Conscious and Unconscious Designs

The quantum human design chart takes into consideration two dates: your birth date and your design date. The design date is based on the birth date, and is calculated based on the position of the sun at the moment you were born. The design date is 88 degrees away from the conscious sun in the rave mandala.

The black lines on your human design chart represent what gates each planet was activating the moment you were born. The moment that you are born is the moment your soul enters your body. Every point in space and time is unique, and the first one when you become you imprinted as your first memory of self. Based on where the astrological planets were at that moment, we can calculate what it felt like the first time you became you. This is where your conscious design comes in. It is your body’s first impression of your soul, your consciousness, and your personality. 

The red lines represent what gates each of the planets was activating roughly 88 days before you were born. The reasoning for this calculation lies in the mechanics of the human design profiles, which is not the primary focus of this post, but let me know in the comments if you would like me to write something explaining that reasoning.


I want you to think of all of the gates and channels and centers that are defined unconsciously as your human, and all of the gates and channels and centers that are defined consciously as your soul. Your human is the vessel that hosts your soul. This is your body, your unconscious behaviors, and how others primarily perceive you. Your soul is the consciousness that is inside the human. This is your personality, mind, identity, and how you perceive yourself.

If you look at these as two separate designs, you may see that your type changes. Looking at my chart, I am an emotional projector unconsciously and a sacral manifesting generator consciously, but an emotional manifesting generator in my quantum chart. This is based on what full channels are defined in the conscious and unconscious designs, which it is absolutely possible to have no channels defined in either and have channels in your quantum chart (these channels will end up being half conscious and half unconscious).


Your body is the vehicle, and your mind is the passenger. In my own personal experiment, I have been playing with separating these two parts of myself, and I have been prioritizing my unconscious design. The unconscious programming is responsible for filtering 99.9999999% of the information that we receive in any given moment. The conditioning in your unconscious can be generational, imprinted, and affects 99% of the decisions that are made by you. 

If you think about it as a passenger in a car (not the driver), you have very little control. You are not doing the work, the car is. You can feel the effort being exerted, but you are not consciously exerting that effort. The unconscious is doing most of the work, and therefore, unconscious alignment or misalignment will have widespread effects. If your vehicle isn’t maintained, you won’t get to your destination no matter how ready you are mentally to get there. Self care and energetic maintenance happens at the unconscious level. Taking care of your body starts with taking care of your unconscious.


 How to work with this information

Consciously defined gates are where you will consciously self sabotage and get in the way of your alignment, mostly due to impatience. Work on recognizing your unconscious self. Look for proof of your alignment. This part of the experiment can feel like you aren’t doing much because you are not going to consciously be doing anything but observing this in yourself. Look at the non-self themes of your conscious type, consciously focus on showing up in alignment with this energy, and practice patience with yourself.

Your overall quantum design is still your human design chart. Introducing the two sides of self can be a helpful framework to deepen your experiment, but is not a required step if it does not resonate with you. If your body, mind, and quantum chart all have different authorities, there is no right or wrong authority. All of the wisdom inside of you supports your alignment. All of the energy inside of you desires to see you succeed and deepen your alignment. 

You can look at your conscious and unconscious designs at many levels. The type, the channels, the centers, the gates, the planets, the profile line, the variables… I suggest starting with the profile line, type, and centers. 

Is your type different in your body or mind charts? Do you experience the non-self themes of those centers? If so, where and when?

Are there centers that are defined in your quantum chart but that are undefined in one of your body or mind charts? Do you experience the non-self themes of these centers? If so, where and when?

What is the shadow of the gate in the sun placement? Do you experience this shadow at all? If so, where and when?


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