Is It a Sacral "No" or Laziness?

Sacral no or laziness? This is a really fun question because I think generator energy is really associated with being here to work. I believe that, but I genuinely believe that it's more that generators are here to pour life force energy into things. It's not necessarily that generators are here to be the backbone of society. While they are the backbone in society, because they're in their flow, because they're pouring life force energy into things, we shouldn't put that expectation on them. I think that the language around that has potential to change.

Am I procrastinating? Am I just feeling lazy? Laziness is a societal term. It's pretty related to capitalism because we've told ourselves that our value is related to how much we work, and we feel less valuable if we are not working. A lot of people are not able to allow themselves to relax without feeling like they are being lazy or without shaming themselves, and that shameful behavior actually blocks your body from receiving what it needs to receive in that moment.

If your body is telling you to rest, you should let yourself rest, and you should let yourself really enjoy it. It’s the same thing with food. If you have a food that you feel like I shouldn't be craving because it’s bad for you, you probably wouldn't eat it all the time if you allowed yourself to actually enjoy it when you were eating it. Instead of shaming yourself, if your body is craving that enjoyment, if you just enjoyed it, it would satisfy that. It's craving that dopamine, and you're not able to get that if you're saying that it's a bad thing for you. The same thing goes with rest. If you're telling yourself that taking some time to watch a good TV show or to get lost in a book for a couple of hours or to go on a really long walk or taking the day off from work, whatever it is, if you're telling yourself that it's laziness, you are not going to be able to actually receive the rest that's available to you in that moment. Make sure that if your body is telling you to rest, give yourself the opportunity to really rest.

Is it a sacral no, or is it laziness? How I approach sacral no versus laziness is I look at how I will feel if it's done. Maybe in the moment, I don't really feel like writing this email or creating this post or recording this podcast or whatever it is, but if I just sat down and did it right now, would I feel really satisfied and accomplished and lit up by having it done? I think about the energy of accomplishment instead of the energy of getting myself to start. If you're talking yourself into it, you're wasting time convincing yourself to do something.

So, think about getting it done. Does the energy and the frequency and the feeling of having it done feel good, or does it feel really far away and like you would probably have to push yourself through at this moment? I believe that sometimes we have to push ourselves through, and that might be my defined ego, but I believe that we are supposed to challenge ourselves. Not everything is supposed to be easy because how do we grow if everything is effortless? We're not going to grow; we're not going to gain confidence in our abilities to do difficult things. 

I look at am I excited about meeting this challenge? Am I excited about showing up in this moment, even though I'm not super excited about it to get started? Am I excited about being the version of me who's got the tenacity and the drive to get this done, even though she's not really feeling it in this moment? I'll play with different questions. I'll tune into what it looks like to have it done. Do I feel good having it done? If my body is still feels like it doesn’t have the energy and if thinking about having it done doesn't energize me, then it's a no. I let my body say no, and then I fully let myself relax. I will let myself really get lost in whatever it is that I'm doing and milk it.

I've been feeling called to spend a lot of time reading lately. I have been on my couch or in my bed reading a lot lately because that's where my sacral excitement is. When I'm reading, I'll set the whole mood. I'll make sure that the room is tidy. I will light a candle. I might burn some palo santo or some incense. I will get myself a drink. I will put on comfy clothing. I'll make sure that I'm in a really amazing position. I'll make it a whole moment, so that I can really enjoy the sacredness of that relaxing moment and that relaxing experience.

That is me putting energy into something; that's me fueling my sacral energy. If my sacral energy is not putting effort out, it means that it needs to receive. If I need to receive, if I need to rest, if I need to replenish, I'm going to do that with all of my energy. I'm going to pour energy into recharging, and I'm going to recharge better if I can look up and I can hear the crackling of the candle or I can smell the amazing sense or I can feel the warmth of the blanket. That's a much more satisfying and delicious and fulfilling experience that's going to leave me energized when I'm done.

Whatever it is, whatever you decide, if you decide to do the thing or if you decide to rest, give it your all. It doesn't matter if it's a sacral yes, or if it's laziness. We can remove the term laziness, and we can replace it with, am I being restful? Am I being productive? Am I inputting? Am I outputting? Do I need to recharge? Do I have energy to put out into the world? Just look at it like that, and if you need to recharge, you need to recharge, and that's something that you can pour your whole heart into and really let yourself recharge. 

Just soak up the deliciousness of that moment, the peace that you've created, the environment that you get to be in, and the activity that you get to do. You have the choice of either doing the thing or not doing the thing. You get to prioritize resting and recharging, and you get to tell yourself that because you're recharging, because you're pouring energy into yourself right now, you're going to show up tomorrow. You're going to show up when that project is ready to be done, and you're going to be energized about it. It’s going to be easy and it's going to flow because in this moment, you're giving yourself what you need.

Regardless of what you decide, give yourself what you need and really use that affirming language. If I'm giving myself what I need right now, I'm recharging. I'm fueling myself, I'm energizing myself, and whatever I'm doing right now is ultimately going to lead to better on the other side. If you need to be productive right now, it's because you have energy that needs to be released, and if you release that energy, you will rest better. If you need to recharge, you recharge so that when it is time to pour energy out again, you have that energy available to you.

It's energetic maintenance. It has nothing to do with laziness, procrastination, or anything like that. It's energetic maintenance. Are you actually allowing your energy to flow the way that it's telling you it needs to flow? Or, are you blocking it because you have a story around what you're supposed to do, how you're supposed to show up, how you're supposed to be working, how you're supposed to be productive, when it's appropriate to rest and when it's not appropriate to rest? Let go of all of that conditioning. Let go of all of those thoughts, because if your body is telling you to do something, you get to do that thing, and you get to appreciate the fact that you're being guided. You get to appreciate the wisdom in your body. You get to appreciate your awareness of what your body is telling you to do, and then you also get to take the action to fulfill that need for yourself, and that gets to be a deliciously satisfying experience, versus oh no, I'm being lazy and I should be doing something else. So, make it a delicious experience regardless of what you decide to do.


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