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Conscious Investing

Marketing is a psychology, and it is effective!


In business, the offer or product is usually designed to solve a problem.


If you can show people that they have this problem and make them feel like your solution is going to be the solution, you have successfully used sales psychology.


Personally, I feel like there are a lot of products that make a problem where there wasn’t necessarily a problem.Especially in the self-improvement and personal growth communities.


Marketers are smart, and I want you to feel confident in your ability to make investments.


When I discovered the energetics of sales and business through human design I started to see a pattern in my investing.


I kept looking for programs on branding, identity work, and purpose. My undefined G center was looking for a consistent sense of identity and direction and any program promising that I would know who I was and what my message was caught me every time.


When I realized that my identity is designed to be fluid, I stopped investing in programs about discovering your purpose and allowed myself to find purpose in the small moments in my everyday life.


Because I understand how I am designed to make decisions and what my triggers are, I am able to consciously invest in programs and mentors that are genuinely aligned and useful to me.


This has rebuilt my trust in myself and my ability to invest my money, it has saved me time, energy and given me peace of mind.


This is what I see for you.

Let me show you how you are designed to make decisions so that you can confidently and consciously continue to invest in yourself.


Let me explain to you why you feel like no matter how many programs you take on that one topic you still don't feel like you have the answers you are looking for yet.


Let me support you in restoring your confidence when it comes to spending money, especially around personal growth and development.



This is a PAY WHAT YOU WANT PROGRAM as a fun way to give your intuition the ability to practice using your intuition with this offer.


This is not necessary information, but if you believe this would be useful, you can use your intuition to decide for yourself how valuable this information is to you.

The intention of this program is to save you money and help you recognize when something is triggering your design so that you can make the decision from a clear, aligned, and intuitive state.

I believe that intuitive decision making is the most valuable skill you can have, and I hope to increase your confidence in your own intuitive decision making process.