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This PDF guide shows you the exact language and pain points of your ideal clients and helps you find your messaging using Human Design. 

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The Coaching Blueprint

A personalized cheat sheet for your Business by Design

A 30+ page personalized guide to running your business according to your human design.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Utilize your type and profile in business
  • Effectively use your strategy and authority in business
  • Nail your niche
  • Market through your aura
  • Sell soulfully by design 
  • Launch by design 
  • Manifest the business of your dreams 
  • Brand by design 
  • Attract your soulmate audience
  • Break through your money blocks
  • And more! 

With this guide you will have a quick reference for:

Know what offers you are designed to create (so you don't get caught up in ideas that sound good but aren't aligned!) 

Maintain the perfect balance of action and surrender in your launching process

Have a process for setting goals that you can energetically connect with and achieve

** Disclaimer: this information is not 100% applicable to every chart (that is why the page number vary). There are certain factors that give a clear cut answer and others that are a little more vague. If something is a little vague please ask and we will clarify to the best of our abilities.

What Clients Are Saying:

I LOVED my Coaching Blueprint! It was such a thoughtfully created, THOROUGH DEEP DIVE into my chart that really helped me understand my gifts & how I can uniquely use them to create even more impact in my business. It's been 4 months since I received it & I still refer back to it often! Definitely one of my best investments in 2020.

Dayka R.

This gave me the direction that I was looking for. It's so applicable and honestly covers all aspects needed in your business. Everything resonated at such a deep level and many of it was confirmation that I was in such alignment.