$888.00 USD

Personalized Private Sessions

An hour long private session to clear, discuss, or learn anything you want


A place to: 

  • ask general or specific questions about your human design chart, a relationship chart, or a family chart 
  • get feedback on how a specific post of mine applies to your own design 
  • decondition a specific pattern or clear a certain block 
  • get my interpretation or feedback on something you are going through 
  • or anything else you can imagine ;)


Human design is an awareness tool. It teaches us how to view things differently.


A change in perspective is valuable in any situation.


After five years of studying human design, and eight years learning about human behavior and creating change, I offer a very unique perspective on just about any situation.


The intention of these sessions is to offer my insights, interpretations, and perspectives to a select few aligned people.


My energy is intense and very versatile! The great thing about an undefined G center is that I can be whoever you need me to be.



If you need to go deep, I'll dive in with you.


If you need an action plan, we will strategize together.


If you need to let something go, we will clear everything around that pattern.


Regardless of what you come to me for, you will walk away feeling confident in your next action steps and aligned with your intuition.



How it works

I have only opened up 10 sessions! 

After checkout you will get an email with a form to fill out, and my calendar link.




Refund policy:

Due to the limited amount of sessions available this offer is not available for refunds. If you need to reschedule your call please give at least 24 hours notice and we will happily work around your schedule.