EP11: The Chemistry of Connection Charts with Lauren Eliz

Tune into this weeks episode with my amazing guest, Lauren, who happens to be the coach who ran the first mastermind that I ever participated in. That was quite literally life changing. I think that both of the live events that we have gone to were very pivotal moments in my experience. We're both like nodding and saying yes.

Lauren is a self projected projector, she's a 6/2, and she does such a good job of embodying that role model energy and really authentically sharing her story. I have learned so much from her over the last several years, both from working with her and from just watching her and witness her in her own healing journey and her own unfolding and awakening. It's been absolutely an honor to witness and watch this amazing unfolding. She's here and she has some questions about a connection chart between her and a business partner that she is working with, a medicine teacher. We are going to just kind of chat about how this connection chart is going to apply in their work together, and how they can hopefully communicate with ease, understand their partnership a little bit better, and it's gonna be a great opportunity for you guys to start to understand how these charts work in collaboration. 


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