•  How your undefined areas can bring forward your non-self patterns (and how to move through that common conditioning so you can stop blocking abundance) 
  • Why the head center brings forward pressure and how this can block your money manifestation 
  •  How your ajna center might be jumping to conclusions around money based on the questions in your head center
  • Where your money-related shadows tend to appear (your heart center) and how to identify the patterns you’re seeing there

In order to manifest more, we need to resist less. Ready to move through your blocks?!







 25-year-old Eden Carpenter is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. While completing her science degree she founded her online coaching practice where she guides High Achievers to optimize their performance by focusing on their mental, emotional, and energetic health. In less than three years of being in business, Eden has scaled her coaching practice to seven-figures. She created the Sacred Success Coaching Method which is a unique process for transformation using a combination of Human Design theory and psychological principles. 

 Eden’s mission is to help people realize, optimize, and monetize their unique genius. She believes that everyone is designed to be successful and that success looks different for everyone. While she does this through her free and paid content, she has also been able to design job opportunities that support the unique genius of her team. Her goal is to lead by example and help create a widespread increase in job satisfaction. 

When she is not coaching, creating, or spending time with her husband and dogs, Eden is known to spend time exploring a wide variety of hobbies including reading, baking, dancing, and traveling.