Abundance is Contagious

When I first started working on my relationship to money, I wanted to share what I was learning with everyone - especially those close to me. I was feeling better about myself and my financial future for the first time ever, and I felt like everyone needed to experience it too. So I tried to push it on others - convince them that they should do it. I was met with a LOT of resistance. After I got frustrated, I decided to redirect that energy into my own process and growth. 

What I noticed was the people around me started to reflect my inner work. My husband, friends, family, and even people in my social media. After drilling things like “we always have more than enough money for all the things we need and want” into my subconscious through affirmations ad nauseum, I heard my husband say it out loud to me when I was worrying unnecessarily about finances. “The more fun I have, the more money I make” became true, and the people around me noticed it, pointed it out, and encouraged it. 


How energy works in human design is that where we are defined we calibrate the situation, and where we are undefined is where we experience the external world. I like to think of it as internal expiration happens in the definition and external experiences happen in the undefined. 

As I was doing work around self-worth and money, I was calibrating the financial empowerment of every interaction I was having, and everyone around me with an undefined heart was reflecting back to me this shift in my energy. For me, as someone with a defined heart, self-worth, desire, and value is an internal experience that I get to carve out and define for myself. I get to experiment with value and create my own scale. Someone with an undefined heart is here to explore the value systems that other people are experiencing. The undefined doesn’t need to come up with their own definition of value or self-worth. So the undefined benefits greatly from being around someone with a truly unique definition of value and self-worth. 


The undefined areas of our chart are where we consider the experience of someone else before our own. So, the undefined heart feels absolutely incredible when they get to witness someone with a defined heart go after what they want, get it, and truly enjoy it. The undefined heart lives vicariously through that experience, and is expanded in what they believe is possible. Because they don’t define their desires, they get inspired by the desire of others. They need to be expanded to what is possible. The undefined areas of our charts are where we get to stretch in our capacity to receive.


A fun pattern to point out in the conditioning of the defined heart center: when I was first doing this work, I tried to share it and put energy towards getting others to do the work with me. I was pushing and trying to make the work external, and was met with resistance. My relationship to value, money, and desires needed to be defined by me. It is an internal experience for my defined heart. I had to prioritize doing the work myself, shifting my relationship to money, and attracting the level of wealth I desired. In the end, I got what I wanted, which was for the people closest to me to also benefit from the work.


If you have a desire for the people around you to also be able to improve their experiences, you have to improve yours first. Focus on defining who you are and giving yourself permission to be your truest self. Let yourself take up space. Let yourself have the fullest experience possible.


Defined head center? → explore the things you are curious about and stop apologizing for asking questions

Defined ajna center? → form your own unique perspective and stop apologizing for disagreeing with others

Defined throat center? → say what you have to say and stop apologizing for using your voice

Defined identity center? → follow the path that you feel called to follow and stop apologizing for being who you are

Defined heart center? → take ownership of your desires and stop apologizing for wanting what you want or being able to make it a reality

Defined emotional solar plexus? → let yourself feel whatever comes up and stop apologizing for having a large emotional capacity

Defined sacral center? → let yourself have fun and stop apologizing (and judging yourself) for enjoying the activities that you enjoy

Defined splenic center? → follow your intuition fiercely and stop apologizing for taking risks when you feel safe taking them

Defined root center? → do things at a comfortable pace that balances rest and work, and stop apologizing for following divine timing.


After working with human design for several years, I find that our definition is an under-rated area of focus. When I live in my fullest expression of who I am, people are magnetized to my authenticity and want to get closer. Where we are undefined, we learn by watching others. If my energy is interesting, people will want a closer look so that they can learn how I do things. These blog posts are a great example! I have a defined ajna, and I am giving you a closer look at how I think and categorize information. These blog posts have been greeted with hundreds of “thank you” messages in the short months they have been going live.


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