EP72: Human Design as Magic

In this empowering installment, we journey deeper into the realms of human design and the “magic” that Eden has been playing with!

Explore more as she explains about Water Weavers, Fire Sages, Metal Meisters, Earth Artists, and Wind Whisperers. Eden goes through all of the centers with a magic spin, as she explains mind magic, seer magic, glamor magic, fate magic, bargaining magic, emotional magic, life magic, healing magic, and transformation magic. 

This is the first of a series that Eden is doing live on Instagram! Tune in weekly on Mondays at 12pm EST! Below are the remaining lives that she will be doing:

✨ The Digestion Variable - 4/22

✨ The Perspective Variable - 4/29

✨ The Motivation Variable - 5/6


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