Manifestation by Human Design

This is the one and only blog post you will ever need to read about manifestation and human design. Let’s dive in!

Manifestation is the practice of turning something that was once imaginary into something you physically experience. In order to manifest, you have to first be able to imagine something you desire. The human design chart helps you to use your imagination in accordance with the mechanics of your mind. The manifestation starts in the imagination. Your sense of time dissolves when you are imagining. If I told you to think about the happiest moment of your life, you just imagined something. In that moment you stopped seeing what was right in front of you. You see the words, but your focus is on something else so you don't consciously see what is in front of you. 

This is the vortex, the quantum field, your creative space…. Whatever you want to call it. I like to call it my imagination. This is where you take your conscious focus off of what you can see and you go somewhere else. 

To manifest, we have to start shifting your focus to what you want. You have to start imagining it. When I say use your imagination to manifest, it is very possible that you thought about the practice of visualization. Visualization is in fact a phenomenal method for utilizing your imagination to manifest, however, not everyone can visualize easily. We are all wired differently. So let’s make something clear: you can manifest without visualization. Now, I am going to teach you how.

The mechanics of shifting your conscious attention is in your human design chart, specifically in the bottom arrow on the right side of your chart. These arrows are an aspect of human design that changes very quickly, so the accuracy of your birth time does matter here and should be considered as you find the method that works for you. If you know you don’t have an accurate birth time, then try all the techniques and see what resonates most.

The bottom arrow on the right side of your chart deals with how your conscious mind visually takes in information. It looks at the mechanics within the visual cortex to determine if you take in information through your central focus or peripheral visual fields more strongly. If the arrow points to the left, you have a focused view perspective. Imagine being a passenger in a car and you are looking out a single window. You catch the details within that focused perspective. If this arrow points to the right you have a peripheral view perspective. This is kind of like riding in a convertible where you can see everything so you are more likely to look around than focus on one thing that you are passing by.

If you don’t know your birth time a good way to test this is to think of a memory and describe it to someone. Let’s say, your favorite birthday. What do you remember about your favorite birthday? When using your imagination, this is what you want to be connecting with. We are essentially creating a future memory, so it needs to align with the mechanics of your memory. 

If you are a focused view perspective, you likely remember the age you were turning, the location of the party, the person and moment that made it super special, the clothing you were wearing, and very specific details about the experience. 

If you have a peripheral view perspective, you are more likely to remember how you felt, all of the emotions you felt that day, and the different feelings you experienced in that moment. You will hear the laughter and the music and feel the vibe of the experience but might not remember all the exact details.

If you have a focused view perspective, this arrow points to the left, you are a specific manifestor. As a specific manifestor, you should focus on visualizing the details of what it is that you want. For example, let's say you are manifesting a vacation. What kinds of things do you remember about your previous vacations? Do you remember the clothing you packed, the name of the hotel you stayed in, the photos you took? What details do you want to remember about this vacation? Write down the details and describe what you want to remember in as much detail as possible.

If you have a peripheral view perspective, this arrow points to the right, you are a non-specific manifestor. As a non-specific manifestor, you should focus on the feelings that you desire to have. For example, let's say you are manifesting a vacation. How do you want to feel while traveling? What is the vibe of the destination? How do you feel while you are there? What experiences and moments are significant for you? Write down and connect with the feelings you desire to remember. 

Now that the conscious mind has connected with your desire, it is time to get your physical body to connect with your desire. This is the physical manifestation part, and for this we will look at the bottom arrow on the left side of the chart. This arrow deals with your environment style. Your environment style deals with your physical orientation within your environment to best take in and experience life. How you interact with your environment is how you move your body through the physical world. This is how you take action.

If this arrow points to the left, you have an active environment style and an active manifestation style. This means that you like to actively move throughout your environment. You are a mover and a shaker. As someone who likes to move around and have things to do, you likely enjoy actively participating in the manifestation process. You might enjoy making a vision board, writing down all the things you desire, tracking your goals, writing magic checks, and actively participating in the process. Set the goal, hold the vibration, and manifest that ish.

If this arrow points to the right, you have a passive environment and manifestation style. As a passive manifestor, you like to float through your environment with the ability to watch what is happening and without the pressure to be in the center of the action. You are designed for more stillness in your life. Let yourself be still. Don’t worry about actively pursuing your goals, but see the intention that you are going to experience them, and let them come to you. You work well when you can throw it to the universe, sit back, and let it show up for you.



Active and specific (both facing left): set the goal and track your progress as you go after the goal

Active and non-specific (one left and one right): get clear on how your desire feels and actively hold that feeling now

Passive and specific (one right and one left): get clear on the details of what it is that you want, and then surrender to divine timing 

Passive and non-specific: (both facing right): focus on being receptive and allowing the most incredible things to happen to and for you constantly.


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