EP60: Secret Project Reveal & BTS of Launching a New Brand

Welcome back to the Energetics of Everything Podcast!

In this episode, you finally get all the details on my new brand, Influencer By Design!


We discuss:

  • What is Influencer by design 
  • The story of how Lacey and I came together to co-found this brand
  • How we have used human design as a 6/2 emotional manifesting generator and a 1/3 self-projected projector as collaborative partners in business 
  • Some of the challenges we faces as we brought this brand to life 
  • What we learned, and what has worked well for us so far as human design informed friends and collaborators 


Over the last 8-months, my friend and co-founder, Lacey Shameela, and I have been working together to bring this brand to life.


Influencer by Design is our brand dedicated to turning up the volume on conscious creativity in the online space through empowering individuals to share their story, their art, and their soul’s purpose with the world through social media content.


We help you translate your human design into a simple social media strategy and find your creative rhythm that will work for you, because it is personally designed for you! 


We have recently launched a new instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/influencerxdesign/


A new 8-part podcast series - The Energetics of Influencing 


Aaaand a new 6-week Influencer Incubator starting 11/1/2023 !!



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