Defined G Center

When the G center is defined, you have a consistent sense of who you are and where you are going. You show up as the same person and play the same roles in different settings. You likely feel an almost pulling sensation in your chest that is pulling you towards that big vision of where you are going in life. You are capable of connecting to that big picture vision consistently. While there may be shifts and changes in plans, often once you find that sense of direction, it will stay consistent. Your relationship to yourself and your self image are important. How you see yourself is how you will show up and will be the reference point for where you are manifesting. Embodying the version of you who has the life that you desire works well for you as a manifestation method. 

You are designed to feel lovable. You are designed to feel that you, the most authentic energy inside of you, is loved and adored by those around you. You are designed to feel safe expressing your authentic energy and sharing who you are. One of the highest vibrational frequencies you can be in is one of self love. Your identity is a key element in your vibration. The highest expression of your identity is in the energy of unapologetic, authentic, and love. When you show up unapologetically in who you are with the sense that you are loved for being authentic, you are in one of the highest frequencies for your energy. This will be a space of deep magnetism and attraction.

 You need to go inward before you can go outward. You need to fall in love with who you are before you can go where you are destined to go. When it comes to aligning with this center, it is important for you to first find yourself, find your true identity, and accept yourself fully. This will come with the journey of falling in love with several aspects of your life: who you are, your power, your self-expression, your past, your spiritual connection, your body, your ability to receive, and the impact you are destined to have. Once you have embodied your truest identity, your energy will be powerful and potent enough to draw to you what is aligned for you. When it comes to embodiment we often think that we need to reach and stretch our energy to fill the space and reach the next level. Embodiment is not a stretching of your energy, quite the opposite actually. True embodiment is pulling your energy down, in and to your core. Embodiment is about making your energy potent and strong, not stretching it thin.


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