being able to message you directly when I need clarification on a module is the best thing in the entire world. Also, the more you submerse yourself in HD the more quickly you pick it up, kind of like a foreign language. I’ve been able to be fully submerged into HD since doing both and it has allowed me to understand it quicker and be able to implement it into my own practices faster as well. Doing both is like having private tutoring sessions with your college professor. You’re not only guaranteed to pass, but you become the best student in the class."

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3/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator

"Life changing—I wanted to better understand my design as I was very drawn to it. Eden showed me the lessons I am here to learn to explode my business. Really stepping into my design has allowed me to apply that to my business in ways I didn’t know possible. She truly helped me solidify what my brand would look like based on my HD"


If you are thinking of working with Eden...

"Just do it! If you have money shadows and you are ready to crack yourself open and get to know yourself on a deeper level then go for it. If you have fears of digging in then I would wait because you will be cracked open and have to be ready to face the scary shit."


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1/3 Sacral Generator

Eden has been a gift since I’ve started this mastermind program. She has this very powerful way of teaching and sharing and meeting you where you are at to fully understand the concepts that shes explaining. She’s shed so much light with helping me look at my conditioning and working through them. There’s been a huge shift with how I perceive myself, life and business since working with her. Since learning about HD from Eden my coaching skills have improved greatly. All in all this experience was priceless."

If you are thinking of working with Eden... 

"She has a no bs approach as it relates to how she operates her business. She is extremely clear about her boundaries. She is extremely knowledgeable about Hd. I would also say if you would like to learn about HD she is an absolute expert in her field and is more than worth the investment."

Apply today!

Before you enroll...

This mastermind will most benefit you if you meet the following criteria: 

You run a business and are looking to expand 

You are willing to take ownership of your reality 

You have a basic understanding of your human design (type, strategy, authority, defined and undefined centers)

You are ready to make an investment in yourself 


Your decision making process

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to practice using your inner authority to make this decision.

Emotional authority: give yourself a few days to ride that wave

Sacral authority: does this mastermind light you up? Then, apply!

Splenic authority: get quiet, is this correct for you?

Ego authority: what do you desire right now?

Self projected: does this feel like something the highest version of yourself says yes to?

Sounding board: go talk it out with a trusted friend.

Lunar authority: you have enough time to ride out a full lunar cycle