EP36: Working with Sacral Energy

In this episode of The Energetics of Everything, Eden takes you through the lessons she has learned with Sacral Energy after she experienced a burnout. She goes into how she worked with her sacral energy by adding more satisfaction to her life, honoring her energy in the moment, and focusing on her health! 

**Trigger Warning** Sexual health and medical trauma related to ectopic pregnancy loss and surgery is discussed in this episode!


In this episode, she discusses her year six and year seven in Numerology. If you are curious to learn more, you can here: https://seventhlifepath.com/


If you are interested in learning more about how to design with your sacral and with your soul involved, you can find more information about this 2+ hour masterclass that will be live December 20, 2022: Soul SignedStop settling for mediocrity and start creating things you are proud to Sign with Your Soul



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