Generators in Business

The generator superpower is their defined sacral energy. This is their creative life force that allows them to be refueled and recharged when they are having fun in their creative process. Generators can create and build at a very rapid pace. Courses, programs, businesses, products…. So many things! The trick for generators is finding exactly what it is that lights them up. As soon as they start doing things that they “should” be doing but that they are not obsessed with, they will fall out of alignment, integrity, and they will no longer feel like they have endless energy. True wealth occurs for generators when they give themselves permission to be the master of their unique craft. One of the best things you can hear from a generator is “I can’t believe I am getting paid to do this!” For generators, they need to be in alignment with the actions they are taking. They may love the idea of having a podcast but may hate the idea of actually recording episodes.

The defined sacral center is a magnet for ideas. I like to think of ideas as little fairies that fly around the warm energy of the sacral beings and begging to be created into physical things.  The generators may feel overwhelmed by all the ideas they feel like they have and they might want to work with all of them. These ideas are searching for the perfect person to partner with. If you think about businesses as having a human design, ideas and projects also have a design. There needs to be a sense of compatibility with the ideas that you work with and the ones that you turn down. So yes, the moment you get an idea you could run a human design chart and begin analyzing to see if it is a compatible dynamic. However, that would have you making the decision from your mind instead of your authority! Remember that the mind is never the authority. The projects that are correct for you will light you up and will give you a sense of sustainable creative energy. The ones that your authority guides you to work with are the ones that will feel really good.


Strategy: To Respond

Generators are here to respond to life, and they will find themselves responding in business as well. This is their guidance system for understanding what action to take next. Generators are always responding to something. Are you frustrated with your social media growth? Explore that. Are you really excited to talk about sales? Explore that. Take note of how you are reacting to the things that are happening around you. This will give you feedback around what is in and out of alignment. 


The Agenda Issue 

Generators are here to do work that they are obsessed with. They are in alignment when they are doing things that are fun for them. The coaching and business worlds are selling agendas and results and this is actually throwing our generator and manifesting generator population out of alignment. The marketing world operates on selling outcomes. “Do this, and you can get that”. This leads to people taking action because they want to get something out of it, which means that they are not in alignment with what they are doing because they are putting off the satisfaction and the sense of accomplishment until they have received the results that they desire.  



Generators may sometimes struggle to find the right work. It can be difficult to give themselves permission to do what they love and trust that the things that light them up are correct for them. It can be easy for generators to fall into doing what they “should” be doing, instead of what they desire to do. Especially in business, there are a lot of experts who have strategies, processes, and lists of all the things you NEED to do in business. Sometimes there are periods where generators will be waiting for the next project, idea, or opportunity to respond to, and patience will be a key lesson to learn! On the flip side, sometimes the pace of transformation that happens can be scary for generators. They don’t have a plan but just keep responding and all of the sudden they don’t even recognize their life. It is safe to move quickly! Generators may feel like the things that they love cannot make them money. This will usually lead to doing what they don’t enjoy and self doubt.


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