Manifestors in Business

As we know, manifestors have this undefined sacral center which means they are not here to be working, working, working. They will have a motor center, indirectly or directly connected to the throat. That means that the emotional center, the root center, or the ego center is connected to the throat center. Manifestors have powerful voices and a four phased cycle. They are here to inspire others. They are constantly moving onto the next thing. The act of being unapologetic and informing is what inspires other people. The boldness in what manifestors say, what they are sharing, but also the way they are sharing is what makes them so powerful. Manifestors inform and initiate even though it might not make sense to anyone else; they trust themselves. The unapologetic self trust. Manifestors bring more than what they say. They see into the next level and into the unknown; they are that cutting edge. They are going to use their inspiration and voice to lead the charge. Manifestors have a very consistent cycle that they go through. It pushes the expansion and the edges of our society into the unknown. Manifestors will experience times that they feel down and exhausted because of these cycles. Because manifestors are designed to do something once and then move on, they need some sort of passive offers. Manifestors work in short bursts when they have energy and we want to make sure that they are protected and supported through all stages of their cycles. In business, this may mean putting into place financial security nets so that they can honor their cycles without worrying about money. What we don’t want is for manifestors to feel like they don’t have this space to rest. If they feel this pressure of needing to make money, they are not going to be honoring their cycles and they may push when their soul needs to go inward.


Strategy: Inform and Initiate

When manifestors are informing, it is this ongoing conversation with the universe. Manifestors should be speaking to the Universe when they show up to inform, and not the audience. Every single one of us is an expression of the universe.  So when you are talking to your people and when you’re informing and oversharing, I want you to focus on not talking to the people, but the universe behind the people. This is the act of manifesting. You are calling it into your experience and speaking it into existence. When you are talking to the universe and allowing your audience to eavesdrop, that is the most powerful thing that you can do with your strategy. This informing, this talking, this energy is so potent and so powerful. 

Your audience wants all of you. Your audience wants you to overshare. Your audience wants you to be posting a million times a day. They want it all because you inspire them. So show up and talk and manifest and put everything into the universe. When it comes to following your urges, a good way to make sure it’s an urge is to ask yourself if you have heard this before or has it inspired you, or is it an internal thing that makes you think and wows you. Is it coming from an inside connection to the unknown, or from outside influences? If you’re responding to something that is in the physical, you will not be able to lead into the unknown. You can’t expand others if you are responding to things in the now.


The Trust Issue 

With every single type there is going to be a key condition point that is going to show up and hold you back. For manifestors, it’s the trust issue. Manifestors don’t trust themselves. They have been informing their whole lives and a lot of times they have received backlash; they have been told “no.” They have been told they’re wrong, that that’s not how the world works. So manifestors have learned to trust the expertise of others rather than what feels right for them. This is especially true in business. As soon as you get into the business world, you have people telling you all of the “best” ways to do it. You have people telling you that they have the solution, that you’re doing it wrong. 

For manifestors, it boils down to, “What if they’re right and I’m wrong?” You have been told your entire life that you are wrong, so why would the coaching world, or business world, or whatever industry you’re stepping into be any different? Why would there also not be rules in this space that you have to compromise your energy for? What happens is manifestors stop trusting themselves and their urges. When they get an urge instead of following it, they look around to see if anyone else is doing that. 

Here’s the thing: you cannot lead if you don’t follow your guidance. You need to trust yourself so your audience can trust you too. You cannot lead if you are constantly looking back. The people who are experts in the field right now, they are in the physical world. That is not where you want to be responding to or gaining your inspiration from. Manifestors are not followers, they are leaders. So to lead, you need to stop looking at what’s going on around you and focus on what’s going on in the unknown and inside of you. Manifestors have this deep and beautiful intuitive connection and their ideas are not going to come from the expert strategy or responding to somebody that has gotten to a place where you don’t really want to go. You want to explore new territories; you want to do things differently. Why on earth would you allow the made up rules of other people hold you back from stepping into this magical gift that you have to truly be a leader? You need to trust yourself. You need to trust your ideas. You need to trust that the right audience will find you and appreciate you no matter what you say.



The most powerful thing you can do as a manifestors is learn to trust yourself. Another big challenge you may face is sustainable energy. Manifestors have the cycles and flow of energy, and within their cycles there can be this guilt that they’re not doing enough or not working hard enough. Work with them on leveraging these bursts of energy. Manifestors work in short bursts of creative flow and will need help honoring and embracing those slower times or the more reflective periods. To support this sustainable energy, it is important for manifestors to have passive income. This can be a funnel for ads or Pinterest to bring in traffic or payment plans that create a recurring revenue of income so their income feels sustainable and they are not forcing their energy to be sustainable to feel safe and supported by their business.

There is also the trusting issue. It can be challenging for a manifestor to trust themselves, especially in an industry where there is a leadership shadow. There are a lot of people that are in leadership positions that are scared; there is a fear energy. Or, they are trying to prove that they are leaders and hold onto that leadership position. The way in which they are doing this is detrimental to their authority over others. When someone is in a position of leadership and they are afraid, there is a shadow. That shadow is going to show up as a hyperactive energy that can embody the energy of a dictator that needs to prove to you that they are a leader. What is happening is the leaders are harming the industry. They are pushing their fear onto their audience, they are marketing from that space. When you are not trusting yourself, the people around you are not going to trust the things you want them to purchase. They are not going to get the results they want. True leadership is an act of service. When you are leading, you are serving your collective. Manifestors are leaders. To step into your leadership position, you need to stop being afraid of your power. You need to embrace the power as an act of service. Manifestors have this gift of seeing into the unknown unlike anyone else, and we need strong leaders in our world right now with integrity and taking that leadership role to help the collective.

It can be challenging for manifestors to get into the creative flow because they work in short bursts. They are not always involved or intune with their creative energy. When they are in their creative flow, it can be challenging to be interrupted. They feel that they are being pulled away from what they want to be doing and that their soul is telling them that they need to be doing. It can cause flare ups of anger and lead to big bursts of anger. When manifestors are in their creative flow, have them inform people not to interrupt them. Make sure that there is a safe space for them to get into their creative flow so that they can leverage their creative energy when they have it.

Manifestors can stubbornly do things on their own and not want help, but may need it. They are not designed to do everything so when they are, they are pulling themselves away from that intuitive connection that they have which is their superpower. Once your clients get to a space where they can comfortably hire help and add team members to their business, encourage it. This allows them as manifestors to continue to stay in their zone of genius, their creative energy, and they can tap into their intuition and leadership ideas and energy.


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