How to Use Your Human Design to Find Alignment in Business

Using human design in your business is a combination of behavioral changes and identity work.


The system provides biofeedback looks that give you a glimpse at the mechanics of your personal behavior. Knowing how to recognize and interpret this biofeedback allows you to change your habits and behaviors.


This system also deals with aspects of your identity and challenges your awareness of who you are in relation to the world around you. You have to recognize your talents before you will feel like you have permission to use them.


Changing your behavior starts with learning about biofeedback. Start with your non-self theme and your signature. The non-self theme means that you have another option. The signature means that you have chosen an option that is aligned. Your strategy and authority are the primary tools utilized to change your behavior in human design.


Changing your identity is the deconditioning process. This is where you accept your shadows, do the deconditioning work, shift your perspective of reality, and fine tune your awareness and perspective. This is a much more personal process to your design and your experience.

One without the other can lead you to feeling imbalanced. If a generator starts responding, things will move very quickly. But if your identity doesn’t match your success, you won’t feel safe continuing to grow that fast. You are left waiting for the other shoe to drop. 


If a projector does the identity work but is still not waiting for invitations, they will find themselves feeling bitter. You see yourself and yet you are taking action in a way that makes it challenging for others to see you fully.

Creating Behavioral Change


To use human design to change your behavior it is beneficial to understand something called The Experience Cycle. Essentially, whenever you have an experience you are triggered to have thoughts about the experience. Thoughts create feelings. How you feel impacts how you act, and how you act impacts the experience.


Experience → thoughts → feelings → actions 


The goal of creating a behavioral change needs to be clear. You are changing the way you act and show up, not necessarily the result. Focusing on changing the results will only create an expectation and agenda. You are training yourself to act in a new way. Action needs to be the focus and the celebrated factor of this process. Celebrate changing the behavior, regardless of the result. 


Based on your human design, you will have a signature and a non-self theme. These act as your guidelines for in and out of alignment; your energetic red and green lights. The signature will be the feeling that occurs when you are acting in alignment, which typically leads to the results your soul is craving. 


Generators: satisfaction and frustration.

Manifestors: peace and anger.

Projectors: success and bitterness.

Reflectors: surprise and disappointment.

When you experience the non-self theme of your human design type that is your sign that a behavioral change is likely required. Pull your energy away from the situation before taking any more action. Identify the source of the non-self theme. What specifically is frustrating, angering, bittering, or disappointing?


Once you know what the issue is, you want to see what your options are for showing up differently. Do you want to keep going? Does something need to change? Do you want to pull your energy back? 


You are trying to think different thoughts so that you can find the signature and take action in pursuit of the signature. For example, if you are really frustrated with work and identify that there is one specific project that is completely draining your energy, you may feel that the most satisfying action would be pulling away completely from that project. You change your thoughts to see that it is possible for others to complete the project without you. You see that you are not really helping, and you will be more beneficial to everyone if you are elsewhere. Respond to the frustration and follow the feeling of satisfaction.


You change your thoughts and open your awareness to the behavior pattern, then you find the signature feeling in the situation that you are in and follow your strategy to identify what action steps are required to get you where you want to be. Then, all the sudden, you are feeling satisfied, taking aligned action, creating epic results, and thinking incredibly empowering thoughts. 

Creating an Identity Change

The identity work has been the most powerful aspect of using human design in my own life and business. Everyone has insecurities, and putting yourself out into the world and internet can cause some of those insecurities to intensify. The identity work is really about giving yourself permission to be a certain kind of person.


The first step is getting clear about what it is that you desire. What do you want from your business and current situation? Get as clear as you can. The key here is radical honesty with yourself. If money is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about what you want, I challenge you to go one step deeper. Money is not a core level desire. Money represents potential energy. Wanting money just says you want more from life: more freedom, more stability, more opportunities. Great! What do you want to do with that money? How do you want to consciously circulate it? 


After you know what you want comes the fun part. You need to look at the edges of your comfort zone, your identity, and your current energetic set points by asking the question: why don't you have what you want right now? Again, the key here is radical honesty. Go as deep as you possibly can. The more honest you are the deeper you will be able to embody this identity shift.


Once you know why you think you can’t have the things you want, I want you to pull out your chart and start looking at how you are designed to show up. How is the world designed to interact with you? How do you want the world to engage with you? Take into consideration your strategy and authority, as well as your defined and undefined centers. You will likely recognize patterns coming up around your defined and undefined centers. 


The final step is giving yourself permission to show up in alignment (see behavioral shifts), and let the world work for you. This takes radical self trust to show up differently and take intuitive action, especially if the actions you are feeling called to take go against the actions you “think” will get you where you want to go. Are you ready to allow the Universe to bend to your design?


Example: Let's say you desire to be making enough money to hire someone to help with graphic design, and you think that because you don’t feel worthy of having a business that is your plan A, you aren’t making that much yet. Well, if you have an undefined ego center it means that your sense of self worth is reflected to you and inconsistent. So, you are going to have days where you feel worthy and days where you don't feel worthy - regardless of how much money you are making.


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