Defined Splenic Center

A little over half of the population has a defined splenic center. These individuals have a consistent sense of intuition, fear, and physical awareness. They are less likely to get physically hurt or sick because they are constantly taking in information about their physical state, processing it, and taking actions in response to the information received. These people have the ability to model physical health in a beautiful way. Naturally, they know what is healthy for them and what is not healthy for them. When they trust their instincts, they can live a healthy life that supports their immune system, and overall physical wellbeing. These individuals tend to have a strong immune system and are less susceptible to getting sick. They are constantly taking in information about their physical environment as well. Their cells are wired to keep them safe and process information to keep them safe. These individuals have a constant connection to their intuition. They just know, without knowing how they know. When they trust this, they begin to make very deep intuitive decisions that support them and their highest good. When they doubt this, they begin to prioritize safety and certainty over what they know is correct for them.


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