Ego Authority

The ego authority starts to become even more rare. Here, we are dealing with a very small percentage of projectors and manifestors. If the ego center connects to the G center through the channel of initiation (25-51), this will be an ego projector. If the ego center connects to the throat center through the money channel (21-45), this will be an ego manifestor. If the ego connects to the G center and the G center also connects to the throat center, this will be an ego manifestor, just through an indirect connection. The ego center deals with desire, willpower, drive, and worthiness. When we have this center as the authority, there can be a lot of conditioning around being selfish, because this center is designed to make selfish decisions, and our society is very quick to label anything selfish as being shameful and bad. Imagine your primary decision making mechanism being the most selfish decision possible; so much shame can come up!! You will likely hear your clients say things like, “I want this, but...” and then justify why they should be focused more on service. There will be resistance towards both allowing themselves to make the selfish decision and towards doing what they think they “should” do (because this is not actually aligned for them).


 Ego authority individuals tend to need to decondition their ego center before they are able to really align with their decision making process. Sometimes they can be so disconnected from their sense of desire that they don’t even know what they want. The first step can sometimes be just allowing yourself to recognize your desires. Get clear on what you actually want and why you want it. The goal is to want it just because you do, and not because it will make you look a certain way to other people. If you are making a decision from the perspective of what others might think of you, or how they might see you, or anything outside of “this is what I want,” you’re not in alignment. Ego authorities need a huge permission slip to be selfish, and sometimes this takes some perspective shifting. 

The Universe works very synchronistically; everything works out perfectly. When we make aligned decisions for ourselves, they have to be aligned for everyone involved. Think about it. There is no way that what is correct for you is incorrect for everyone around you and will throw off the balance of nature! When you make the selfish decision, it is an aligned decision, and therefore, it is an act of service to everyone around you. 


Making Ego Decisions

With an ego authority, your desires are quite literally put on your heart to guide you to where you need to be. Your guidance system and intuition are within your desires. The first step is obviously going to be getting clear on what you want both big picture and little picture. What would the selfish decision be? Focus on where in your body you feel this desire. It is often a burning desire in your chest area, whereas fear and shame show up in a sinking sensation in your stomach. The goal is to make a decision based on what you desire and what you want. It is extremely important to put on your blinders when making these decisions, because the most pure form of alignment is direct connection between you and your desires. The opinions of others (or your anticipated opinions that they might have about you) should not affect your decision making. Your ability to be a “good” person or meet a certain expectation of your friends, family, or parents should not interfere with this decision making process. Do not make a decision based on logic or what is “right or wrong”. You are designed to be guided by your desires. So let your heart guide you. Let yourself make the decisions that bring you closer to the life you desire to live, because the life you desire to live is the life that you are designed to live. 


Small Decisions

Small decisions are going to be a short and direct communication between you and your desires. This is a great practice for connecting with your desires at a smaller level. Allow yourself to make these selfish decisions on things that don’t have heavy consequences, so that you can connect with it a little more easily. You want to connect with your desire and what you selfishly want. Say “yes” directly to what you want, and put your blinders on so you aren’t letting the opinions or voices of other people affect how you make your decisions. With these small decisions, you will build up a relationship to your desire. This will make the big decisions, when you might have more doubts come in, easier to make because you are learning to trust yourself.


Big Decisions 

Big decisions are designed to be selfish and desire driven. This can be difficult to connect with if you have any conditioning around your desires. Think about the outcome, and let that guide you. Also double check yourself when you are making these decisions. Why do you want to choose what you want to choose? Is it because of external factors, or is it truly what you want? It is also important to discuss your desires because as defined ego individuals I know you will try to fight me on this. “But what if what I really want is to be seen as this type of person and that is why I want to have a business that looks like this?” That is an indirect desire. Your desires are designed to be direct. Say “yes” to the client because you desire to have the client. If you also want to be seen as a certain type of person, I will ask you again, why do you want that? Dive deeper until you can see the direct desire, not the indirect desire. Indirect desires will lead you to saying “yes” to a job because you want your parents to love you. That is not aligned! What is aligned is saying “no” to the job because you don’t want it and deciding you are lovable because you desire to be lovable and you get to have what you want. Be direct with what you want!


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