Teaching you Human Design so you can manifest an ALIGNED life and business


Learn about the different ways to learn about energetics and business from Eden

Learn Human Design

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Life by Design

A self paced program about the foundation of the human design system and how to read charts.


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Quantum Calibration

A self paced program to guide you through embodying your human design at a cellular level.


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The Arrows

A 50 page, comprehensive guide on the four arrows in your chart. Includes digestion, environment, motivation, and more!


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Get Certified

A 4 month high level education program to learn to coach using human design and embodied leadership. Graduates have the opportunity to join my education team and specialize in areas such as business, manifestation, and more!

Business by Design

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This PDF guide shows you  the exact language of your ideal clients and helps you find your messaging!

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Codes to Cash

Learn how to leverage your intuitive gifts and your natural talents to coach and create offers.

Money by Design

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Money by Design

This bestselling $4 ebook walks you through how you manifest money by design.

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Shadows of Abundance

A self paced program that guides you through the deconditioning work around your money shadows.