EP64: ADHD, Human Design, and Autism with Emmy Taziani

In this empowering installment, we journey deeper into the realms of human design, ADHD, and autism with Emmy Taziani!

Explore neurodiversity from a personal aspect as Emmy talks in depth about her experiences with ADHD and autism, some of the nervous regulation tools she uses, and how there is limited information on neurodivergency and projectors. 

In this episode, you can expect:

✨ A riveting conversation with Emmy Taziani to provide their unique perspective on our topic. She is a Human Biologist, Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Reiki Practitioner, and Manifestation Coach. She also has her own experiences with having an ADHD and autism diagnosis.

✨ Practical Tools: Discover actionable tips that Emmy describes to help with projectors, especially neurodiverse projectors, which include using a hot water bottle in a freeze response, working with transitions, sneaking in rest when you can, and having a well planned calendar to make sure that you are not stretched too thin.

✨ Aha Moments: Prepare for Emmy’s hopes and dreams of society as we move forward, which include an emphasis on rest and streamlining things, allowing neurodiverse people to be able to lean into creativity, and to pull back from the hustle and grind culture that we are currently in.



Check out Emmy's Instagram: @medusawritesgla

Check out Emmy's website: medusawrites.com


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