Podcast Episode 49 - Growing Without Demonizing Your Past Mistakes

I create things for people. I create courses. I create products. That's a big part of who I am. I've been trying to use this blog and podcast as a place where I create things. I create about specific topics, and it's searchable and organized conversations. I'm pretty sure that this just needs to be a place where I just brain dump and talk out loud about whatever it is that I'm going through and the human design lessons that I'm seeing, and it'll just turn into whatever conversation we need it to be. The more I try to structure this, the more resistance I have. Anytime I just talk about whatever I want to talk about and what’s going on in my life, those are when I get the most response. 

I've had a lot of people lately say, "I just want to record you doing everything. I just want to know what's going on inside your head. I just want to know how you see the world. I just want to know what's going on." So, this is going to be transforming into a weekly summary of what's going on in my life. You'll just learn about the energetics from my perspective that way. So, without further ado, this is what happened in my world this week.

This week has been a really interesting week because I am burning down everything. I'm retiring all of my offers, and I have a lot of clarity around it. I feel really good about the decision that I'm making and the decision to burn everything down, to retire all of my current offers. As I've been thinking about it, I've noticed that this is very manifesting generator, because manifesting generators are here to create shortcuts to mastery. We get really good at something really quickly, and then we're here to go back through and because we skip so many steps, we're here to really see what steps are missing, and then replace and fix them.

I have had this idea of what it looks like to be a perfect manifesting generator 6/2 example. I know that people like watching me, and I want to allow people to watch me, even though I have a lot of resistance at times. Hiding is a lot easier, but being seen is where I'm the most valuable and where I feel like I'm having the most impact. It's also the most satisfying.

So, I want to be seen. I value transparency. I want you to know what's going on in my world, and people love to just witness the things that are going on in my world. But I've had this story or feeling, really it's just conditioning, of what it means to be a perfect manifesting generator in business. I had this idea that essentially whatever I create, I have to leave it out there forever, because if I captured it when I was in the energy of it, then it's potent, and it can still be exactly what somebody else needs. 

I think that the story was that being transparent means keeping everything that I've ever done available. Even though there are some things that I've already retired and deleted out of my store, there's a shame around that. I feel like the expectation that we're going to get everything right the first time, that pressure that I was putting on myself, led me to believe that somehow if I was just responding and creating these things, that everything would eventually make sense. Then I would step back and look at the full journey and everything would be valuable. 

I have gate 17 defined in my chart, and something that I really love to do is I like to challenge my perspective. With a defined ajna, I am prone to being closed-minded, so this is one of the ways that I've trained my brain to challenge my perspectives intentionally. If I find myself really, really believing something or teaching something over and over and over again, I'll play with the idea of what if that's actually not true? What if the opposite is true? Then, I'll start looking for evidence that the opposite is true just to play in my imagination. It's just a brain game, but it also helps me to stay open-minded. 

I did this with a couple of different topics, and it led to a bunch of experimentation that led to me changing my beliefs and my perspectives and teaching different things, and now there are two versions of the information out there. So, let me give you an example. Codes to Cash is a masterclass that I taught in 2020, so it's been almost three years since I launched that masterclass. It’s one of my favorite masterclasses that I've done, and it teaches how you make money according to human design from my perspective almost three years ago.

Codes to Cash teaches that we make money in our non-self because that's what traditional human design teaches. It teaches that our non-self, our undefined centers, are where money, and capitalism in general, is feeding off the sensation that we have to buy something else. We have to exchange energy because we are not good enough, and that all in of itself is of the non-self. If you were really, really, really 100000% rooted into your design, you would be not connected to the material, and therefore you wouldn't really be interested in making a living or making money at all. You would just be spiritually enlightened. It's a weird topic because we're using spiritual principles to deal with something that human design doesn't believe is a very spiritual topic. 

But in Codes to Cash, I teach making money from undefined centers because in the beginning of my business, that's what I was focusing on. I have an undefined G center and an undefined head center, so I was teaching and I was marketing from that head center energy. I was also focusing on G center energy. I can help you find a sense of purpose, find a sense of direction, figure out what you're meant to do in this life, figure out how things are meant to be for you. This sense of individuality, and seeing yourself in a different way, falling in love with yourself, becoming the highest version of yourself through human design. It is very much related to head center and G center. 

That is how I was selling my content, programs, and courses. My primary offerings were coaching and sessions. I could say, "You are searching for the answers" in my marketing, and I could say, "You feel like you don't know who you are," and then I was genuinely giving people what they needed. Yes, I was saying, "Hey, you think that you want this because your non-self is saying that you want this. Let me give you the answer that you think you want, and let me give you what you actually need, which is you don't need to be searching for a sense of direction. Chances are if you have an undefined G center, this is just how you're going to deal with that sensation of uncomfortability when it does come up." Regardless of their design, if they had an undefined G Center, I could remind them that they didn't need to find a sense of self. I was really doing great work, and I loved what I was doing. 

When I wanted to challenge that perspective, I looked at what if we make money in our defined centers instead. What if it was the opposite? I realized that a lot of people were coming to me because they were attracted to my defined energy. Projectors, manifestors, and reflectors, people who had an undefined sacral, or generators, even people with a defined sacral, they were like, "You're just so lit up by what you're doing. I want to have fun like you. I want to be in love with the work that I'm doing. I want to feel like I'm doing what I'm meant to do. I want to do something that lights me up every day. I want that." They were looking at my definition, and it was actually me just being myself and showing up in my definition that was attracting a lot of people to my programs, offers, and content.

So, I switched my experimentation. I stopped focusing on my undefined centers, and I started focusing on trying to sell from my definition. It was pretty much the angle of this is what I do. It's natural for me, and it works really well for me because it's just a part of who I am. From that perspective, I would attract people who were looking at me, and be like this is my decision making process. I have a defined ego, so I just have to want it. If I don't want it, it doesn't work for me. I would talk about what I'm doing in my process, and then people would get curious about it, and then we would individualize their perspective.

That was actually a lot more powerful for me, and then I started teaching it to my clients, and it was a lot more powerful for them. Then, I started teaching it in my content. Codes to Cash is still this phenomenal bestselling masterclass that teaches traditional human design language around how to make money according to your human design. There's the human design that just Ra says and his interpretation of human design in general, but human design in his words and in his language, he says that it's a living, breathing system that's here to grow and evolve through the people. It's here to mutate.

I realized that because I challenged my perspective, I am able to see that I won because I'm not narrow minded. I'm holding a broader perspective here. I'm able to see that we can make money whether we're focusing on our definition or our undefined energy. However, I have courses out there that say we make money in our undefined centers. I have content out there that says we can make money from our defined centers. I also have content out there that says we can make money from both. It depends on where people find me or what they're going through, but that can cause confusion. 

Maybe somebody finds Codes to Cash, and they find the information about making money from their undefined centers, and that's exactly what they needed. But maybe they also get The Marketing Blueprint, and then they're like, wait, is this for defined or undefined centers, because it doesn't really specify? Or, maybe they go into one of my other programs where I talk about content creation and content pillars from your defined centers, and they’re confused.

I have a non-linear approach. If I'm working more on coaching, it's probably going to be focused on undefined energy. If it’s a program or course, I'm going to focus more on defined energy. I have processes like that. But if you're coming into my world at any point, there's so much room for confusion, and as soon as I cause confusion, then I am not actually being of service. You're going to get the answer, and then you're going to be confused, and it can cause more harm than good. 

As I am moving forward, I'm realizing that I want to have programs that don't overlap and are much more specific. You have a problem, there is one place where I answer that. There's one place where I answer that in its entirety, in its completion, and you can go through that one thing. It's clean and clear. There's not a lot of confusion. Me going through my process of my non-linear creation, bouncing all over the place, trying this, trying that, experiment with this, experiment with that, talk about what's true for you in the moment, that has led me to changing my mind on things.

Another thing is manifestation and human design. That is a whole topic that I was asked questions about before I had even studied the variables. People were coming to me, and I'd gone through my variables, but I'd never heard about human design and manifestation according to the variables. I just understood it as manifestation is the process of intentionally creating your life. Human design is an awareness tool that helps you take a second and make an intuitive decision. They combined, and they work really well together. Like follow your strategy and authority. That is your manifestation process. That just clicked for me, and that's where I started my business.

I taught manifestation through the variables, with very little resources to find source material. I would teach my understanding on it. That caused confusion. So I tried to clarify, and say this is why that variable is interpreted the way that it is, and that made a lot of people mad. I was trying to capture wherever you are, let me clarify and answer this question, but it's caused confusion. It's also caused frustration for me when people are coming from so many different directions and entering my world, and meeting me in so many different phases of my journey that it's like every single time that someone asks me about Codes to Cash, I have to go back two and a half years and say, "This is what I said two and a half years ago, and let me bring you up to speed on the conversation. Let me bring you up to where I am now. Let me bring you up to what I believe in now."

Something else that I've just been thinking about is that a lot of things have changed. I have content around marketing, but the marketing world has changed in the last two and a half years. What worked two and a half years ago strategy wise has shifted a little bit, and there are different features. I feel like some of the content that I was teaching, while it may have been true, feels outdated. It doesn't feel relevant to where I am now. Yes, it may have been captured when I was super excited about it, but there might be a reason why I'm not excited about it anymore, and it might be that you might not have to be excited about it either. You may not need to learn that. 

I know that as a manifesting generator, I have the energy to just keep creating, keep creating, keep creating. My goal is to have a body of work that I am extremely proud of. I really am so proud of all the things that I have created. Creativity is not an issue for me. It's not a finite resource. I don't have to be afraid of replenishment. I don't have to be afraid of running out of good ideas. That is one of the resources that I have been given, so that I have the energy to experiment and to play. I have big sacral energy, so I can experiment with that energy. 

I've built all these courses, and I've learned so many lessons. I see what's missing. I see what I want to fix, and I'm ready to make it make sense. I don't want you to have to be confused by my non-linear process. I'm not demonizing past me. My process is always going to be whatever needs to be done in the moment. Do what's best for right now, and you're going to support yourself in the future as well. But I always want to be proud of past me. I always want to be so proud of past me for getting me where I am today. 

If I'm going to be somebody who grows constantly, then it means that I'm simultaneously the best I've ever been and the worst I'll ever be, every moment of every day. Right now? This is simultaneously the best I have been up to this point and ground zero moving forward. At some point this will be way, way, way behind me, and I may not resonate with it at that point, but at any given moment, you have choice, you have freedom, you have power. 

I want to create an offer suite that is really, really crystal clear and really powerful and really potent in which I share my perspectives and I share information in its entirety and in its completion one time. You get the best of the best, and it's not confusing. You don't feel like you have to go through ten different things in order to get everything that I've said on that one thing. So, that's my mani gen self doing my thing: going and creating in a non-linear fashion, realizing that there's areas for improvement, areas of growth, and so I'm growing. 

It's been really fun to just witness this transition and the feedback. There are some people that are like, "Holy shit. This is giving me permission. I'm going to do something big. I'm going to do something bold too." I've seen a ton of people retiring things as well and offering 50-60% off. I got an email today from somebody who's retiring their self-paced programs as well. We're starting a movement. We're starting a trend here.

I'm sure that I'm going to continue to create really amazing things in the future that are even better than everything that I've created up to this point, because I don't lack creative energy. I can burn all this down, and I still have no fear that I'm going to keep coming up with creative ideas. I've had so many ideas in the last couple of years, and of those, dozens have actually come to fruition. I am a person who continues to have an abundance of creative ideas, and I'm going to continue to refine the things that I offer. Along the way, I'm going to make a living, and I'm going to help a lot of people. That just gets to be what it gets to be. 

I believe that some people, some coaches, are not improving their offers because what has worked has always worked. I feel like if you're afraid to innovate, you'll never grow. I would rather say this is working, but I think that I can make it better. Or, do something, make it ten times worse and say I'm going to go back to this because I know that it works. For me, that's not a failure. For me, that is a success, because I continue to show that I am trying consistently to make it better and to make improvements. 

If that means taking something down and then putting it back up, or changing something completely and then saying actually it worked better the first time, that's not a failure. That is a success. That is creating more certainty in your process. If I do something one way and then try it a second way and the second way doesn't work, I'm going on to a third way, because the third way is that I'm doing it the first way with certainty that the second way doesn't work. That's a different way for me to do it. 

There are some offers out there that are really good, but that have been around for a really long time and may not be relevant to what's going on now. I definitely believe that there is information and courses and things that we can learn that were created thousands of years ago that are relevant today. I also believe that there are certain things that were created two, three years ago, or even a couple of weeks ago, that are not relevant anymore, and that could be let go of in order to refine for the future. But if you're afraid of letting go of things that are good in order to make space for things that are absolutely, insanely, mind-blowingly, amazing, you will plateau at some point. Growth comes from innovation. So, innovate. 

I'm burning everything down, and it's been really fun. I've had a little bit of anxiety come up like, holy shit, am I actually doing this? I don't want it to sound like I am not proud of past me, or like I regret the things that I've done, or I'm ashamed of anything that I've created. The body of work that I've created is amazing. I have helped so many people. I've changed lives. I know the impact of the work that I have done, and I am just so dedicated to this impact that I am doing what's necessary to make it even better. 

I know it doesn't make sense to some people. I've had a lot of messages from people saying that they are heartbroken that I am doing this. You don't have to be sad. If you love the work that I do, you're going to love what I do even more next, because it's the elevated, next level version. I'm taking what I've done, and I am making it even better. I'm not teaching human design the way that I've been teaching it. There's a different way. It's refined, and it's elevated. It's going to be better. 

We are letting go of something good in order to make space for something really, really next level great. I let go of nurse Eden in order to give you guys human design teacher Eden. Now you're meeting this next version of Eden. I know who she is. I'm getting the taste for her. But you're going to love her even more. So, don't be sad. If you have been sad about all of the transitions, don't be sad. It's going to be phenomenal. It's going to be exciting. It's going to be amazing.

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