EP67: Speech Therapy, Oral Myology, and ADHD with Karen Galway

In this empowering installment, we journey deeper into the realms of how speech therapy and oral myology can be correlated to ADHD with Karen Galway!

Explore what she does in speech therapy and oral myology, and human design and ADHD. Learn more as Karen talks in depth about how there are many different parts to ADHD that can be looked at (breathing, sleep, oral functioning), how insurance might play a part in ADHD diagnoses, and how we can be quick to diagnose rather than explore other reasons for symptoms.

In this episode, you can expect:

✨ A riveting conversation with Karen Galway to provide their unique perspective on our topic. She is a Speech Therapist, Certified Oral Myologist, and trained in human design and RRT.

✨ Practical Tools: Discover actionable tips that Karen uses with her clients, which can include giving them movement, weighted blanket for deep proprioceptive input, and giving support that they need so that they can have that outlet and be in a better place for learning. 

✨ Aha Moments: Prepare for Karen’s hopes and dreams of society as we move forward, which include more self acceptance, more recognizing that we’re all uniquely designed, being aware you have more power than you realize, and that you don't have to accept any name or label that is thrown at you if it doesn't feel good.

Check out Karen's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamkarengalway

Check out Karen's website: https://www.workwithkarengalway.com/links


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