EP63: Autism, ADHD, Trauma & Parenting with Rachel Lewis

In this empowering installment, we journey deeper into the realms of autism, ADHD, and trauma with Rachel Lewis!

Explore ADHD and neurodiversity as Rachel talks in depth about her children’s experience with both autism and ADHD, how neurodivergency is not one size fits all, how trauma can affect neurodivergency, and how she uses human design in her life as well as in her coaching business to get her clients back into their body which is key to tapping into their intuition. 

In this episode, you can expect:

A riveting conversation with guest, Rachel Lewis, to provide their unique perspective on our topic. She is the founder of Intuitive Edge, Whole Life Coach, and an Intuition Expert. She is also the mother to six children, some of whom have been diagnosed with ADHD or autism.

✨ Practical Tools: Discover actionable tips that Rachel uses with her children to help with nervous system regulation, which include hugs everyday, breathing exercises, balance boards, and certain techniques from Rapid Resolution Therapy.

✨ Aha Moments: Prepare for Rachel’s hopes and dreams of society as we move forward, which include embracing the rise of neurodiversity, autism, and trauma awareness so that we can get to a point where we, as a society, ask better questions, get curious, and find out what the gifts to this are, so that we can all experience growth.




Check out Rachel's Instagram: @rachelkristina.coach

Check out Rich's website: https://www.rachelkristina.coach/


Also check out her NEW podcast, Becoming Known with Rachel Kristina: https://www.rachelkristina.coach/podcasts/becoming-known

Apple podcast:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/becoming-known/id1726832772

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