Manifestors: The Cutting Edge of the Collective

Manifestors make up around 9% of the population. These amazing souls are here to march to the beat of their own drum in every way possible! Manifestors will have an undefined sacral center in their bodygraph, and what makes them truly unique is the direct, or indirect, connection of a motor center to the throat center. The throat center is the manifestation center and acts as a portal from the inner world to the outer world. When this center is not only defined, but motorized, there is a pressure and speed to the manifestation. Manifestors have this internal pressure to take action on the things that inspire them. Because they have an undefined sacral center, once things are manifested, they no longer light up the manifestor. So, the manifestor needs to move on to the next task.


I like to call manifestors the cutting edge of the collective, because they are here to see into the unknown and be the channel for manifestation. They expand our collective awareness and bring us places we have never been before. Because they have a motor center connected to their throat, but an undefined sacral, they are not here to consistently do all of the physical work on their own. They are designed to utilize their voice to get their vision outside of them and into the minds of others, so that the ideas can be created. Manifestors translate their internal inspiration into action by channeling the vision. Their voice is mesmerizing and draws people in; when a manifestor talks, others want to listen. 

Manifestors are leaders by nature. They have a strong connection to source energy and come up with some of the most inspiring and original ideas ever. They play the role of the initiator. They challenge change and push us all to start taking action. Their aura is described as closed and repelling, which is not a bad thing. When around a manifestor, you feel a little shock and a little abrasiveness from their energy. This is intended to get you to question what you are available for. If a manifestor’s strong and bold energy makes you uncomfortable, then the ideas they propose will surely shock you. This repelling nature will push away anyone who is not ready for the manifestors leadership, and will inspire the correct people to aspire for bigger and better things.


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