EP46: The Energetics of Motivation

In this episode of The Energetics of Everything, Eden talks about the energetics of motivation in terms of personal and business life. Learn more about how you might be using your undefined centers to look for motivation, how using your aura type can benefit you, and how by stopping all the planning, you may find more motivation!


If you are interested in learning more in a masterclass centered about what it means to be magnetic in human design and how to harness that, check out Magnetism. Join live February 28, 2023 or catch the replay after: Magnetism

If you are interested in a beginners guide to interpreting the details of your human design chart, check out DECODED! This guide is composed of the outlines Eden has created for the Energetic Resumes, SSCC, and a few of her most saved Instagram posts. These are notes that Eden regularly references that provide a clear breakdown of the details of your human design chart. Learn more here: DECODED


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