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Financial Freedom Framework

Align your Nervous System with the most Pleasurable form of Prosperity available to you 


This guide will: 

  • Take a lighthearted approach to healing your relationship to money using Human Design
  • Make you admit that you don't actually want money, you want to earn the freedom, the love, or the feeling you think will come with the money 
  • Call you out on your unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors  that are blocking you from seeing the abundance available to you right now 
  • Expose your deepest secret that you are actually far more evolved than you are giving yourself credit for. Which may just give you the audacity.



I have been in the healing / mindset / personal development world since I was a teenage athlete. 


I see a lot of people who come into this world and get stuck on a loop in step one.


Step one is gaining the awareness to accept that you have a problem.


People come into the money manifestation world and learn about the concept of a scarcity mindset and then spend the next ten years saying "I struggle with a scarcity mindset" without doing anything else about it.


Trauma wins when we allow the memory from the past to become stronger than our vision for the future.


You may have experiences scarcity before but it does not have to have the power to make you feel scarce from this point on.


If you want to increate your wealth capacity you have to get past step one and into the integration phase.


This guide is my 4 step process that I use to improve my financial situation, emotional regulation, and overall play the game of manifestation.


I integrate human design with nervous system regulation and psychology into a simple guide that you can use over and over again.


Awareness is the first step in healing.



If you are ready to get beyond step one and start becoming the healthiest, wealthiest version of yourself yet, this is the guide for you.


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