EP66: Mental Health and Neurodiversity with Annamarie Green

In this empowering installment, we journey deeper into the realms of mental health, neurodiversity, and so much more with Annamarie Green!

Explore these topics as Annamarie talks in depth about how ADHD can root back to PTSD or anxiety, different strategies that can help lessen the symptoms, the framework for anxiety that she created called Anxiety Languages, and diving into human design and the Left Angle Cross of Distraction.

In this episode, you can expect:

✨ A riveting conversation with Annamarie Green to provide their unique perspective on our topic. She is a Clinical Licensed Therapist and Professional Intuitive. She bridges the gap and combines psychology, science, and energy work to help individuals and families simplify their mental health and reach their goals faster and more efficiently.

✨ Practical Tools: Discover actionable tips that Annamarie describes to help with nervous system regulation, which can include active breath work, EMDR mixed with breath work, and then for kids, slow breathing down and visualizations. 

✨ Aha Moments: Prepare for Annamarie’s hopes and dreams of society as we move forward as she creates a certification to teach health care professionals and healers how to take science and psychology and combine them with energy work, so that people get results faster. She also hopes that we can understand the energetics of mental health and the energetics of emotional health.

Check out Annamarie's Instagram: instagram.com/annamariefgreen

Check out Annamarie's website: Annamariegreen.com


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