Defined Throat Center

When you have a conversation, you have a thought or feeling about what the other person said. You are not necessarily responding to what they said, but how what they said makes you feel. All types, except for reflectors, can have this center defined, and manifestors and manifesting generators will have this center defined. This center is known as a manifestation center because it is this portal between the inner and outer world. When we want to manifest something physical, we want to bring something that we are thinking about into our external experience. People who have their throat center defined have a consistent sense of manifestation and bring their inner energy into the world outside of them. They have a consistent method in which to connect their inner and outer worlds. They can communicate effortlessly, draw in a crowd, tell a compelling story, dominate a conversation, and empower others with the words they use. This channels their energy into the words they use and creates potency within their language. There is a full and rich energy behind the words spoken that carry codes, messages, intentions, emotions, and power. This essence is especially strong if the throat center is connected to a motor center either directly or indirectly. This is what creates the unique power of manifestors and manifesting generators; their ability to speak words that are packed with power, vision, and energy.

The throat center deals with communication, manifestation, and self expression. This not only is a portal to bring your inner world to your outer world, it also brings people in your outer world closer to your inner world. This center calls in attention. When it is defined, there is a consistent way of calling in attention and receiving attention from others. It can be captivating and mesmerizing. Based on the gates that are defined in this center you can see how exactly you are designed to express yourself, through your thoughts, opinions, beliefs, emotions, service, identity, and intuition. There are a lot of gates in the throat center, and there are lots of ways to communicate and express yourself. If your throat center is defined, I encourage you to look into the gates that are both hanging and create the defining channel. These are the voices in which you speak and the way in which you can call in the things you desire to manifest.


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