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Deepen your understanding of the energetic conversation that happens between two people

The details: 

  • 3 Hour masterclass on connection charts
  • Q&A recording from the live class
  • The masterclass slide deck 
  • DECODED - Eden's 50 page PDF of all her personal interpretations of the centers, channels, gates, planets, and profiles to help you interpret and integrate what you learn in the class

You might be aligned with this program if you are interested in:

  • The communication needs of each aura type 
  • Center themes between two people and how to play with energy beyond your own aura
  • Channel themes and how to navigate the different energetic challenges these channels may bring up
  • Profile and line harmony to help you identify the roles each person is playing in the relationship 
  • The energetics of attraction and how to identify what you are energetically longing for 
  • How to create and uphold energetic boundaries so you can process your own projections and let go of what is not yours


When two people connect there is a unique energetic field that is created.


In this new energetic field you have access to different energetic qualities when you are on your own.


This new environment can make you feel lost, disconnected, trapped, or constricted if you don't know how to move and process energy as a couple.


This is why we see friendships, partnerships, and romantic relationships having the same fights over and over again.


It takes two people to maintain a relationship - which will require you to move energy in ways that you don't have to do in your personal field.


THAT is why long term relationships can be the most profound healing experience.


This masterclass will be about people. I want to show you how to take care of your own energy AND the energy of the people you interact with.


We don't fall in love with people. We fall in love with how we feel when we are around certain people.


If you want to create more harmony in your friendships, or your family, romantic, or client relationship dynamics this masterclass is for you.


Protecting your peace allows you to stop people pleasing.


Tending to your relationships at an energetic level creates a more comfortable environment for everyone involved.













Refund Policy: If you feel this program is not for you, please reach out to [email protected] within 48 hours of purchase to inquire about a refund. A detailed refund policy is located here.