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Soul Signed

Are you ready to Channel Offers that blows your own mind?

The details: 

  • Lifetime access to the 2+ hr training 
  • Attend live on Tuesday 12/20/22 at 3pm EST
    •  Stay and ask additional questions after the program 
  • Bonus: DECODED all my interpretations of the centers, channels, gates, profiles, and planets to help support your unique integration


Signs you are in Creative Flow:

  • You are obsessed with what you are creating
  • You are so excited about what you are creating that the hours pass in minutes
  • You can feel the presence of the Idea and can hear it's guidance as you co-create 
  • You see the vision for what it could be and every step of the way it turns out to be even better
  • Your offers, programs, or creative projects are flowing through you effortlessly 
  • You are nourishing yourself deeply in all areas of your life and feel the vibrancy of your soul shining through in your creations 
  • You are so excited to share your work that you can't shut up about it and it is effortlessly selling itself through you 
  • The end results blow your own mind



They say you aren't supposed to mix business with pleasure, but I believe business without pleasure is pointless.



When I created The Energetic Resumes I blew my own mind.


The content was stunning, the message was clear, and the pre-launch led to a $162k cash month.


I was in the creative Vortex so entirely that it shattered my understanding of what FLOW actually is.


That offer set a new standard for how Satisfied I want to feel after every offer I create.


The Energetic Resumes were not just created - they were channeled.


Ever since then I have been on a journey of raising my standards in all areas of my business.


I want everything in my business to be Soulfully Satisfying.


I said NO to a lot of people, money, offers, ideas, and projects.


I retired offers and closed income streams.


I cleared out EVERYTHING that did not feel Channeled so that I can raise the standard across the board.


A lot of the decisions I made didn't logically make sense. It meant facing my fears, coming up against imposter syndrome, and feeling like I was risking my financial safety to do something fun.



I am creating higher quality and higher quantities of content than I ever have before.


It is flowing effortlessly through me and offers are selling themselves without a marketing strategy.



If you want to master business as a creative you need to prioritize your creativity.


This takes self trust.


This takes self acceptance.



I am a Creative Powerhouse


My Life's Work revolves around my Big Sacral Energy and I have spent years creating a life and business that supports my creative process.


I have done the burnout thing.


I have done the failed launches of offers that felt hollow but were "logically a good idea".



And I have found that leading with strategy is not sustainable for my creative process.


What I have found is that creating from pleasure is ALWAYS better than creating from pressure.


What I have found is that when I say "eff the rules" and decide that everything is going to work out perfectly my Creative Genius leads me to do, be, and create things that could NEVER be strategized.



My most magnetic and triggering trait is how powerful of a creator I am - and I take that seriously.


In the Soul Signed Masterclass you will unlock your creative potential 



If you are ready to trust your creative potential to be the driving force of your business this is the program for you.


We will be discussing creative flow from an energetic perspective.


We will be going through the routines and rituals that I have found to support my energy.


We will talk about how to navigate creative blocks and days when you are not feeling inspired.


We will deconstruct some of my graphics, offer outlines, landing pages, and Program Charts to show you how I work WITH ideas to bring them to life.



Stop settling for mediocrity and start creating things you are proud to Sign with Your Soul















































Refund Policy: If you feel this program is not for you, please reach out to [email protected] within 48 hours of purchase to inquire about a refund. A detailed refund policy is located here.