Defined Head Center

The defined head center has a consistent connection to inspiration, and is very inquisitive. These individuals deal with mental stress in a consistent manner and impact others with their ideas. The way that these people think, ask questions, and process ideas inspires everyone around them. They may find themselves talking about a new program they are enrolling in, or a new favorite recipe they have found, and then all of the sudden they see everyone around them following their lead. They provide us with a specific way of thinking and asking questions. The head center is that channel to inspiration. Having this defined creates a consistent sense of finding inspiration. 

The people who have defined head centers are here to generate truly original ideas. They are designed to go inward to find inspiration instead of looking outward to others for a sense of inspiration. They ask the most inquisitive and interesting questions that lead others to reflection and introspection. These people tend to be very analytical, and want to understand things in a specific way. The head center can be a space where they spend a lot of time, tuning into their inner monolog and pondering life’s great questions. This can sometimes lead to a disconnection from the present moment when the head center is going and going and going all the time. There is always another question that you can ask, however, the pursuit of more information is not always beneficial to the situation. Sometimes being present is more powerful than figuring out the right answer.


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