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Aligned Launching

A free hour long training on launching according to your human design

Some of the topics covered:

  • Creating a launching plan and strategy that support your long term success
  • Finding your voice and aligned language
  • Utilizing your inner authority during a launch process
  • The energetics of alignment


My most successful launches shouldn’t have been my most successful launches.


If you have ever thought about launching a program you have likely been overwhelmed by all the things you have to do.

 From a strategic standpoint, you are being told about all the elements you need. The phases, the bonuses, the freebies, the tripwires…. 


Then spiritual business coaches are tell you how you need to be holding the frequency of the desired outcome so you can manifest your goal into existence.


And you are left feeling like no matter what you do, think, feel, or say, you are probably effing it up somehow.


THAT is why your launches are failing, because you feel like you are messing it up.

I once sold out a mastermind with three days of Instagram stories. No posts. No emails. No sales page.


I had my first six figure launch with less than 2000 people on my email list.


I had a $600k launch while having and recovering from an emergency surgery.


The way I sell and launch is specifically designed for my energy and it allows me the freedom to launch while still living my life.


In this free training I will teach you all my energetic tricks for launching successfully.


Without a plan. Without a strategy. And fully based on my own energetic alignment.


There are a lot of coaches who teach the energetics of launching, but they are teaching you THEIR energetics for launching. 


Your energy is unique.


Your launching process is going to be unique to you.


If you want help planning a successful launch according to YOUR unique human design, I created a free training for you.


Let's map out your most aligned launch ever!


Refund Policy: If you feel this program is not for you, please reach out to [email protected] within 48 hours of purchase to inquire about a refund. A detailed refund policy is located here.