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Variables Guide

A comprehensive guide to the four arrows in a Human Design Bodygraph.


WTF do those arrows even mean?!

Let me guess, you are interested in Human Design, started learning more and more, and then all of the sudden you found a wall in your research. 

There is almost no information about the arrows in a bodygraph easily available. And when you do find information about them it is so DENSE!

I have spend close to 30 hours taking the information from the original lectures and translating it into simple and easy to understand lecture. And of course, it has a focus on manifestation and money whenever possible!


What's Included?

  • digestion
  • awareness
  • left vs right 
  • determination 
  • cognition / strongest sense
  • environment
  • motivation
  • sense
  • view
  • how these can apply to manifestation 

Disclaimer** By purchasing this guide you agree to the following terms. This information is based on the Variables of Human Design created by Ra Ura Hu - all credit for creating this original information goes to Ra Ura Hu. By purchasing this book you have the rights to use this in your own life or practice. You agree not to share this book with anyone, redistribute it, or claim the interpretations in this book as your own. If referenced or shared in a reading or offer please credit Eden Carpenter.