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Who is it for? 

  • Anyone who is desiring to embody their full potential and express their gifts boldly.
  • Anyone who hears, or desires to hear, their intuition and wants to learn how to interpret that inner conversation so they can take action with confidence.
  • Anyone desiring to create a business that nurtures their zone of genius by encouraging them to be their own niche.
  • New coaches or established coaches who are ready to create profound and long lasting client results the easy and authentic way.
  • Anyone who needs clarity around what you are good at, what you desire, and what is blocking you from getting there.
  • Anyone who wants to explore a deep and embodied perspective of human design and gene keys in business.
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It took four years of almost breaking even as an entrepreneur before I made any money. And it was another year and a half before I started gaining BIG momentum.


What changed wasn’t me KNOWING human design because I have been studying it for over five years now, but in the last 2 I have been embodying and experimenting with my design as much as possible in my business.


The last two years of trusting myself fully, following my intuition, and taking inspired action specifically in my business has generated just under $2M and created over 20 full, and part time, positions.

This is the thing about creating a business from purpose, it creates prosperity - not wealth. Wealth is the accumulation of money, but prosperity is rooted in service and generosity and the conscious circulation of wealth.


I get to work that I absolutely LOVEEEEEEE and that challenges me to be my best self every day.

My husband got to leave a career he was unsatisfied with.

I get to pay my team above industry standard.

I get to donate to causes that matter to me.

I get to do incredibly powerful work where I know I am giving the most valuable parts of myself to the world.


My Success is one of the most Sacred things in my life.


And it is because of my experimentation with human design SPECIFICALLY in the world of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship will challenge you to grow and be your best self every single day.

Human Design can give you the tools to play this game of business with confidence, and maybe even enjoy yourself along the way!


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 Mindblowing, expansive, supportive and exciting are words that come to mind.

I've loved every minute of it and even though I already knew quite a lot about Human Design and had been in my experiment for 2+ years, I learned so so so many things that I'd never heard before!

Eden has a way of making this system easy to understand as well as to apply. She also has a unique view on it all that really resonated with me and goes way beyond where others stop and stay stuck in the 'box' of human design.

This was hands down the best investment I've ever made in my business AND in myself!

I'm recommending SSCC to anyone who's looking for a certification program or even just a space to learn more about themselves.
  • Helping you understand what you are good at and how it applies to your next phase as an entrepreneur
  • Helping you create self assurance in your ability to create intentional and long lasting client results
  • Helping you connect with your soul’s purpose to get a sense of where you are going (for some added spice you could do what I did and build a business around this purpose)
  • Helping you understand to use two really fascinating awareness systems, Human Design and Gene Keys 

You will go through the content of my coaching certification while simultaneously going through my signature transformational process.


The coaching certification: will equip you with the ability to know how YOU work, since you are the only guaranteed constant in entrepreneurship it is important to know how you operate, what you are good at, and how you get discouraged or make things harder for yourself. Sitting for certification is optional and you can use this content purely for self use if you desire. If you want to bring this work into your coaching, consulting, or management roles we can give you extra assurance and accountability on your understanding of the information. 


The LIVE experience: will support you in the personal exploration, deep transformation, and creation of your own Sacred Success. You will be surrounded by a community of individuals on a similar journey. You will be held and inspired by incredible souls who have already gone through this transformation. And you will get exclusive access to some groundbreaking applications of this information in the realm of entrepreneurship.


** NEW ** The Sacred Success Codes: will teach you the cutting edge strategies for applying this work to offer creation, self coaching as an entrepreneur, sales, marketing, and manifestation. These are new conversations that have never been had before and are intentionally placed throughout this live program to give you specific ways of integrating what you have learned.

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SSCC has been such an incredible journey of both in-depth education and actual practice. Not only have I learned the systems of Human Design and Gene Keys at a level I couldn't even fathom when I first started, learning them also very quickly transformed my life and my business.
This program has been paying for itself since the first month through readings and new offers that I've been able to create with my knowledge of Human Design, and it's also been incredibly fun at the same time!

Overall, SSCC has been a magically fantastic program that has profoundly transformed my understanding and experience of myself, my business, and the world.

Delivered in deep dive conversations we will be raising the standard of mastery possible inside of a masterclass. My greatest talent is my ability to go into detail and show you how everything applies to your personal experience. In these six masterclasses I am going to share the six most profound ways I have been able to bring Human Design and Gene Keys into my business. Specifically, we will be discussing: 

Untethered - giving you the tools to create radical change in simple moments

Be your Own Niche - differentiate yourself in your industry through the art of embodiment

Self Centered - come back to your power regardless of what is happening outside of you

Soul Signed - bring your purpose to life through your branding and and offerings 

Codewritting - communicate the codes of your heart instead

Magnetic Receptivity - the art of marketing from a state of abundance


I am designed to continue to perfect things and constantly want to improve. These codes have been developed since the creation of the coaching certification and nothing lights me up more than how well these masterclasses expand and ground the information in the certification. These are the six lessons I have learned over and over in my entrepreneurship journey and I am delighted to share them in Sacred Success Live. 

  • An extensive 250+ lesson library covering the Human Design and Gene Keys systems
  • Study tools like: quizzes, flashcards, slides, workbooks, written versions of the content
  • LIVE sessions to practice working through case studies
  • LIVE Q&A sessions
  • LIVE deep dive 2+ hour masterclasses with Eden (monthly) to learn the details of applying this work to entrepreneurship 
  • LIVE embodiment sessions to give you time and space to dedicate to your personal growth 
  • LIVE contemplation calls for reflection, guidance, and conversation around the real life experiences you are having both in and out of business 


** Got questions about call times, call frequency, and content included click here to access the course calendar