EP50: Let’s Get Clear (a sneak peek into MESSY)

Welcome back to The Energetics of Everything Podcast!


In this episode, you get a taste of one of the SOUL FOOD episodes from my latest program, MESSY.


Messy is not a course, it is an embodiment resource designed to support you in actively deconditioning in the present moment.


MESSY is kind of difficult to explain, so I figured I would just show you what’s inside!

If you have the privilege of listening to this before 9/18/2023, you can join us LIVE for a 27-day MESSY CHALLENGE!


With a peer led community and daily reminders, we will be going through one MESSY episode every single day for 27-days (at no additional cost whatsoever!!).


This is a great way to either jumpstart your MESSY experience, or go even deeper with the MESSY Material!

Click here for MESSY!


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