Defined Ajna Center

The defined ajna has a specific manner of seeing the world. Your default setting is really solid. Your mental state greatly affects your overall state. You are here to process and come to conclusions. You are designed to form opinions, tell your story, and captivate an audience with how you see things. The beliefs that you have cultivated have been proven by your mental processing. You don’t just believe what you are told, you need to shift it into your own way of understanding. Through this mental processing, you come to your own conclusions, and this provides you with certainty in your own beliefs and opinions. You did the work, you looked at the facts, you can back up this belief with evidence. Because of your certainty, you impact the people around you. You can make them see things your way; you can share your perspectives and opinions in a captivating manner. This also means that you have a hard time changing your mind on things. It may take you some repetition to rewire the belief of “I am broke” to “I am abundant”. You probably said that affirmation ten thousand times with a sarcastic, “Yeah right” quietly speaking behind the affirmation. This is not a bad thing, just something to be aware of!

When you choose beliefs, remember the power that your beliefs have. They impact more than just you; they impact those around you. Choose the beliefs that you want to support you throughout your life and the ones that you want to give and offer to the people in your life. You can be close minded if you are set on seeing the limitations; reprogram your perspective to see the opportunities instead. If your ajna is directly connected to your throat, you are here to share your perspectives through either facts and details or stories and experiences. You are here to speak your mind. If this center is defined and not connected to your throat, it may feel difficult at times to express what you are thinking. The words that you have in your head may flow effortlessly, but when you don’t have access to those channels through the right people, it may be difficult to get your point across.


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