How to Use Your Human Design Strategy in Business

“Follow your strategy and authority” is the cornerstone advice for using human design. But that advice can be vague when you are looking only at the keynotes of the strategies, like “wait for the invitation” because that doesn’t sound like an action step. How do you wait in business, and what the heck is an invitation?!  


The thing about human design is that a lot of it is very complex. To make it easier to get a lot of information in a single picture we abbreviate the concept. In human design we call these Keynotes. 


Keynotes are short words or phrases that represent an entire concept of human design. The keynotes are there to remind you of the deeper picture and mechanics, but do not cover the entirety of the concept. 


Think about flashcards for a second. When you are learning new words, you might make flashcards where you put the word on the front and the definition on the back. The keynotes are what you would put on the front of the flashcard to trigger a memory response so you can recall the full definition.


The common phrases you hear around human design are often just based on the Keynotes and not the entire picture. “Wait to respond” is a keynote. “Channel of an organized being” is a keynote. “Ride your emotional wave”... you get the picture. 


Let’s break down the keynotes of the human design strategies and specifically apply them to your business. Your Human Design Strategy is based on your human design type. This is how you are designed to take action, and if you are an entrepreneur you know that taking action is kind of your main job. Let’s discuss how to take action while still staying in alignment with your energy, so you can increase the impact and decrease your effort.


Wait to respond

Generators and Manifesting Generators


Generators and manifesting generators are the human design types that have a defined sacral center. Around 70% of the population has the sacral center defined and will primarily function off of this strategy. The sacral center is where the response is created. 


Generators are here to respond to life, and they will find themselves responding in business as well. This is their guidance system for understanding what action to take next. Generators are always responding to something. Are you frustrated with your social media growth? Explore that. Are you really excited to talk about sales? Explore that. Take note of how you are reacting to the things that are happening around you. This will give you feedback around what is in and out of alignment.


Generators are here to do work that they are obsessed with. They are in alignment when they are doing things that are fun for them. The coaching and business worlds are selling agendas and results, and this is actually throwing our generator and manifesting generator population out of alignment. The marketing world operates on selling outcomes. “Do this, and you can get that”. This leads to people taking action because they want to get something out of it, which means that they are not in alignment with what they are doing because they are putting off the satisfaction and the sense of accomplishment until they have received the results that they desire.  

Inform and Initiate



When manifestors are informing, it is this ongoing conversation with the universe. Manifestors should be speaking to the universe when they show up to inform, and not the audience. Every single one of us is an expression of the universe. So when you are talking to your people and when you’re informing and oversharing, I want you to focus on not talking to the people, but the universe behind the people. This is the act of manifesting. You are calling it into your experience and speaking it into existence. When you are talking to the universe and allowing your audience to eavesdrop, that is the most powerful thing that you can do with your strategy. This informing, this talking, this energy is so potent and so powerful. 


Your audience wants all of you. Your audience wants you to overshare. Your audience wants you to be posting a million times a day. They want it all because you inspire them. So show up and talk and manifest and put everything into the universe. When it comes to following your urges, a good way to make sure it’s an urge is to ask yourself if you have heard this before or has it inspired you or is it an internal thing that makes you think and wows you. Is it coming from an inside connection to the unknown or from outside influences? If you’re responding to something that is in the physical, you will not be able to lead into the unknown. You can’t expand others if you are responding to things in the now.

Wait for the invitation



The projector strategy is to wait for an invitation. This essentially means to give what is asked of you. The ask can be verbal or energetic, and the energetic invitations are where you will likely spend a lot of time in business. In order to become magnetic to invitations, you have to start seeing yourself as worthy of the attention that is required to elicit an invitation. You have to believe that your audience knows who you are and can sense that you have something unique and special that can help them. This message will get across in how you show up. Give less than you think is “enough” and let it be enough. Focus on expert level quality instead of trying to keep up with mass production fluff. You recognizing yourself is the key to opening yourself up to the invitations.


The best way to use this strategy in business is to only say yes to the things that you KNOW you are really good at. Create the content and offers that feel like topics you know better than anyone else. If you know it well, but perhaps lack a small bit of confidence around claiming that expertise, then that is your priority. Before you try and sell anything, make sure that you feel confident in your ability to solve that problem and transform lives.


Wait a Lunar Cycle



The reflector strategy uses the placement of the moon in transit to help give a rhythm and sense of consistency. The moon moves through all 64 gates in the span of a lunar cycle. This means that at some point you have the full channel of all of the hanging gates in your chart over a 28 day cycle. Over the period of a full lunar cycle you will have access to each of your unique talents at least once. Following this lunar cycle will help you to respond, initiate, and feel invited when the time is correct. You experience urges and hesitation differently on a daily basis and being in tune with when you have what active can help you to be on the look out for invitations vs things to respond to. 


The best way to use this strategy in business is to plan your month around your lunar cycle. Any time your sacral center is defined in the transits know that it is okay to work a little longer than normal if that feels correct. Follow the responses in that time. I suggest getting familiar with the invitation because most of the channels in the human design chart are projected channels - meaning that statistically this will be the strategy that feels correct in the moment more often than responding or initiating. 



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