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A beginners guide to interpreting the details of your human design chart 

50 pages of my personal notes and interpretations of EACH of the following details: 

  • Centers - My notes around the centers includes interpretations around each of the centers, themes, signs of alignment, signs of misalignment, and coaching tips around both defined and undefined centers.
  • Gates - My personal notes and descriptions of each of the 64 Gates / Gene Keys. 
  • Planets - The symbols, my personal interpretations of what each planet means, and the main themes of each planetary placement. 
  • Channels - My notes on each of the 36 channels in the human design bodygraph including the channel type, circuitry, and questions to ask if it is your authority channel. 
  • Profiles -  My notes and interpretations of each of the 12 profiles including information about learning and teaching styles, self sabotaging patterns, and unique genius. 


I have created a LOT of human design content over the years.


Almost every single topic, tip, and teaching point I share about in my business is available for free. 


I believe in giving my best content away for free.


And I also believe in creating easy and fun ways to exchange value.


While you could scroll through the 1,000+ instagram posts I have to find this information, or click through the dozens of blog posts, or search through your email inbox....


Why not be able to download it?

Save it?

Print it?

Write on it?


And put it into whatever format would allow you to easily reference, remember, and apply this information.


A good percentage of the DM's that I answer are people inquiring about an old post talking about a specific detail that they can't locate. 


While I have LOVED trying to help people locate exactly what they are looking for I know there is a better way!


My 18-58 channel of Judgment was looking for a way to correct the overall system of organizing the information I share. So naturally, I got a BEAUTIFUL invitation to gather my free content into downloadable / savable / referenceable formats. 


This guide is comprised of the outlines I have created for The Energetic Resume, Sacred Success Coaching Certification, and a few of my most saved Instagram Posts. 


These are notes that I reference often myself and that provide clear breakdowns of the details of your human design chart.


It is easy to find content around your type, strategy, and authority.


But if you have consumed much of my free content you know I MUCH prefer to hang out in the details like the centers, channels, gates, and planets.


This is a great reference for your own chart, your family's charts, your friend's charts, and even client charts!


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